Pakistan Cyber Force: DG ISI surrenders before parliament - CIA/MI6 chiefs don't

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Friday, May 13, 2011

DG ISI surrenders before parliament - CIA/MI6 chiefs don't

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DG ISI General Ahmad Shuja Pasha
Director General Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), Lt General Ahmed Shuja Pasha during the in-camera session of the Parliament Friday admitted intelligence failure in the Abbottabad raid which led to the OBL Circus, report said. “The ISI chief said he ‘surrenders’ himself before the parliament”, according to Federal Minister for Information Dr Firdous Aashiq Awan who was herself present at the in-camera joint sitting of the parliament. She said: “The DG ISI has accepted responsibility of the (Abbottabad) incident and is ready to present himself for accountability on any forum including the Parliament.”

Looking at the entire fraud of OBL circus and dozens of fake pictures published by Zionist global mainstream media including American as well as British and Indian media and then fake video tapes released by USZ regime, it's very obvious to see that DG ISI has sacrificed himself in the greater interest of Pakistan by surrendering this way. Everyone except the USZ government officials with oil-filled skulls know that OBL episode was a heinous charade in which absolute violation of truth as well as international laws was so shamelessly committed as is the trademark of United States of Zionism in shamelessness. General Hameed Gul, former DG ISI said during his interview at Alex Jones Show that M(B)usharraf had given free hand to CIA, MI6 and all their allied secret services inside Pakistan and if there is an intelligence failure then it must be owned by everyone and ISI shouldn't be the only one who is blamed. And if for the sake of argument we agree that OBL episode was "true" which obviously is not, each and every secret agency chief whose agents were present in Pakistan must jointly own the failure and their chiefs must resign.

But indeed we can't expect justice from shameless children of satan. And it's about time that our sleeping lambs called "civilians" open their eyes and brains otherwise it is going to be too late for them to identify their real enemy.



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