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Thursday, September 30, 2010

U.S.Z and NATO supply blocked by Pakistan!

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Abashed at the fake European plot, the CIA chief Leon Panetta came to Pakistan with some of the harshest news for Pakistan in the last many years. The U.S.Z followed it up with an innately offensive escalation on the ground. When the NATO choppers entered inside Pakistan today, the FC soldiers fired at them to let them know that they are crossing the red line. Instead of getting the signal, they fired two missiles at the Pakistani FC post martyring 3 soldiers and injuring another 3. All the choppers then immediately withdrew from the site. The warm blood of these three martyrs at last bombed the ever weakening dam of anger and hatred in the heart of every Pakistani Soldier and citizen towards U.S.Z.

PARACHINAR: Pakistan blocked one of the major supply routes for U.S.Z and NATO Army in Afghanistan on Thursday.  The blockade appears to be a major escalation in tensions between Pakistan and the United States of Zionism. A comprehensive and complete stoppage of the supply trucks would completely demolish the relationship between the two countries and help Commander Mullah Mohammad Omar in Afghanistan. Even a short halt is a reminder of the leverage that Pakistan has over the United States of Zionism at a crucial time in this “crusade” that has been going on for 9 years now.

U.S.Z and NATO convoy blocked - Trucks waiting in long queues

By midmorning, an endless line of around 120 NATO heavy vehicles was waiting to cross the border into Afghanistan. NATO said that it was “investigating” Pakistani reports that coalition aircraft had mistakenly attacked its forces (such investigations usually last forever without any action). The United States of Zionism and NATO have also acknowledged in the past that they mistakenly killed Pakistani Security forces stationed close to the border.  Over the weekend, NATO helicopters fired on targets in Pakistan at least two times, killing several “suspected insurgents” they had pursued over the border from Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s government was very satisfied with these attacks by their Zionist Globalist masters but was forced to protest by the forces that are deployed by Allah to protect this country for the future leadership of the Muslim Ummah. Therefore they had to half heartedly protest in front of the media in order to save their skins. The attacks which came in a month, there have been an unprecedented number of U.S.Z drone missile strikes in the northwest, inflaming already pervasive anti-U.S.Z sentiment among Pakistanis.

The surge in attacks and apparent increased willingness by NATO to attack targets on the border, or just inside Pakistan, could be a sign the coalition is losing patience with Pakistan, which has long been accused of "harboring militants" in its lawless tribal regions. Pakistani security officials said Thursday’s deadly airstrike took place on a checkpoint in the Upper Kurram region. The martyred men were from a paramilitary force tasked with safeguarding the border, the security officials said. Their bodies were taken to Parachinar, the region’s largest town, one official said. Three troops also were wounded. Several hours later, officials reported another rocket strike by NATO helicopters about nine miles (15 kilometers) from the first one. There were no injuries reported. The security officials spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation and because in some cases they were not authorized to release the information to the media.

The border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is unmarked. Border troops wear uniforms that resemble the traditional Pakistani dress of a long shirt and baggy trousers, which could make it hard to distinguish them from ordinary citizens or insurgents.

Leon Panetta said in one of his statements:

“Pakistan’s sovereignty will be fully respected and the U.S.Z will try its best to provide timely and credible information to Pakistan’s side against any possible terrorist activity on its side of the border to enable Pakistani forces to take prompt action against the miscreants”.

Pakistan said Panetta called for further strengthening of the “cooperation and coordination” between both countries on “national and regional issues”. Panetta also held talks with Pakistan’s army chief of staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani sahb and “discussed the matters of mutual interest”, the military said.

CIA Chief Leon Panetta - His face tells the whole story

 On the other hand, there was an absolutely dead silence in the U.S.Z embassy about this incident today.

Despite U.S.Z pressures, Pakistani forces have been reluctant to launch an operation in North Waziristan, since Americans want to get rid of the pro-Pakistan elements related to Jalal-ud-Din Haqqani in that region, but obviously Pakistan Army is not going to hit the protectors of their motherland for the sake of an invader.  Pakistani officials have reported at least 21 drone strikes in Waziristan so far in September and this is the highest ever number in a single month.

These attacks inside the Pakistani territory clearly indicate that the U.S.Z is in tremendous panic inside Afghanistan and they are playing a blind man’s bluff. Their army is doomed in the graveyard of Empires and they can’t think out a proper exit strategy at this point in time. On the other hand, Economic Cooperation Organization E.C.O has signed a transit trade agreement a couple of days ago through which the E.C.O member countries have finally decided to enforce much awaited Transit Transport Framework Agreement (TTFA) by launching a Truck Caravan, which has already started from Pakistan today. It will move across the region and terminate at Istanbul, Turkey after passing through Iran, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. InshAllah the Nishaat-e-Saania of Islam is around the corner.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Final warning by Pakistan to U.S.Z. and NATO - Supply routes may be suspended

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Alhamdulillah, Pakistan has reacted very angrily yesterday (Thanks to the establishment and Army) after a NATO air assault killed almost 60 so called "militants" inside Pakistani territory. Pakistan has comprehensively denounced air strikes on its territory by NATO helicopters based in Afghanistan that killed dozens of "suspected militants". The incursions have further complicated Washington's fraught alliance with Islamabad at a time when the Neocon Globalists and their puppet President Barack Obama's administration is pressing Pakistan to "do more" to support the Afghan campaign.

Pakistan has strictly told NATO leaders that it will stop protecting U.S.Z and NATO supply lines to Afghanistan if foreign aircrafts stage further cross-border attacks against "suspected militants", security officials said on Tuesday.
If this threat is made practical, this would have major consequences on the war in Afghanistan as well as on Pakistan’s relationship with the United States of Zionism, which is not as important for Pakistan as it is for U.S.Z. There is a great chance that Islamabad may do so in the near future if these attacks continue.

