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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The war you don't see (documentary) - Detailed annihilation of American (Zionist) Wars and Propaganda Lies by Media

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Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia Gets Pakistani Military Support vs CIA Color Revolution

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New CIA chief Patraeus to fight 3rd war in Pakistan - ISI angry

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NEW YORK: General David H. Petraeus has served as commander in two wars launched by the United States of Zionism after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. If confirmed as the next director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Petraeus would effectively take command of a third in Pakistan, Washington Post published in its report. Petraeus’s nomination comes at a time when the CIA functions, more than ever in its history, as an extension of the nation’s lethal military force. CIA teams operate alongside USZ special operations forces in conflict zones from Afghanistan to Yemen. The agency has also built up a substantial paramilitary capability of its own. But perhaps most significantly, the agency is in the midst of what amounts to a sustained bombing campaign over Pakistan using unmanned Predator and Reaper drones.

Mr. David Patraeus
Since Globalist puppet president Obama took office, there have been at least 192 drone missile strikes. Petraeus is seen as a staunch supporter of the drone campaign, even though it has so far only succeeded in killing women and children in the name of "militants of Al-Qaeda". His nomination coincides with new strains in the CIA’s relationship with its counterpart in Pakistan, and a chaotic reshuffling of the political landscape in the Middle East. During an interview late last year in Islamabad, a high-ranking Pakistani intelligence official repeatedly referred to the USZ commander as “Mr. Petraeus”, refusing to acknowledge his military rank. The intelligence official further said that there are rumors that Patraeus may even be made the next president of the USZ since he's not a general rather he's a politician. Washington post further writes that ISI of Pakistan is not happy with Patraeus' appointment as the CIA chief at all.

MQM Exposed By Arrested Target Killer Shah Nawaz

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MQM's heinous charade of "revolution in Pakistan" nailed by the arrested Target Killer Shah Nawaz in a live interview. Make your MQM supportive friends watch this. Death to Enemies of Pakistan!

    Mujahideen start "Operation Badar" against Terrorist Invaders and “Peaceful” traitors in Afghanistan

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    The Taliban Mujahideen declared the start of a spring offensive (Badar Operations) on Saturday, warning they planned to target foreign troops in Afghanistan as well as Afghan security forces and government officials in a wave of attacks across the country.

    In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful  Fight in the Cause of Allah, those who fight you and do not be aggressive. Allah does not love the transgressors.( S:II V:190).  

    To the Muslim and Mujahid Nation of Afghanistan!

    Today, our sacred Jihad against all foreign invaders in Afghanistan successfully steps up to the threshold of its tenth year, with the help of the Almighty Allah ( SwT) and your prideful Jihad and selfless sacrifices. With the approach of the spring, the Leadership Council of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan wants to declare the launching of the spring military operations christened as “Badar” to be waged against the invading Americans and their foreign Allies and internal supports. For the purpose of success and effectiveness of the operations against the foreign invading forces and their defeated supporters, the following points must be born in mind”:

    1. As in the past, the Badar Operations will focus on attacks against military centers, places of gatherings, airbases, ammunition and logistical military convoys of the foreign invaders in all parts of the country.
    2. Throughout the operations, the prior target of Mujahideen’s attacks must remain foreign invading forces, members of their spy networks and ( other) spies, high-ranking officials of the Kabul Puppet Administration, both military and civilian, members of the cabinet, members of the parliament, Heads of foreign and local companies working for the enemy and contractors.
    3. Since members of the American espionage agencies, government officials of the Puppet Administration and enemies of the Afghan people and Jihad have ensconced themselves in the so-called Peace Council and are trying to pave the way for the prolongation of the American occupation by cashing in on the name of Jihad, religion and tribal chieftainship,; wants to prevent Mujahideen from waging Jihad against the invaders and are urging the Afghan Mujahid people to accept American slavery and surrender, therefore, members of the Council can be target of the Mujahideen attacks during the operations as, in view of their role, they are considered official members of the ranks of the enemy.
    4. Strict attention must be paid to the protection and safety of civilians during the spring operations by working out a meticulous military plan. Utilizing all proven military tactics, the operations will focus on usage of advanced weapons against the air and ground forces of the invaders, tip-and-run attacks, and group offensives, city attacks, advanced explosives attacks, effective group and martyrdom seeking attacks by warrior Mujahideen.
    5. The Spring Operations have been given the name of Badar in a hope that the Almighty Allah (SwT) may bestow on the Mujahideen victorious achievements versus all invading forces in Afghanistan like that which were bestowed on the believers during the historical battle of Badar in the 2nd Hijri lunar year. Some ardent diabolic chiefs of the polytheists were either killed or captured at the hands of the Mujahideen during the confrontation.
    6. Before the launching of the Badar Operations, we call on all officials of the Kabul Administration, military officers, officials of the spy agency and all other employees to cut off their relations with the invaders and their supporters whatsoever, and join the Mujahideen for the cause of defence of the people and their own person.
    7. All Afghan people should bear in mind to keep away from gatherings, convoys and centers of the enemy so that they will not become harmed during attacks of Mujahideen against the enemy or, as usual, the enemy may not avenge itself on them, following the operations of the Mujahideen.
    8. The Spring Operations of Badar have been launched for the purpose of protecting the tenets of Islam and the religion from the claws of the invaders and salvaging the country and people from the foreign colonialism because the foreign invaders have committed unlawful aggression against the sovereignty of our country; have ignited the flames of war in the yard of our house; have destroyed orchards and houses with bombs and bulldozers; have martyred our countrymen and imprisoned them and have desecrated the holiest Divine Book of the Muslims, the Holy Quran. Therefore, the war in our country will not come to an end unless and until the foreign invading forces pull out of Afghanistan and the cause of the war are obliterated. The Islamic Emirate considers this its legitimate right and religious obligation to defend its religion and country. The Jihad of the Islamic Emirate will continue with the help of the Almighty Allah and the support of the Mujahid people until the attainment of this legitimate right.
    9. The Badar Operations will begin throughout Afghanistan on May, the 1st 2011 i.e. 11 Saur Hijri solar year.

    Success comes only from Allah, the Almighty.

    Leadership council,
    Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

    Pakistan Cyber Force

    Friday, April 29, 2011

    Puppet Karzai's adviser meets General Kayani

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    Dr. Ashraf Ghani
    Visiting Advisor to Afghan puppet President and Chairman of Joint stooge Afghan-Nato Intiqal Board ((JANIB) Dr Ashraf Ghani, met separately with President Asif Ali Zardari and Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvaz Kayani. According to the informed sources, they exchanged views on Pak-Afghan bilateral relations and regional situation. According to sources, Dr Ashraf Ghani called on Pakistan's puppet president at the Aiwan-e-Sadr on Friday. The meeting was attended by Secretary General M Salman Faruqui, Acting Foreign Secretary Haroon Shaukat, Pakistani Ambassador to Afghanistan Muhammad Sadiq, and Afghan Ambassador Pakistan Muhammad Umer Daudzai. ISPR sources said that the visiting dignitary remained with army chief for some time and discussed the matters of “mutual interest”.

    Pakistan Cyber Force

    Secular media targeting Pakistan Cyber Force

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    Not very long ago, an upfront member of the enemy's 5th column, Express Tribune, wrote against Pakistan Cyber Force targeting the report in which PCF had exposed the CIA backed cyber propaganda against Pakistan Army on Davis' release.

    Now after a little more than 3 weeks, The Middle East Media Research Institute, apparently an anti-Islamic remote controlled media outlet has targeted Pakistan Cyber Force for calling United States as United States of Zionism and exposing America's terrorist activities in the region. This media outlet operates from Washington DC, United States of Zionism. Their contact details are available on their website. They seem quite disturbed by the fact that Pakistan Cyber Force has rightfully labled GEO TV of Pakistan as the Zionist Propaganda Machine. They also didn't like the fact getting exposed that TTP is a terrorist organization backed by CIA and that the CIA, along with its sisters in crime i.e., MI6, Mossad and RAW, is after Balochistan's natural resources both through separatist movements and through scams like the Reko Diq case which is still in Supreme Court. The Middle East Media Research Institute seems to be obsessed with using the term "conspiracy theory" just like the "enlightened and moderated" garbage class brainless anchors of the mainstream media talk shows. They also pinpointed the fact that by raising voice against inhumane activities of the Zionist imperial powers, Pakistan Cyber Force has promoted "anti-semitism".

