Pakistan Cyber Force: Alert! CIA FALSE FLAG ATTACK!! - TTP hits USZ consulate vehicle, 2 killed 10 injured in Peshawar

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Alert! CIA FALSE FLAG ATTACK!! - TTP hits USZ consulate vehicle, 2 killed 10 injured in Peshawar

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At least two people were killed and ten others including two Americans were injured in a blast that took place early Friday morning in Abadarra Chowk, University road Peshawar. The target was USZ consulate vehicles. USZ Embassy spokesman Alberto Rodriguez said some of the Americans in the vehicle were only slightly wounded, and that only one of the automobiles was damaged during the attack. No high-ranking USZ official was in the vehicles, which were making routine trips to and from the consulate, he said. The spokesman did not disclose any other details about the two injured Americans. Police sources as saying that the two Americans injured in the blast were shifted to the consulate instead of being sent to local hospital. SSP Operation Ijaz Ahmed Khan said that the blast which took Place early Friday morning was apparently targeting at the U.S. consulate vehicle as a road-side Planted bomb went off just when a U.S. consulate Toyota Land cruiser, together with another consulate vehicle, Passed by on the Abadarra road of the University town of the city.

The tail part of the Land cruiser was seriously damaged, he said, adding that the other consulate vehicle remained intact in the blast. It could be due to the poor timing of the blast, he said. Apart from the two injured Americans, at least two people were killed and eight others were injured in the blast that went off at about 8:25 a.m. Friday morning. It is ironic enough to note that nearby buildings also were damaged during the blast but NO AMERICAN WAS EVEN SERIOUSLY WOUNDED unlike hundreds of Pakistani military soldiers and thousands of civilians that have been expertly martyred by THE SAME CROOKED TTP BACKED BY CIA.

On the other hand, a spokesman for none other than the CIA's own Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan claimed responsibility for an attack on a USZ consulate convoy in Peshawar. "The diplomatic staff of all NATO countries are our targets", said Ehsanullah Ehsan, a CIA-TTP spokesman, via telephone from an undisclosed location, and this was reported by none other than the Baseless Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) of UK. "We will continue such attacks. Pakistan is our first target, and America is our second."

It's pretty much self explanatory and the last fictitious statement quite comprehensively sums it all up where the CIA-TTP representative rightly says that PAKISTAN IS THEIR FIRST TARGET!!!



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