It was also a clear sign of Pakistani unease at the attacks on Saturday and Monday by NATO aircraft against innocent civilians in the name of militants in its northwest tribal areas and a reminder of the leverage the country has in its complicated alliance with Washington.
While Pakistani puppets have remained largely silent about U.S.Z drone strikes in the northwest, Pakistani security officials say that they are drawing a line at direct interference by U.S.Z and NATO's manned aircraft. They rejected NATO's statements that NATO air defense teams were acting to protect an Afghan border post against "militants who had attacked it, then fled to Pakistan".

The Pakistan Army officers said that Pakistan’s foreign ministry had conveyed the threat to stop protecting NATO convoys to NATO headquarters in Brussels despite the resistance from the Puppets Zardari and Gillani. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to give their names to the media.

If there are any more attacks by U.S.Z or NATO choppers “we will not be able to ensure the safety of their convoys”, one of the officials told an Associated Press reporter at a private briefing.
On Monday, the foreign ministry strongly criticized the attacks and warned of “response options” if they happened again. Some 80% of non-lethal supplies for foreign forces fighting in landlocked Afghanistan, cross over Pakistani soil after being unloaded at docks in Karachi, a port city in the south. Pakistani security forces provide security for the convoys, which are often attacked as they travel north, by pro-Afghanistan groups who want to kick U.S.Z out of Afghanistan.

Although NATO and the United States of Zionism have alternative supply routes, the Pakistani ones are the cheapest and most convenient. In Washington, Defense Department spokesman Col. Dave Lapan said he was unaware of any threats by Islamabad to stop providing convoy security. But “just on the face of it, if they were to stop providing security to our convoys that would be problematic. We would work with the Pakistanis to make sure that wouldn’t happen.” The border incidents are alleged to have happened after insurgents attacked NATO forces in Afghanistan and then retreated back across the unmarked border.

Talat Masood, a security analyst and former Pakistani army general, said even though Pakistan has reduced its criticism of the missile strikes, it had to draw the line somewhere or it risked being seen as more interested in doing America’s bidding than protecting the country’s sovereignty.

“What other means of countering these helicopter attacks does Pakistan have?” said Masood. “They cannot attack the helicopters or the troops YET because that would really break up the relationship.”

According to him, one possible explanation for Pakistan’s reaction was India, its historical and much larger enemy. He said that the Army was sending a signal that it would not accept Indian forces one day using the same justification to launch cross-border attacks on militants sheltering on its eastern border.

The anger over the incursions contrasts with Pakistan’s relative silence over American drone strikes against the so called “al-Qaida and Taliban targets” in the northwest. There have been more attacks this month than in any other month in the past since they started in 2007 during the shameless puppet Musharraf’s time.

Also, one shouldn’t forget that the United States of Zionism and NATO are losing ground control in Afghanistan fast and they are totally uncertain about their future. They want to do maximum damage to their enemy before they finally have to pull out and this is driving the current air raid campaign by the unmanned drones on the Pakistan – Afghanistan border.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

U.S.Z threats backfire - Pakistani Establishment and General Kiyani take a firm stand

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Ever since Pakistan developed strategic relationship with U.S.Z in the sixties, it has been continuously and periodically receiving threats from the United States of Zionism. On the face of it, the reasons keep on changing but the real aim of these threats always remains the same. Till this time, Pakistan has become quite used to such threats. The Pakistani establishment can easily discern what is a threat and what is a bluff.

Have the threats achieved the results that the United States of Zionism wanted? Absolutely not! The U.S.Z base was closed down despite the threats. Islamabad still continues to pursue its aims in Afghanistan despite the assassination of a Prime Minister. The Globalist Puppet President Carter was forced to deal with President Zia Ul haq. Pakistan continued to pursue the Nuclear Program despite several sanctions and threats to the life of the Prime Minister in whose time the program was initiated. Pervez Musharraf agreed to the seven points in theory that were presented to him as a bypass route to avoid “being bombed to stone age”, but was never allowed to be totally compliant by the real controlling powers in Pakistan that never let the puppets cross a certain limit. General Kiyani sahb, according to Bob Woodward, totally rebuffed the U.S.Z delegation.

General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani
Frustrated over Pakistan’s lackluster response to the war against terrorism, U.S.Z Puppet President Barack Obama sent his top dogs to threaten Pakistan that he would have no other option but to respond, if they do not take decisive action against “terrorist safe havens”.

Investigative journalist Bob Woodward, in his latest book “Obama’s Wars”, writes:

Adding to the frustration, the Pakistani establishment in particular the all powerful Army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kiyani refused to adhere to any of the four demands that the U.S made through National Security Adviser Gen James Jones and CIA chief Leon Panetta during that trip in May this year.
Kiyani would not budge very much. He had other concerns. "I’ll be the first to admit, I’m India centric”, General Kiyani said.
General James Jones having concerned look on his face
CIA Chief Leon Panetta
“The President wants everyone in Pakistan to understand that if such an attack connected to a Pakistani group is successful, then there are some things even he would not be able to stop. Just like there are political realities in Pakistan, there are realities in the United States of Zionism.

The book further claims that:

“No one will be able to stop the response and consequences. There is not a threat, just a statement of political fact. Zardai was told during the meeting”.

Giving a series of specific instances how "terrorists’ leaders" are operating unhindered inside Pakistan, Jones told the Puppet Zardari that Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba commander of the 2008 Mumbai attacks, is not being adequately interrogated and

“he continues to direct Lashkar-e-Tayyaba operations from his detention center. Lashkar-e-Tayyaba is operating in Afghanistan and there, the group carried out a recent attack at a guesthouse. Intelligence also shows that Lashkar-e-Tayyaba is threatening attacks in the United States and the possibility is rising each day".
General James Jones said according to the book "Obama's Wars".

After meeting their Puppet Zardari, U.S.Z officials met Kiyani sahb, wherein Jones told Pakistan Army Chief that the clock had started ticking ever since all the four requests had been made by the Neocon Globalist Puppet Obama.

Kiyani sahb holding a press conference in the middle of mountains
"But Kiyani would not budge very much. He had other concerns. 'I’ll be the first to admit, I’m India centric ( Pakistan is not threatened by our brothers Afghan Mujahideen at all )' ", Kiyani sahb said, according to the book.