    Our simple answer to these remote controlled media puppets is: You are only helping our cause by publishing this kind of rubbish. Even a layman on the street knows these facts which are "conspiracy theories" for you since you never attempt to research outside the mainstream Zionist media outlets. The mere concept of "branded" news channels and media outlets is the core of this entire conspiracy circus. Reality has got no brand except the naked truth. You can call it whatever you want but the truth shall prevail like it always has prevailed throughout this world's history inshAllah.

    Pakistan Cyber Force

    Unfair wedding threatens Royals' future in England

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    Analysts are questioning the 'fairness' of imposing the astronomically huge costs of the Royal Wedding on common British taxpayers amid growing public weariness of the wide coverage given to the 'unpleasant' event. While there are fictitious claims promoted by the Zionist chain of media outlets that the royal wedding will at the end of the day benefit the British public both economically by triggering retailers' sales as well as attracting interested tourists and socially by spreading happiness London-based writer and journalist Peter Carty believes the opposite is true. Carty said in an interview with Iran's Press TV that as the widely hyped event is not going to “bring in more income in the country as a whole” one comes to believe “it's quite clearly unfair” on the populous.

    “I don't think it is going to bring in more income in the country as a whole. Our overall income will probably go down by six billion pounds and the amount of extra revenue we're going to get back from tourism, sales of memorabilia etc, would be about one billion pounds best estimate - something like 1.5 billion USZ dollars, so overall the country is going to lose out very heavily. The question of whether that's fair on the populous as a whole - It's quite clearly unfair”, he said.

    Carty also said, to add insult to injury the media are giving a pointlessly wide coverage to the event despite the solely symbolic and ceremonial position of the royal family in the British politics and the low opinion of the people about the monarchy. “It's [the royal wedding] extremely unpopular with a substantial proportion of the population. A poll has been conducted by a republican group that indicates that approximately 80 percent of British people really aren't very interested in the wedding at all. So to ask everyone to finance it is very unfair when you look into the issue closely”, he said. Carty then stressed focus on the royal wedding is not only politically inconsequential for the moment it is deemed also to hurt people into hatred of the royal family eventually leading to a public push for the removal of royals.

    “The way the [state-funded] BBC is pumping out massive coverage of the run up to the wedding is highly likely to alienate people from the monarchy that normally wouldn't be too concerned about this institution that's mostly in the background and you don't have to pay attention to it if you don't want to. To really rub people's noses in it the way the media is doing at the moment I think will backfire and might produce more impetus toward the eventual disbandment of this institution”, he said.

    Carty stressed “huge numbers of British people are really getting 'annoyed' at the “saturation” of media coverage of the nuptials that will 'ironically' lead to change. I'm not saying that's going to happen overnight or even very soon, but inevitably over time as we become a more educated and developed society, support for the monarchy is likely to fade away. Ironically I think the royal wedding might actually be speeding that process up.”

    Official figures show the price tag for the wedding ceremony of Prince William and Kate Middleton including the security costs will hit tens of millions of pounds which will be imposed on the British taxpayers despite the multi-billion pound wealth of the royal family. Many among the public and campaign groups have already expressed their displeasure with the royal wedding proceedings as the activists from the anti-monarchy group Republic has organized rallies on Friday April 29 to hit the wedding.

    One British citizen commented on the Press TV Post:

    You don't represent British people who have expressed their disgust with through more medias than one. For this parasite family who are not even British but German who trained the Nazis with their eugenics ideas. Now Alias why don't you just continue to be the old Zionist propagandist that you are don't bother to start defending the Brits. They know how to defend themselves. Fair enough?

