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Sunday, October 31, 2010

IsraHell the root of all evil : Turkey

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Amending the country's foreign policy for IsraHell, Turkey's National Security Council (MGK) stated that "the region's instability stems from IsraHelli actions and policy", IsraHelli newspaper Ha'aretz reported on Saturday.

The political footwork, the council said, "could lead to an arms race in the Middle East."

The comments come amid IsraHell's continued refusal to accede to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and its silence on its widely-reported possession of hundreds of nuclear warheads. The MGK also called IsraHell "a central threat to Turkey". Similar form of addressing was used by Turkey some 60 years ago, Ha'aretz said.

The bilateral relations hit their lowest ebb after the IsraHelli commandos attacked Freedom Flotilla -- a Turkish-backed aid convoy, which had set sail to bring relief supplies to the Gaza Strip. The assault in international waters killed nine Turkish activists. Turkey has asked Israel to offer its apology, to acknowledge an international-impartial inquiry and its conclusion, to compensate the survivors and to lift Gaza's siege. Ankara has threatened to sever ties with Tel Aviv, should IsraHell fail to meet either of the first two demands.

This is not all, IsraHell has been involved in global war crimes ever since it came into existence. It has killed hundreds of thousands of women and children in the name of "national security" not only in Palestine but also in its neighbouring countries including its latest shameless raid on Lebanon. It's secret forces have also been involved in Pakistan creating a wave of terror inside the country ever since Pakistan came into existence!

IsraHelli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman; however, have insisted that Tel Aviv will not be apologetic about the attack.

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Pakiatan Cyber Force

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Musharraf promoted by Zionists of Wall Street Journal

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Over the past few decades of the treacherous journalism done by WSJ of the Zionist Elite in the United States of Zionism, unfortunately they have been using the same old propaganda techniques without realizing that if something is repeatedly done over the years and public can see what's happening on ground, then such propaganda techniques fail miserably. Either they underestimate the Muslim minds or comprehension ability. The latest example is WSJ's article where they glorified Musharraf by saying "Zardari is more compliant to U.S.Z. and Musharraf was not". The aim of such reports is to make the innocent public think that since WSJ is "against" musharraf, he should be supported.

As absurd as the above statement appears to be, it is a well known reality that the former secularist pro-IsraHelli president of Pakistan had been co-operating with the United States of Zionism INSIDE OUT! His "glorious" policies where he "didn't comply" with United States of Zionism are as follows:

  • Toppling the elected government in a fake aircraft scam (nobody is supporting PML N here!) {this was the first step by the CIA to guarantee that the new government setup in Pakistan can control both politics and military of Pakistan for their upcoming subversive aims in the region}
  • Joining hands with United States of Zionism in the afghan war AGAINST the pro-Pakistan Afghan brothers
  • Giving special permission to the CIA to get itself deployed in the north western regions of Pakistan to train and brainwash TTP terrorists as well as building command and control centers for them in the northern areas of Pakistan
  • Giving airports and helipads to the U.S.Z. marines and air force including five star hotels dedicated to the U.S.Z. troops inside Balouchistan as well as NWFP. Moreover allowing U.S.Z. to bring in their mercenary armies inside Pakistan (even in the Pakistan capital) and allowing the expansion of U.S.Z. consulate in Islamabad.
  • Not taking any strong stand against India when it started construction of the illegal DAMS on Pakistan's rivers
  • Holding a CIA sponsored election campaign in Pakistan and bringing one of the most corrupt and incompetent parliaments of Pakistan's history in power who later on got involved in billions of dollars of illegal scandals and food mafia schemes (PML Q)
  • Privatizing almost all major liquid assets of Pakistan who were giving reasonable amount of profit to the Pakistan Government including PTCL!
  • Criminally trying to sell Pakistan Steel Mills at almost 1/40 of its original cost and attempting to cripple Pakistan in the steel industry
  • Absurd military campaign inside Balouchistan against the pro-Pakistan tribes and directly serving America's future plan of creating TTP terrorists
  • Giving a 4 point sell out agenda on Kashmir according to which Pakistan would abolish it's claim on Kashmir
  • Doing massive corruption at higher level that eventually led Pakistan to such a condition that for the first time in the history of Pakistan, CNG became more costly than petrol, grains became more costly as compared to chicken and I remember his unforgettable statement right now, "If grain is more costly than chicken then what's the problem? Poor should now enjoy chicken!"
  • During his reign, despite desperate needs, Pakistan DID NOT MAKE any water reservoir / DAM neither did Pakistan took help from its friendly neighbours to help in the power deficiency issues
  • Doing a massive secularist state level campaign in which he tried his best to show Pakistan as a secular state by promoting his filthy clause of "Enlightened Moderation" which brought our mothers and sisters out from their veil onto the roads of Pakistan where an international crowd could watch them running in marathon races.
  • For the first time in the history of Pakistan, he started diplomatic relations with IsraHell! The same IsraHell who Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah once called as an "illegal child of the west".
Read Belfour Declaration:
Foreign Office, November 2nd, 1917.