U.S.Z to bomb 150 Sites in Pakistan - Pakistan's Strategic Response

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Many years into the so called "War Against Terror", Pakistan has by now become quite used to threats. Pakistan has got the capability by now to differentiate between a THREAT and a bluff. These threats and bluffs started right from the independence of this state when Nehru threatened Pakistan on 14th August, 1947. Some people are of the opinion that Shaheed-e-Millat Liaqat Ali Khan was assassinated due to his working on a plan for a confederation with Afghanistan. Later on, Kruschev (Russia) threatened Islamabad of severe consequences if the United States of Zionism's headquarter near Peshawar was not removed immediately. It was threatened by President Johnson when General Ayyub Khan closed down the U.S.Z base. Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger threatened Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto for pursuing a Nuclear Program. Pervez Musharraf was threatened with being “bombed to the stone age” if the Pakistan Government didn't accept the seven points. Hillary Clinton threatened Pakistan with deadly consequences without clarifying what that threat meant. Now there are revelations (from not very reliable Indian sources) that the United States of Zionism wants to bomb 150 sites in Pakistan. Still they wonder, why there is ANTI-AMERICANISM in Pakistan. They have been spending billions of dollars on their mindless gigantic media drones named GEO, EXPRESS, SAMAA, ARY, INDUS, HUM and more to "help reconstruct good image of the American Nation amongst Pakistanis" but to no avail.

Undoubtedly, the White House will never take responsibility of these threats however the latest "hot pursuit" strikes by NATO this week have given a new meaning to these threats.

“The Obama administration has always been clear that the path to winning the war in Afghanistan goes through Pakistan. But if Bob Woodward’s new book is accurate, the White House considers its war effort much more dependent on the success and survival of Pakistan’s civilian government than was previously known".
Josh Rogin, Foreign Policy Magazine discusses the Obama tilt towards Pakistan.

Bob Woodward’s market jittering book entitled “Obama’s Wars” sheds new light on the Zionist Puppet Obama's administration’s vast outreach to the Pakistani civilian government led by Puppet Asif Ali Zardari. It paints a picture of an administration working hard to court the Pakistanis while remaining somewhat confused about Pakistani thinking on a range of issues.

Obama Wars by Bob WoodWard

One of the more interesting details in the advanced reports of Bob Woodward’s “Obama’s Wars” is that Washington had prepared a “retribution plan” in the event of a major attack on the United States which is traced back to Pakistan.

  • “Some locations might be outdated, but there would be no concern, under the plan, for who might be living there now. The retribution plan called for a brutal punishing attack on at least 150 or more associated camps”
  • The United States has a secret “retribution” plan to bomb more than 150 terror camps in Pakistan in the event of another major terrorist attack originating from that country.

This shocking disclosure about the "All bets off" policy of the Globalist Cartel sitting in Washington, towards an ostensibly dubious ally in the war on terror is contained in Bob Woodward’s opus ”Obama’s Wars” which details an evolving U.S.Z approach in the region.
The plan pre-dates the new Puppet Obama's presidency, going back to the old Puppet Bush's White House, but elements of policy, aimed at wiping out terrorist sanctuaries in Pakistan, is evident in the current administration’s ruthless bombing by unmanned drones of the so called "terrorist targets" inside Pakistan, which far surpasses the Bush approach in terms of frequency and intensity.

The Bomber Drone on Kabul Airport

The U.S.Z threat also puts in great context, the secretary of state Hillary Clinton's dire warning to Islamabad earlier this year that there would be severe consequences for Pakistan if another 9/11-type attack were traced back to that country.

The Dragon Surveillance Drone is being used to intercept satellite communication phones used by Talibans

According to Woodward:

Then President Bush did not see much difference between 9/11 and 26/11; a foundation of his presidency was zero tolerance for terrorists and their enablers and he was extremely proud of the hard-line doctrine.
Although plans for punitive strikes against Pakistan was initially linked to another 9/11 type attack on U.S, it evidently evolved after the 26/11 Mumbai carnage, when Bush asked his aides for contingency plans for dealing with Pakistan.
He called his national security team into the Oval Office and told his advisers, “You guys get planning and do what you have to do to prevent a war between Pakistan and India.” The order suggests that the U.S would undertake the bombing to prevent India from retaliating against Pakistan leading possibly to an all-out war.
“This is like 9/11, he (Bush) said, The United States military did not have “war” plans for an invasion of Pakistan. Instead, it had and continues to have one of the most sensitive and secret of all military contingencies, what military officials call a “retribution plan” in the event of another 9/11-like attack.”
In fact, such is the anger within the United States administration about Pakistan’s cunning and double-faced approach that the plan calls for a no-holds-barred approach. “Some locations might be outdated, but there would be no concern, under the plan, for who might be living there now. The retribution plan called for a brutal punishing attack on at least 150 or more associated camps”.

So how did Pakistan escape the wrath of U.S.Z’s “zero tolerance” policy? According to Woodward:

CIA intelligence with 48 hours of the attack showed no direct ISI link. Bush himself called Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to tell him that the new Pakistani government was not involved in the attack.
But the CIA later received reliable intelligence that the ISI was directly involved in the training for Mumbai. ISI chief Ahmed Shuja Pasha flew to Washington later to admit that at least two retired Pakistani army officers who planned the Mumbai attack had ISI links “but this had not been an authorized ISI operation. It was rogue.”
“There may have been people associated with my organization who were associated with this,” Pasha argued. “That’s different from authority, direction and control.”
Obama Presidency’s evolving Af-Pak doctrine that is more Pak than Af.

In an ABC interview available on youtube, Woodward described how Obama was told of deep problems in the U.S.Z relationship with Pakistan at his very first intelligence briefing, likening it to a “cold shower” for the President coming just two days after his 2008 presidential victory.
Woodward writes further:

“Imagine the high of being elected on that Tuesday and they come in two days later and say, by the way, here are the secrets, and one of the secrets is Pakistan. We’re attacking with a top-secret, covert operation, the safe havens in Pakistan, but Pakistan is living a lie. And this is a theme throughout the whole Obama presidency: ‘How do you get control of Pakistan?’ “

Not very long after that, in an Oval Office meeting with Pakistan’s Puppet President Asif Ali Zardari, Obama bluntly tells him that his country has to get over its obsession with India. “We do not begrudge you being concerned about India”, Obama tells Zardari, "but we do not want to be part of arming you (Pakistan) against India, so let me be very clear about that.”

