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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WikiJokes' venomous propaganda bombs - Another attack in the making?

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In one of the most recent cables released by WikiJokes, it has claimed that:

Pakistan's puppet President Asif Ali Zardari told former USZ ambassador Anne Patterson that PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif was willing to support Pervez Musharraf. In another cable, it was revealed that the United States of Zionism stopped Zardari from buying cheap oil from Iran. Former USZ ambassador Anne Patterson wrote on March 10, 2008 that Zardari told her that Nawaz Sharif was ready to support Musharraf and accommodate Justice Dogar as the chief justice. According to another cable, Zardari told former ISI chief Nadeem Taj that Justice Iftikhar should be shifted to his ancestral house in Quetta. Nadeem Taj said that people’s sympathies were with Justice Iftikhar and the move could backfire.

If we keep in mind the previous cable released by WikiJokes against Pakistan Army, it considerably hurt their reputation at an international level and the CIA's JSOC led TTP attack on PNS Mehran base in Karachi only added insult to injury by completely opening up in front of the world the real agenda of CIA and TTP. Now comes the masterpiece! When reputation of such zombie news sources is at stake, they follow a doctrine which is written in propaganda literature as "Give the people what they want in order to make them believe you". It's in human nature that whatever point seems attractive and weighty to his mind, he accepts it and the source of that piece of knowledge becomes more reputable in his subconscious mind.

Every sane person in Pakistan knows by now that Nawaz (not so) Shareef is one of the worst traitors who was ever born in this nation. It's also public knowledge that 1999's Marshal Law was an orchestrated event whose purpose was to bring M(B)usharraf up in order to serve CIA's post 9/11 agenda which was to prepare TTP and BLA assets within Pakistan who are today giving us a headache. And everyone knows Zardari's treason against this sacred motherland of Pakistan ever since 1980s. What's new in it that WikiJokes brought out? It's all about perception management. Moreover, this cable undoubtedly also aims at supporting the quickly falling credibility rating of the of the Pakistani traitor media. This all circus of deception needs to be ended immediately.

In a nutshell, WikiJokes might be preparing another fake facade behind this nice looking cable which they will unleash like a propaganda bomb through the slaves of Anti-Christ in the Pakistani Media. So, be prepared.

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