    Pakistan Cyber Force

    33 TTP terrorists killed by Pak-Army and Tribal Lashkar in Kurram Agency

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    At least 33 TTP terrorists were killed Thursday by Pakistani security forces and pro-Pakistan tribal militia in the tribal areas of northwest Pakistan, media reports said. Six militants were killed in a clash with pro-Pakistan tribes in the Kurram agency, one of the seven tribal regions bordering Afghanistan. After the clash, the security forces launched an offensive on the militants in Kurram agency and neighbouring Orakzai agency. Pakistani gunship Helicopters bombarded militant hideouts that led to the death of at least 27 TTP terrorists. Security forces have intensified operation in the tribal areas in the last two months, officials said.

    Pakistan Cyber Force

    Tauba (Repentence) - Do it before crying in the grave

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    Storms kill 313+ across 9 states in USZ

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    A massive spring storm system tearing through central and southern United States of Zionism, has left over 300 people dead across nine states, emergency officials say according to a Press TV report. At least 204 people died in the State of Alabama alone, many in Tuscaloosa, a city of over 83,000 where a massive tornado devastated the city, according to wire reports. The storm system destroyed the infrastructure of the city, including its police and other emergency services. The major University of Alabama is also located in Tuscaloosa, enduring heavy damage. A hospital in the city said its emergency room had admitted at least 100 people with hundreds treated without being admitted. Tennessee was another state heavily hit by the storm system, killing at least 34, according to the state's Emergency Operations Center in Nashville.

    Severe tornados in the USZ have left at least 313 people dead across several central and southern states.
    The violent storms and tornadoes, described as the deadliest system of tornadoes to strike the United States of Zionism since 1974, have also claimed 33 lives in the State of Mississippi, 15 in Georgia, 12 in Arkansas, 10 in Virginia and five more in Louisiana, Missouri and Kentucky. In north Alabama, a nuclear power plant west of the city of Huntsville lost power and was operating on diesel generators. Also in Alabama, as many as one million people were without power on Thursday morning, as emergency workers and over 2,000 national guard troops searched the rubble for survivors. “What we faced today was massive damage on a scale we have not seen in Tuscaloosa in quite some time”, said Mayor Walter Maddox of Tuscaloosa. He added that he expected his city's death toll to rise. The storm system extended major devastation Tuesday night and Wednesday from State of Texas to Virginia, and it was forecast to hit the Carolinas next before moving further northeast. The USZ National Weather Service has reported nearly 300 tornadoes since the storm system began last Friday, more than 160 on Wednesday alone.

    Pakistan launching 2 satellites in 2011 with China's help

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    The Long March 3B Rocket
    During this year, the mutual cooperation between Pakistan and China in various sectors including joint defence production is expected to spike up to new heights. By the end of 2011, under the National Satellite Development Program (NSDP) and Remote Sensing Satellite System (RSSS), Pakistan will release two of its satellites into space and will become one of the very few nations on Earth who have their own satellites orbiting Planet Earth. According to details, these two satellites will immediately bring economic benefits to Pakistan. Under the NSDP, Pak SAT 1R and under RSSS, multi-purpose satellites will be deployed in space that will serve a vast range of purposes including monitoring of environmental alterations, advanced warning of earth quakes and giving detailed information about enemy air crafts which are airborne at that time.

    The chief contractor of China Great Wall Industry Corporation said that these satellites shall be launched using the Long March 3B rocket(click to watch HQ image) from Sichuan Province of China. Pakistan's SPARCO and China's Great Wall Industry Corporation have already signed the MOU of this RSSS program. With the help of this program, Pakistan will now be able to itself analyse Planet Earth. According to reports, more than 100 Chinese engineers are currently working in Pakistan to upgrade Pakistan's current satellite program. It is worth mentioning at this point that Pakistan and China are also working together on the advanced weapons system including JF-D Fighter Planes and F-22P Frigate.