From all accounts, Puppet Zardari’s attempt to change Pakistan’s chronic pathology towards India has been thwarted by the country’s military. 
Times of India.

Undoubtedly everyone remembers former Puppet Pervez Musharraf’s comment that Washington had threatened to bomb Pakistan back into the stone age if he did not cooperate after 9/11. But bombing a nuclear-armed country into a state of chaos, or indeed attempting to invade it, are unlikely policy options for the Neocon Zionists as they try to extract themselves from two unpopular wars while also fretting about neighbouring Iran’s own nuclear ambitions. Yet bombing "suspected al Qaeda camps" in the tribal belt could simply increase instability with further increased militancy. So where does that leave the United States of Zionism and its “retribution plan”? Where are the red lines that would demand an immediate and powerful U.S.Z reaction? Would it depend on the size of the attack, the intensity of public reaction, or electoral imperatives at the time? Does anyone know? Does Pakistan?

Josh Rogin describes the U.S.Z policy very differently than what the TOI reports said.

“According to Woodward’s account, the centrality of Pakistan was championed early on by Bruce Riedel, the Brookings scholar who was brought on as a key figure in the Obama administration’s March 2009 Afghanistan strategy review.”
“Obama, however, opted to pursue a less confrontational path. He concluded the central task would be convincing the Pakistani leadership to throw its lot in with the United States He said at the time of the initial strategy review in March 2009, “that we had to have a serious heart-to-heart with Pakistani civilian, military and intelligence leaders.”

Later that year, when making the decision to send an additional 30,000 “surge” troops to Afghanistan, The globalists sitting in Neocon knew that their plans to also expand the U.S.Z military presence in Pakistan and widen drone strikes would be a hard sell to the Pakistan's real decision making powers, keeping aside the Puppet Zardari and the Thief Ministers. In an attempt to sweeten the deal, the Puppet Obama framed the policy as a new “strategic partnership” with Pakistan, even tying the success of the U.S.Z mission in Afghanistan to the survival of the Puppet Zardari and the legacy of his deceased wife Benazir Bhutto.

Obama wrote in a letter to Zardari delivered by National Security Advisor Jim Jones and counter terrorism adviser John Brennan:

“I know that I am speaking to you on a personal level when I say that my commitment to ending the ability of these groups to strike at our families is as much about my family’s security as it is about yours”

Not very long ago, the Puppet Zardari was forced to tell the former U.S.Z Ambassador to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad that he believed the United States of Zionism was involved in orchestrating attacks by the Pakistani Taliban against the Pakistani civilian government.
When Woodward sat down for his interview with Obama earlier this year, he asked the Zionist puppet if the situation was still that Pakistan is the centerpiece of the U.S.Z strategy. “It continues to this day”, Obama replied.
Bombing 150 sites in Pakistan would face colossal retribution towards the U.S.Z. Here are some possible scenarios.
  1. Pakistan would immediately terminate the NATO supply routes choking the war in Afghanistan.
  2. All overflights of U.S.Z planes and drones would be stopped.
  3. The U.S.Z would be evicted from the air bases on Pakistani territory.
  4. The Civilian Puppet Government that resists a forceful response to the U.S.Z would not be able to stand.
  5. Without a reasonable supply route, the U.S.Z would then have to end the war in Afghanistan.
  6. Pakistan would possibly end cooperation in the “War on Terror”.
  7. In the worst case scenario, the U.S.Z bases in the vicinity could be targeted (My personal favourite)
Pakistan Army - Enemy's worst nightmare

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Monday, September 27, 2010

India harassed by Pakistan's heavy Nukes and Plutonium capability

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While Indian scientists and engineers who monitored and embellished the results of Indian Nuclear Tests a decade ago, are holding their fingers between their teeth, the Delhi press has been shocked to learn about the successful nuclear program of Pakistan.

“Based on the seismic measurements and also the opinion from experts there was a much lower yield in the thermonuclear device test” conducted at Pokhran in May 1998. In nuclear parlance, a test is described as a fizzle when it fails to meet the desired yield. Affirming that India would need more tests, Santhanam cautioned against India being pressurized into signing the CTBT.
Asia Times. August 26, India battles with nuclear fallout By Ninan Koshy

Shaheen II taking off from the launchpad
Almost a year ago, when MOSSAD and RAW agents were rampaging the lovely Swat Valley, the irredentist Indian media and the revanchist public fed on a steady diet of Pakistan-phobia had begun to imagine hegemony galore for India. A series of reverses in the defense field–namely the fact that the Indian Nuclear test were duds, the Indian Nuclear Submarine sailed without a nuclear power reactor or any other power source, the DRDO flagellating the Department of Defence for overpaying by 60% for an obsolete Air Carft Carrier and the general malaise in the missile production program–have trimmed down the swollen head of those who reside on the Ganges Valley.

Nuclear Fireball created as a nuclear warhead carrying Shaheen II precisely hits its target
"It is this claim of perfection that is under serious challenge and generally believed to be dubious, if not hollow. Prominent scientists such as A Gopalkrishnan, former chairman of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board and P K Iyengar are in agreement with the criticism of Santhanam and point out that the single thermonuclear device India tested in 1998 did not function at all as per design and did not produce anything near the expected design yield."
Asia Times. August 26, India battles with nuclear fallout By Ninan Koshy
This Times of India (TOI) report is an eye opener for all the "Greater India" utopia residents. The TOI personally called Hans Kristensen and asked him poignant questions about Pakistan’s Nuclear program and its missiles.