Dear Lord Rothschild, I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty's Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet: "His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country". I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.

Yours sincerely Arthur James Balfour

  • The storm of suicide bombings inside Pakistan started in his time and he deliberately hindered in the way of intelligence agencies as Several cases were reported in 2007 that even though sound intelligence links were presented to the president house, certain mammoth suicide bomb blasts were Not stopped due to some unknown factors.
  • In his time, the U.S.Z. HUMVs (High Utility Multi-purpose Vehicles) started boarding Karachi's premises and some solid sources even go to this extent that the aim of Gawadar Port's fast and timely construction were to later on support U.S.Z.'s plan in Balouchistan according to which they wanted to separate Balouchistan from Pakistan and join it with Afghanistan (Gawadar being their independent port) {the most recent statement by the separatist secular chief minister of balochistan Nawab Aslam Raeesani in which he offered Gawadar Port to U.S.Z. / NATO once Army banned their supply through Karachi, indicates the authenticity of these sources}. In continuation of the same plans, JSOC (Joint Secret Operations Command) of U.S.Z. was given special authorization according to which dozens of U.S.Z. marines covertly landed in the premises of Gawadar in order to add FIRE TO THE FUEL  of the already started subversion by the TTP terrorists.
  • During his time, Jundullah was successfully able to develop a route from Afghanistan to Iran through Balouchistan, making sure that Pakistan and Iran relationship is hit as badly as possible to fuel the towering flames of the CIA sponsored subversion in the western provinces of Pakistan and Eastern Provinces of Iran.
  • During his time, The Rekodiq Mining Area that had proven estimated reserves of two billion tons of copper and 20 million ounces of gold, was SOLD OUT TO AN ENGLISH COMPANY! Major reserves of copper and gold in Balochistan’s Rekodiq area have been discovered which would contribute about $1.25 billion annually to the national economy, it is learnt. According to the current market price, the value of the deposits has been estimated at about $65 billion, which would generate thousands of jobs. The presence of a mineral deposits in the area was identified by the Geological Survey of Pakistan in early 1990s in collaboration with BHP Billiton of Australia. 
  • A few months before his departure, he declared emergency in the country for the sake of getting rid of the judiciary that was becoming a major problem for him since they had started disclosing and targeting his financial treacheries and frauds against the roots and stability of Pakistani State.
  • During his time, he promoted Indian culture at presidential level inside Pakistan by openly supporting BASANT NIGHTS and night dance parties inside Pakistan while our brothers and sisters were being massacred right next to Pakistan in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine. But all these seemed to be EXPENDABLE issues for him.
  • The most recent reports that came about him from London told that he was enjoying wine with IrsaHelli Parliament members who are some of the most notorious War Criminals of the last 200 years of World History named Silvan Sahalom (One of the biggest war criminals in World's history - Responsible for demolishing millions of houses in Palestine - Involved in illegal digging of the Al-Aqsa Mosque) and Brigadier General (retired) Ephraim Sneh (The mastermind behind IsraHelli terrorism in Lebanon).
This is just a brief list of crimes. There are hundreds more that couldn't be quoted due to the limitation of space and the valuable time of our readers.