    F-22P Frigate (Zulfiquar)
    China has already built 3 Frigates for Pakistan and after the transfer of technology, Pakistan is now building the 4th Frigate itself without any foreign help. It is worth noting that despite American and Indian pressure, China is standing firmly by Pakistan at all grounds including the Kashmir Issue.

    Thursday, April 28, 2011

    Pakistan successfully Test Fires Ra'ad Cruise Missile (Hatf 8)

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    Pakistan has conducted a successful Flight Test of the indigenously developed air launched cruise missile, Hatf-8 on Friday (today). The missile test was conducted as part of the continuous process of improving the technical parameters of the weapon system. The Ra’ad Missile, with a range of over 350 km, has been developed exclusively for launch from Aerial Platforms. This missile system has enabled Pakistan to achieve a greater strategic stand-off capability on land and at sea. ‘Cruise technology’ is extremely complex and has been developed by only a few countries in the world.

    The state of the art Ra’ad Cruise Missile with stealth capabilities is a low  altitude, terrain-hugging missile with high maneuverability, and can deliver nuclear and conventional warheads with great pinpoint accuracy. The successful launch has been appreciated by the president and prime minister of Pakistan, and chairman joint chiefs of staff committee who have congratulated the scientists and engineers on their outstanding achievement. Earlier this month, Pakistan successfully conducted the first flight test of the newly developed short range surface to surface multi-tube ballistic missile Hatf IX (NASR).

    Obama's birth certificate is 100% fake!! Proof!!!

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    PAF ready to tackle aggression - Chief of Air Staff

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    Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman has made it clear that Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is ready to tackle external and internal threats, being faced by the country. “We are aware of confronting internal and external threats but we have to tackle them through modern war strategy and limited resources”, Rao said while addressing the graduation ceremony held at Pakistan Air Force Academy here in Risalpur as chief guest. The successful operation against (CIA backed) extremists is ample evidence that country’s armed forces are ready to meet any challenge, he said. Pakistan, he said, does not wish to enter into arms race. Pakistan is a peace-loving country and wants to live in the region, with honour and dignity. Aggression of any kind from any side would be met with full force by the armed forces of Pakistan, he said.

    Pakistani Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman
    PAF remains a potent force, fully capable of defending the aerial frontiers of Pakistan, he said. We will continue to equip air force with modern weapons, he said. We would make the country’s future secure and safe, Rao Qamar added. “No doubt weapons are necessary in war but the strong institution, strong training and spirits are more necessary in war”, he said. Later, Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman distributed Prizes among cadets. Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee’s Trophy for Best Performance was awarded to Pilot Officer Rana Ahsan. Chief of the Air Staff’s Trophy was awarded to Pilot Officer Tallah. The coveted Sword of Honor was awarded to Pilot Officer Zeshan Anjum while Pilot Officer Kamran Zia lifted Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee’s Trophy. Air Staff’s Trophy for best Performance in Engineering Discipline was awarded to Pilot Officer Mohammad Adnan Khan.


    Pakistan Navy buses attacked - Several including Lieutenant martyred

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    At least five persons were killed while more than 20 were injured in an early morning remote controlled bomb attack on Pakistan Navy’s bus near naval residential area of Karsaz here in Karachi on Thursday, police said. According to reports, a powerful explosion took place at about 8:00am when a staff bus, carrying 8 naval officials of Pakistan Navy moved out from PNS Mehran. As a result, a Lieutenant of Pakistan Navy and a passerby motor-bike rider were killed on the spot while three injured succumbed to injuries in the hospital. More than 20 also were injured in the attack. After the incident, the injured were shifted to PNS Rahat Hospital, PNS Shifa and Jinnah Post-Graduate Medical Center. The hospital sources informed that few among the injured were in critical condition. Those who martyred in today’s bomb blast were included Sabir Marwat, Mirza Ramzan, Muhammad Yamin, Imtiaz and a civilian lady doctor. Two other vehicles traveling on the road in usual traffic were also destroyed in the incident as they collided into each other after the blast. Glasses of many nearby houses were also damaged with the intensity of the blast. Heavy contingents of Pakistan Navy, police and rangers rushed to the blast site and cordoned off the area. Senior Superintendent of Police and head of the Special Investigation Unit (SIU), Raja Umar Khatab has said that the bomb was planted at roadside and when Pak, Navy bus reached close, it was blasted by remote control device.