Ghouri taking off
WASHINGTON: Pakistan’s rapidly ramped up nuclear arsenal is now 70-90% strong with increasingly sophisticated bomb designs and smart delivery systems aimed primarily at India, two US researchers have said, even as Islamabad is running from pillar to post seeking foreign aid to stem an economic collapse.  
In a paper written for the Bulletin for Atomic Scientists, Robert Norris of the Natural Resources Defense Council and Hans Kristensen of the Federation of American Scientists say Pakistan is “busily enhancing its capabilities across the board, with new nuclear-capable ballistic missiles being readied for deployment, and two nuclear capable cruise missiles under development."
Two new plutonium production reactors and a second chemical separation facility also are under construction.
The paper essentially upgrades Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal both quantitatively (from 60 weapons last year to 70-90 now) and qualitatively — from uranium-base to being plutonium-centric.
“The fact that they are preparing nuclear-capable cruise missiles suggests their scientists have been able to miniaturize nuclear warheads by using plutonium,” Kristensen told ToI. “They are shifting their nuclear base from uranium to plutonium…in a sense, they are turning a chapter.”
Plutonium-based warheads are lighter and easier to handle, a better fit for nimble cruise missiles. India’s nuclear arsenal is largely plutonium-based.
Kristensen said Pakistan’s weapons and deliver-systems can be assumed to be India-specific because Islamabad “has not declared any other adversary.” The United States has been expressing concern to Pakistan about its accelerated program and urging it hold back, but there does not appear to be any concerted effort from Washington to influence Pakistan’s decisions, he added.
… But that does not seem to have impacted the multi-billion dollar ramping up of its nuclear arsenal in the absence of any US effort to leverage the economic handle it has on Islamabad.
Times of India. Chidanand Rajghatta, TNN 2 September 2009, 12:01am IST

Ghouri Missile immediately after lift off
Pakistan has not only made huge strides in the political arena, working with the U.S and China, it has now befriended Russia which opens up huge new areas of cooperation between the former foes. In the defense arena, India has been wasting billions of Dollars without getting its money’s worth. The new 123 deal places huge restrictions on its testing capabilities. The Indian Nuclear program is untested. Therefore the bombs placed on its failed missiles are mere duds. This makes India highly vulnerable in the areas that Bharat Verma has identified in the Indian Defense Review. For Pakistan, a strident China and a confident Pakistan will therefore be harder to deal with. Bangladesh, Nepal and SriLanka smelling blood will exact their revenge on the Bharati bully and fight against its hegemony.
Islamabad, on its part, uses its role as a so-called ally in the war against extremists to keep expanding its nuclear program by implicitly threatening to cease helping the US – a nightmare scenario for Washington since most of the supplies to its forces in Afghanistan goes through Pakistan.
“Both countries have a trump card to play. We have not heard any any descriptions about how they play it out,” Kristensen said.
In their paper, Kristensen and Norris say Pakistan is improving its weapon designs, moving beyond its first-generation nuclear weapons that relied on Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU). After pursuing plutonium-based designs for more than a decade, Islamabad appears to have mastered the technology.
Central to that effort, the paper says, is the 40–50-megawatt heavy water Khushab plutonium production reactor, which was completed in 1998 and is located at Joharabad in the Khushab district of Punjab. Six surface-to-air missile batteries surround the site to protect against air strikes. Norris and Kristensen say as a sign of its confidence in its plutonium designs, Pakistan is building two additional heavy water reactors at the Khushab site, which will more than triple the country’s plutonium production.
Explaining the changing nature of the Pak arsenal, they say all of these efforts suggest that Pakistan is preparing to increase and enhance its nuclear forces. In particular, the new facilities provide the Pakistani military with several options: fabricating weapons that use plutonium cores; mixing plutonium with HEU to make composite cores; and/or using tritium to “boost” warheads’ yield.

Without referencing the recent controversy in India about the success or otherwise of its thermo-nuclear test in 1998 (now dubbed the sizzle vs fizzle debate), the paper says “absent a successful full-scale thermonuclear test (by Pakistan), it is premature to suggest that Pakistan is producing two-stage thermonuclear weapons” – in other words, it has yet to acquire a Hydrogen Bomb.
But, they say, the types of facilities under construction suggest that Pakistan has decided to supplement and perhaps replace its heavy uranium-based weapons with smaller, lighter plutonium-based designs that could be delivered further by ballistic missiles than its current warheads and that could be used in cruise missiles. Pakistan rapidly ramping up India-specific nuclear arsenal.
Times of India. Chidanand Rajghatta, TNN 2 September 2009, 12:01am IST
The bottom line is that the Pakistani program is larger, more potent and more lethal than India could have ever imagined. The Pakistan Nuclear program has moved light years beyond the Heavy Enriched Uranium and has now firmly gone beyond Plutonium and Tritium usage. Though Hans Kristensen didn’t quiet say it–but he did inform the TOI and other news sources that the Pakistani Nuclear program is beyond the Hydrogen Bomb stage–this makes it a very advanced program.

Shaheen II gaining altitude
NEW DELHI, Sept. 2 (Xinhua) — Indian Army Chief Gen. Deepak Kapoor said on Wednesday that Pakistan was going well beyond deterrence after reports Islamabad had increased its nuclear arsenal and was working to add cruise missiles.
“There were certain degrees of deterrence and the figure of 70 to 90 nuclear warheads directed against a country certainly goes beyond the concept of deterrence,” Kapoor said in the western Indian city of Pune.
“It is a matter of concern for us,” he added.
Gen. Kapoor was commenting on an article published in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist about the enhanced nuclear arsenal of neighboring Pakistan.
“A new nuclear-capable ballistic missile is being readied for deployment, and two nuclear-capable cruise missiles are under development. Two new plutonium production reactors and a second chemical separation facility also are under construction,” said the U.S. journal.
Pakistan has previously denied it is adding to its nuclear warheads. Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira said in May his country did not need to expand its nuclear arsenal but would maintain a minimum nuclear deterrence that was essential for its defense and stability. Editor: Mu Xuequan

The Pakistani program was originally based on a Uranium program which has smaller yields. Now the miniaturized nuclear program has been successfully placed on top of very lethal Shaheen II missiles which can reach every nook and corner of Asia and half of Europe. Actually the Pakistani Inter Continental Ballistic Missile Technology (ICBM) allows it to reach all corners of the globe.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

حلقئہ یاراں - Episode 9

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It's not just another religious program. Educating the Muslim youth of Pakistan for their future responsibilities during the Caliphate, Halqa-e-Yaran is one of its kind.

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Why Pakistan needs more Nuclear Reactors?

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Ten years into the 21st century, Pakistan is still one of the world’s lowest per-head energy consumer. This is not because it doesn’t need more energy, but because it is not available. If conventional energy sources are scarce and difficultly available, they are usually much costly to import. So perforce, Pakistan has been pursuing for quite sometime the nuclear energy option. It has built up a sizable nuclear power program, a well-trained group of nuclear experts and has gained decades of experience in areas of power generation, health, agriculture and industrial applications.

Since 1974, when India conducted its first ever nuclear tests in Pokhran for demonstrating its intention to acquire nuclear weapons, Pakistan has also been engaged in exploring this aspect of nuclear technology. But it carried out its tit-for-tat nuclear explosions in May 1998 only when India repeated the nuclear tests. Today, both Pakistan and India are de facto nuclear weapon states as they stay out of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, an international protocol that has lost much of its piety since the United States tore it into pieces by signing a nuclear supplies deal with India in 2008.

Equally guilty of violating the NPT is the Nuclear Suppliers Group, which accorded a waiver to the Indo-US deal, to the great disappointment of international community.
Once again the Group is being pushed into discriminating against Pakistan, by the United States and India, to force China to back out from its commitment to give Pakistan two more nuclear reactors. The lame argument being proffered by this coward nexus is that the deal to sell Pakistan these two reactors was made after China signed up to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group, which is nothing more than a pile of rubbish. China never did that! 

China has stood by its commitment, and hasn’t contradicted, in so many words, even some media reports also say that it may give Pakistan a much bigger nuclear power plant. This co-operation is bound to increase as Pakistan has mandated the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission to install 8,800 MW of nuclear power plants by 2030.

In the coming few years, Pakistan is going to be a huge market for nuclear technology, like many other countries in the region, and those boycotting this market would be doing so at their own risk :) since it is next to impossible that Pakistan would wind up its nuclear energy program or that China would back out!
Given its property as environment-friendly and being highly competitive cost wise over time in terms of investment, nuclear energy has a bright future, and that realization is fast catching up even with those who had relented over this option in the recent past. It is also safer as compared to many other sources.

For Pakistan, seeking larger inputs of nuclear power in its national energy mix is all the more justified because of the political resistance against the exploitation of hydro sources and some of the CIA agent ministers digesting corruption worth millions of dollars in thermal power generation. But there seems to be an unfortunate tendency among some members of the international community to see Pakistan’s nuclear program more as nuclear weapon-oriented as against its role as a source of cheap and clean energy. The same coward nexus is at the forefront in this opposition as discussed above.

While all three dozens, or so, nuclear power producing countries are potentially nuclear weapons states and seven of them have nuclear arsenals, the eighth country Israhell purposefully keeps its nuclear weapon capability ambiguous. It is only Pakistan’s nuclear program that is always looked at as a threat to the international security. Why? Just because it is the only Muslim country that has this capability? Bombs have no religion. So with the Pakistan bomb; it is only a kind of deterrence, which has worked and therefore, will remain as part of Pakistan’s defense arsenal.

Israhell's Dimona Nuclear Weapons Factory
Pakistan is profoundly interested in promoting an ethos for global nuclear non-proliferation; but only in step with others! Why should anybody expect that Pakistan would give up its veto right at the Conference of Disarmament to facilitate the passage of the Fissile Materials Cut-off Treaty (FMCT) when it tends to legalize India’s excessive stocks and insists that Pakistan should forget about nuclear parity in the region?

What is in store as the nuclear future, nobody knows yet, but the fact is that the only country which used nuclear technology as a weapon of war was the United States of Zionism (U.S.A) and the only country which brought in religion into the nuclear race was India when its sinister leadership saw the “Buddha smiling” over the 1974 Pokhran test.

CommonWealth Games - The dual standards of so called FAIR WORLD

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Source: Pakistan Cyber Force Page
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The most shameful Commonwealth games ever, are going to start in New Delhi from next month. The projects of construction underway in Delhi for Commonwealth games have got quite controversial for the past one and a half week due to some undeniable proofs against the Indian baniya establishment and the Brahman Zionist Elite who are forcing pre-teen Shodar kids into the construction projects in order to save the construction money. Due to this, many international players have refused to take part in the event. Canada, England, Sweden and host of other nations have delayed the departures of their team to the commonwealth games happening in India in New Delhi, because of the poor and dangerous conditions of the event. Some dangerous  incidents took place place before the games which might have taken the games away from Pakistan had they been being held here. The games have become a major embarrassment for India instead of a showcase of its so called "rising" economic might that's wearing the glittering crown of "the MOST explosively growing hunger and food shortage rates in the whole world". The unspoken comparison to India’s rival China, which won widespread acclaim from its preparations for the 2008 Summer Olympics, are a further source of humiliation.

On Tuesday afternoon, a bridge next to Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, the main venue, fell apart. The footbridge collapsed into three pieces, taking several workers with it and uprooting one side of the arch that supported it. In this incident 27 people were injured and the condition of 4 is very serious. After this incident one of the minister said "this will not affect the games, We can put the bridge up again or make a new one". Mr. Minister, who will give the guarantee that while the players or some important officials are walking over it, it will not break again?

The newly constructed bridge that collapsed in New Delhi

The condition of the residential zone has shocked the majority,” the Commonwealth Games Federation president, Michael Fennel, said in a statement Monday evening. The condition of the residential area is very bad. There is dust everywhere, the area is surrounded with flood water, and the players have to clean their toilets themselves. Athletes were supposed to start arriving on Thursday but many athletes have delayed their schedule.On last Sunday two tourists were shot dead in the Jamea masjid Delhi and still the commonwealth games Federation has not taken any action regarding it. While in Pakistan when the SriLankan team was attacked, the players just had minor injuries and were taken to the stadium safely, but after that no international event has taken place in Pakistan. This is called FAIR JUSTICE!