    Reports from military sources confirm that these blasts were carried out in reaction to Pakistan COAS' statement in which he lauded Pakistan Army's military campaign against the CIA backed TTP and said that Pakistan Army had broken the back of terrorists. Military sources revealed that the timing of this attack is crucial and matches perfectly with the NATO backed attack on Pakistan's western border in Angoor Adda and Datta Khel where several mortars were deliberately fired on Pakistani check posts by terrorist invaders. The ultimate evident aim of these attacks on Pakistan Navy and Pakistan itself is to pressurize Pakistan to initiate the operation against so called "terrorists" in North Waziristan (The Haqqanis). Whereas Pakistan Army has clearly refused to carry out any such operation as Pakistan's COAS General Ashfaq visited the tribal agency and vowed to defend the patriotic tribes at all cost.

    NATO attacks Pakistan in Angoor Adda & Datta Khel - Several terrorist invaders killed in retaliation by Pak-Army

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    Reports from Peshawar say that  1  Pakistani soldier was martyred and  7  more Pakistani soldiers and locals were injured when NATO & Afghan puppet forces attacked the Pakistani border check post in South Waziristan’s Angoor Adda area on Wednesday, DawnNews reported.  50 shops and several houses are reported to have been destroyed as well.

    Pakistani security forces retaliated the attack on the Pak-Afghan border and according to NNI reports, 12 NATO & Afghan puppet soldiers were killed as a result. Exchange of fire at the site of the clash was ongoing between Pakistani and Afghan forces. However, no official statement confirming the incident was issued by the shameless Pakistani traitor government. Moreover, an AP report quoted officials as saying that NATO and Pakistan forces traded artillery fire in two places along the border. In one incident, a Pakistani official said two soldiers were wounded on Wednesday in the Angoor Adda. Villager Ahmadullah Wazir said several shops were damaged.

    Pakistani Soldier standing on duty in Waziristan
    According to detailed reports, NATO and Afghan puppet troops violated Pakistan's sovereignty by crossing Pakistan's border twice in 24 hours yesterday. Atif Rehman, the political agent of South Waziristan confirmed the attack and said that 70 mortars were fired by NATO and Afghan puppet forces on the Pakistani check post and as a result, the Angoor Adda market was immediately deserted. According to other media reports verified by locals, NATO and Afghan puppet forces also violated Pakistan's sovereignty by illegally crossing Pakistan-Afghanistan border in Datta Khel district however 8 NATO / Afghan puppet soldiers were killed when Pakistan Army retaliated.

    Pakistan Army spokesman (Radio Monitoring) has said that NATO / Afghan puppet forces blindly fired dozens or mortars inside Pakistan which has martyred 1 Pakistan Army soldier and injured 2 whereas the NATO / Afghan puppets fired several mortars inside civilian territory (their benchmark cowardly war moves) which damaged the Angoor Adda market and martyred several PAKISTANI civilians. Pakistan Army has immediately demanded for a flag meeting. Analysts say that things are going to go from bad to worse in the coming days with NATO terrorist invaders now openly fighting against Pakistan along with Afghanistan.

    Wednesday, April 27, 2011

    America, India & Israhell nexus - Zaid Hamid

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    Pakistan blasts USZ on baseless Nuke Criticism

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    Current and former Pakistani officials blasted the United States of Zionism in recent weeks over its arms control priorities and criticism of Islamabad's nuclear activities, the Middle East Media Research Institute reported last week (see GSN, April 18). World powers have strictly emphasized nuclear disarmament initiatives of primary benefit to themselves, the Associated Press of Pakistan earlier this month quoted Pakistani Ambassador to the United Nations Abdullah Hussain Haroon as saying:

    "The present focus on [negotiating a fissile material cutoff treaty] follows a regular pattern of negotiating only those agreements that do not undermine or compromise the security interests of certain states, especially the major powers. We observe this pattern in the Biological Weapons Convention, Chemical Weapons Convention, and even in the CTBT (Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty)."