Most venues were supposed to be completed in 2007, but workers were still putting finishing touches on many of them as well. While the residential area is also not finished and the players have complained that the flushes and the showers do no work properly.In the last few days more than 1500 cases of Dengue Fever have been registered in different hospitals of New Delhi. This is also a matter of big concern for the players. One of the athletes said "We do not want to have Munich Olympics again". Let me tell u about Munich olympics, It was held in 1972 in which 13 Israeli athletes were kidnapped and later killed. An organization named Indian Mujahideen has also threatened that they will mess up the event. A poll in the Hindustan Times newspaper Thursday showed that 68 percent of surveyed New Delhi residents were ashamed of the games, which bring together athletes from the 71 countries and territories of the former British empire and are held every four years. Child Labour is also a concern and much of the construction work is taken from Children. The world played a vital role in the downfall of Sports Industry in Sialkot, Pakistan on the basis of child Labour but this time world is showing criminal silence.

After all these evidences of failure of the baniya management, the world is still showing shameful behaviour and not a single statement by any government has been given regarding the sloppily glued together filth of these Commonwealth games. Let the world enjoy games in 'shining' India and let Allah show them the real face of India. But for us and every sane person on Planet Earth, it is, was and will always be Stinking India!

Codename الخالد 

Pakistan Cyber Force

Latest Propaganda warfare against Pakistan Army - Here is a comprehensive response

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Source: Pakistan Cyber Force Page
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Recently, some videos have started emerging that naooz billah Pakistan Army was involved in beheadings of children and innocent civilians in Swat. This documentary covers it all in great detail Alhamdulillah. Our duty is to spread this amongst those who still doubt Swat Operation.

Enticing Fury

Pakistan Cyber Force

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pakistan - A love to die for

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Source: Pakistan Cyber Force Page 
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Rishta hai in hawaon se jub se hai ye Zindagi,
By the grace of Allah Almighty, today we are the part of a nation called Pakistan. A nation which confronted numerous hardships to come into existence. Our brave ancestors encountered several difficulties with heroic valour and magnificent courage to carve Pakistan on the world map.
Pakistanis the interpretation of Iqbal's dream, translation of Quaid's tireless efforts and the fruit of the sacrifices given my lacs. It emerged as a country based on Islamic ideology, on the 14th August 1947, Islamic month of Ramadan1366 AH, and the night preceding the day was 'Layla-tul Qadr'.
This sacred land came into existence when the first Hindu converted to a Muslim in Hindustan. Our ancestors didn't care of the losses and the benefits. Yet they were ups in arms to sacrifice everything for its sake. It was absolutely a mad feeling of Ishq, Junoon, fervour and enthusiasm which drove our ancestors to achieve this sacred land.

ae arz-e-pak teri hurmat par lut mare hum
hai khoon teri ragon main ab tak rawan humara

Qissahai in Fizaon ka saansien hain jin se jurii...
Today, it has been 63 years since Pakistan came into existence. In past 63 years we have confronted various happiness and sorrows as well.Numerous hardships were dealt with gallantry by our jawans. Nations do come across several difficulties. Especially a Muslim Nation, who has Satan as its disgusting enemy in different faces. But the brave is he who challenges all odds and makes his way to his destiny.
Humko mita sakey,ye zamanay mai dum nahi
 Humse zamana khud hai, zamanay se hum nahi..

I am proud to express that Pakistan is a nation which has succeeded on all grounds. It has explored its way to success despite of several hurdles. Pakistan from its birth had to face extreme treachery, opposition, and bias. She received merely 9 sugar mills, 17 textile units and the only woolen mill in her share out of sheer deceitfulness and bias. Yet by the tireless efforts of our bahadur jawans, honest, hardworking workmen we are able to have an asset of 78 sugar mills, 503 textile mills, and 70 woolen mills.

By the grace of Almighty Lord, we managed to become atomic power when big nations were striving for its development. We have an army which is the most trained, courageous and brave army on earth. It's an omen of valour and fervour. Our air force is the most proficient, daring air force in the world. We are the richest country on God's earth. We have a brilliant youth and most skilful people. We have the biggest human resource potential. A brilliant civilization belongs to us. We have the world's biggest irrigation system. We have the biggest agriculture produce. Our handicrafts, cotton, embroidery, sports, fabric and much more are well known in the world. Allah has blessed our people with intellect, talent, skills, capabilities, beauty. Above all, we are the most loving and affectionate nation to Prophet Muhammed s.a.w.
salar-e-karwanhai meer-hijaz apna
is nam se hai baqi aaram-e-jan humara

Mainstream is used to portray the negative aspect of the image. Although Pakistan is not considered a very developed country yet all these achievements in 63 years were not decorated in a plate. We had to start from a scratch. Additionally, being a Muslim nation we always had to face numerous hurdles. Rival countries have always waited for an opportunity to harm Pakistan. In which our neighbouring country has played a vital role and is continuing to do so. To such situation Iqbal gives courage to a Mard-e-Momin:
Tundi-e-baad-e-mukhalif se na ghabra ae aqquab
Ye to chalti hai tujhy uncha urane k lye!

Despite of all the impediments the achievements of Pakistan are worth appreciating. There is no such field in which we have not reached the peak. We have excellent doctors, engineers, artists, poets, writers etc. Which nation has produced a philosopher, thinker and poet like Iqbal? Which nation has given a leader like Quaid?

Who doesn't have flaws? Our flaws which have been a hurdle in our development are mainly because other countries have interfered in our affairs largely. At present all the chaos and anarchy created on our land is an attempt to become an obstacle in our development. But we have to encounter our enemy with courage and wisdom and make their attempts flop.

Hai ye chaman hi apna makan, hai is watan dil jaannisaar!
We admit that there are many of us who don't realize the enormity of this sacred land. They are blindly following what we are not supposed to. We have to take the task to wake such people up from deep slumber.Build your character identical to that of a Mard-e-Momin, Mard-e-Mujahid. Forthis sacred land needs characters of a Momin and a Mujahid for its enhancement.Practically we have no expectations from such incompetent leaders. We have to explore the leader from us. We have to delve into that Quaid from us. We have to fight for the honour and dignity of Islam and this sacred land to our last breath!

ye watan tumhara hai, tum ho pasban is ke. 

Xharaf Vsm

Pakistan Cyber Force

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dr.Afia Siddique - Beginning of the downfall of USA?

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Source: Pakistan Cyber Force Page
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Dr. Aafia Siddique’s case is a serious face bashing slap on the faces of those who are keen to whine about and promote the nation which puts forth the concept of the so called values of American freedom and their constitutional right of free speech.

Dr. Aafia Siddique, a brilliant neuroscientist daughter of the nation is being humiliated, persecuted, disgraced rather has become a miserable toy in the hands of enemies of Islam and Pakistan, and that too handed over by the so called ex-leader of the nation. No matter what the reason be, had it been Musharraf’s very own daughter, would he have handed over  to some one dangerous so calmly?  

Every human heart bleeds for this daughter who is suffering the harshest moments of life; one could suffer on the planet earth. In the darkest of her life, every time the face of her lawyer appeared, she must have been overwhelmed with a few rays of dawn. When she endeavoured to sack her lawyer, he refused her request saying she was mentally unfit to make the decision.

But according to the so called justice of the omen of liberty USA, a mentally ill person is justified to deserve imprisonment for a span of 86 years of her life where she will be tortured with they every exhaled breath!
Keeping this justice in consideration the Muslims are justified to imprison and torture ugly Pastor for his entire life in the allegation of celebrating a burn Quran day! Isn’t it?
Certainly they’ll be tagged as “terrorists” within no time. Who are real terrorists? We need to open our eyes wide to recognize their disguise.
18 crore people of her land raised their unheard voices for this dear daughter of the nation. We refuse to include the incompetent, inefficient, puppet government in the word nation. They are traitors of not only of Pakistan but the entire Ummah.

This Muslim lady was only singled out because she possessed a brilliant mind through which she didn’t want to begin benefiting U.S.A. America has always condemned such Muslim intellectuals because it is extremely frightened to face consequences which they had to do due to Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan. 
This was the sole reason of abducting Dr. Aafia along with her 3 innocent children and then wrapping in the wrappers of deception and falsehood.

This inhumane and unjust verdict of the so called liberal USA against an innocent Muslim lady will be the major cause of making America a history soon!
Remember! Allah is watching, and He is NOT unjust. Very soon America will face the wrath of Aafia’s God and the world will witness. By God! Each and every traitor who left this daughter helpless in the hands of Kuffar will pay for each and every suffering.

“Verily, with hardship there is relief.” [94:6]  

Xharaf Vsm

Pakistan Cyber Force

Tafseer Surah Ikhlaas - Dialogue b/w Hazrat Abubakar Siddique r.a & Allama Iqbal r.a

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

India Abusing Children - Shodars forced into labour for Common-Wealth Games

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Source: Pakistan Cyber Force Page
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I am extremely sad while writing this article. Indian Common Wealth games have been illuminated by the Indian Media and GEO TV all over the world but the ugly reality behind the preparation of these games has been purposefully concealed. For the sake of saving funds and earning more from the Delhi Common-Wealth Games, India has disgustingly forced many Pre-Teen Tots (Shodar) children as labourers and is using them for the rough and tough tasks that are usually done with the help of heavy machinery. One disgusting event took place yesterday when a two year old child was run over by a truck in the construction field; bringing the total number of deaths to 45. If the Athletes still go to Delhi and if the Games are not called off, the blood of these children will be on the hands of the those who don’t pull the plug on the games. The Common-Wealth Games in Delhi were “on a knife edge” yesterday as it emerged that the crumbling stadiums have been built by children.

Trot (Shodar) children working hard for $3

Tots (Shodars) as young as three were drafted in to work on dangerous building sites to prepare for the event in Delhi. Yesterday the roof of the weightlifting arena caved in, sending rubble cascading down to the judges’ seats. As the catalogue of disasters mounted yesterday, it appeared increasingly likely the event, which is due to start in 10 days, would have to be called off. On Tuesday, 28 workers were seriously hurt at the main stadium site when a concrete bridge collapsed.

And competing nations have lined up to slam the athletes’ village as “unfit for human habitation”.
The Common-Wealth Games Federation has continuously expressed concerns over the slow progress of the stadium and village which is to host around 7,000 athletes and officials, with work on the Nehru Stadium where the opening and closing ceremonies and the athletics program will be held.

An innocent child forced on labour

In order to complete these projects, workers have been paid way below the minimum wage while being forced to live and work in substandard conditions, under tarpaulin on the construction site. Human rights have labeled the living conditions as “sub human”.
While the majority of children are in school or playing, India’s shodar children are working hard for as little as $3 a day on the construction site for the Common-Wealth Games Stadium.

Children of age 3 and 4 are collecting stones

Promises of extra bonuses such as money, bread and milk and an extra meal are made to parents who bring in their children to work on the site and for this, they work twelve-hour shifts. The children struggle to move baskets filled with rubble while their parents work nearby, while other youngsters struggle to pick up shovels that are as tall if not taller than as their slightly built bodies, helping with the building of the drainage system in front of the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

In August, a two-year-old girl died when she was crushed under the wheels of a truck leaving the stadium after offloading materials, bringing the Common-Wealth death toll to 45 (Majority are children). The child had been playing nearby with other children while her parents worked.

Last February, response from the Government was sought by the High Court of Delhi over alleged failure to provide all the benefits of labour laws to workers involved in construction work of the upcoming Games. The Construction of the stadium has brought nothing but displacement and suffering for thousands of poor people in Delhi with allegations of corruption already in place. A quote of $8 million for the welfare and housing of labourers during the construction of the stadium and village was made by the government but an Indian newspaper report recently stated that only $5,000 of that budget has been spent.

An exhausted child at the construction site in Delhi
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Pakistan Cyber Force

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