    The 65-nation conference in 2009 ended a deadlock that had lasted for more than a decade, agreeing to a work plan that would focus on a fissile material cutoff pact and three other issues:
    1. Nuclear disarmament
    2. A ban against space-based weapons
    3. An agreement by nuclear-armed states not to use such weapons against countries that do not possess atomic armaments.
    While Pakistan initially backed the work plan, it later canceled its consent and demanded further consideration of the program. Decisions at the conference are made by consensus (see GSN, Feb. 1). Hamid Gul, former head of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency, criticized USZ questions over his nation's nuclear security in an interview with an Urdu  newspaper. Concerns on the matter have persisted as Islamabad continues with wrest with insurgents within Pakistan's borders.

    "If you look at India with its nuclear installations, you will find that there have been 153 incidents at Indian nuclear installations. But there has come up no such (American) statement regarding India. In fact, Pakistan is their most important target," he said.

    Former Foreign Office Secretary Tanvir Khan said USZ leaders raise such issues "whenever they want to pressure Pakistan."

    "The USZ has expressed similar concerns earlier as well, but later the Obama administration declared that Pakistani nuclear assets are completely secure," Khan said, adding, "our assets have become more secure in comparison to those five years ago."

    Former Air Chief Marshal Kaleem Saadat told the newspaper an airstrike on a Pakistani nuclear site is not possible "at the practical level."

    "In order to do so, one has to look toward other issues and difficulties. If attacking a nuclear installation were so easy, then (North) Korea would have also been attacked," Saadat said.

    Islamabad's reaction to such an attack

    "would depend on the equation regarding which country is helping whom. But it is difficult to answer this question, as the whole issue is strategic and one cannot divulge one's probable strategy before time. But I must say that Pakistan is not a soft target for anyone. Had it been so, there would have been many incidents (attacks on nuclear sites). A nuclear installation is not … (an open town center) where anyone can do whatever one wants. That is why I would like to say that Pakistani nuclear installations should not be taken as … (town centers). Our security standards are extraordinary," he added.

    Toilet paper out of Qur'an and Hadith books - Factory destroyed by protestors in Afghanistan

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    Taliban official spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid reported on 18th of April 2011 that a fierce protest broke out in Kabul's Deh Sabz district in which several hundred Afghan people participated. The fierce protesters marched around the factory making toilet papers out of religious and holy Muslim books, the Holy Quran and Books of Ahadeeth and flattened the factory to the ground chanting anti-USZ and anti puppets slogans. Reports say that the protesters have warned of severe consequences if anti-Islam activities of the allies and their puppets continue. On the other hand, according to latest reports from Afghanistan, the allied death toll has crossed 9389 in the year 2011.

    Egypt pipeline blast cuts gas supplies to Israhell & Jordan

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    An explosion at a gas terminal in Egypt's North Sinai has cut natural gas supplies to Israhell and Jordan. The blast sent a tower of flames into the air at the al-Sabil terminal 50 kilometers from the border with Israhell, forcing the pipeline to be shut down. A security official told the media that "an unknown armed gang" attacked the pipeline. "Authorities closed the main source of gas supplying the pipeline and are working to extinguish the fire", the unnamed source said. It is the second such attack on the pipeline in the past few weeks. In late March, gunmen planted explosives on the pipeline, but they failed to detonate.

    An explosion on the pipeline in February during an 18-day uprising in Egypt was blamed on a gas leak, although security services said they suspected sabotage. Israhell receives 40% of its natural gas from Egypt, while Jordan depends on Egyptian supplies to generate 80 percent of its electricity. The February attack caused gas supplies from Egypt to Israhell and Jordan to be severed for a month. The area is home to Bedouin tribesmen, who accuse the centralized government of discriminating against them and neglecting their interests.

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