The three puppets of the New World Order

Is someone too deaf, dumb and blind in our audience to still not being able to see through these architectured journalism frauds being committed by the Zionist Controlled Wall Street Journal and their filthy aim of bringing Musharraf back?


We can look through your propaganda WSJ. Try something new.

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Pakistan Cyber Force

Prophecies of Naimatullah Shah Wali R.A

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Beware of the foresight of the believer for he sees with Divine Light.  [Prophet Muhammed s.a.w]

There are a few persons around us who are assigned particular duties from Allah. Such are the Man of Allah. Naimat Shah Wali R.A was a great seer, a Wali-Ullah who predicted 800 years of happenings in future. From the arrival of British Merchants to their departure from Indian Subcontinent, from the creation of Pakistan to breaking of Pakistan and other future wars that will be fought are mentioned with an accuracy of exact year, month and even days.He composed his Qaseeda in 745 AH as the last couplet says and in total the Urdu translation is 4 pages (with some foot-notes) and it is shockingly accurate and it also validates prophet's hadeeth about ghuzwatul hind. It does primarily focus on the sub-continent but talks about the world wars and downfall of the British. His predictions are in Persian with Urdu translation. Predictions of Niamatullah Shah Wali R.A were so inspiring and accurate that British Government had abandoned his book and all the printed copies were burnt. Reason of this action was yet another prediction which said, “Rule of British over India would last less than 100 years” and British Government never liked any prophecy that would mention their time of demise.  British Rule ended in 1947 after 90 years of ruling over Indian Subcontinent.
According to Niamatullah Shah Wali, India will undergo 4 wars with Pakistan. In the light of his predictions, it is concluded that there has been two such wars since their independence in 1947. Niamatullah mentioned war of 65 would be the first war between India and Pakistan and it would last 17 days. He also predicted that flag bearer of India would die at the negotiations table. Indian Prime Minister, Mr Shastri died in Tashkent due to heart attack.
Niamatullah predicted that the second war with India would break Pakistan and in 71, East Pakistan separated as Bangladesh.


According to Niamatullah Shah Wali, the third war will be a regional war that will take place in the area comprising Chitral, Nangaperbat, Gilgit and Tibet. The war will be based on false accusations and will erupt suddenly. The war will remain undecided but as a result, an internal conflict within India would arise. As a result, entire Hind will undergo a mayhem and turmoil consequently that will be start of GhazwatulHind.
Ghazwatul Hind; whose Shuhadaa(martyrs) are given the status of Afzal tareen Shuhadaa(the most blessed martyrs of all times). GhazwatulHind, the 4th and final battle will be fought and will be a decisive battle. Warriors from the 4 corners would join hands and make an alliance against Hind and will conquer Hind upto the river Ganga. Niamatullah describes this fierce battle will last 6 years (mentioned as 6 months in few verses) and will be devastating for the mankind.
According to other Muslim Saints, the war will assassinate millions and only a person in 6 miles radius would survive to lit a lamp at night.  Today we know an estimated power of 100-200 KT Nuclear weapon is nearly the same and it would eliminate life within the area of roughly 6-8 miles diameter. India and Pakistan become Nuclear Powers in year 1998 and both have Nuclear weapons capable of such destruction. Consequently, it wont be a wonder if only one person in 6 miles radius would survive to lit a lamp at night.

Wallahu Aálam

Xharaf Vsm

Pakistan Cyber Force

Japan Consulate vehicle attacked in Karachi

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Alert: Japan consulate under attack in Karachi!
Two men were injured who included a security guard too, when unknown armed men attacked a vehicle of Japan consulate in Cantonment Board area of the city. Officials said the incident occurred near the Cant Station where two unidentified gunmen riding a motorbike opened fire on an official vehicle of Japan’s consulate in Karachi, injuring two people sitting in the car. The injured who were identified as security guard and an official of the consulate where immediately rushed to Jinnah hospital for treatment where medics say their condition was serious.

Police chief Fayaz Lghari said that no foreigner was in the car when it came under attack. Witnesses said that four gunmen, riding two motorcycles, fled after the firing near the cantonment railway station area. Police officer in the area, Javed Akbar, said that the attackers wanted to snatch money from the consulate employees as they were returning from drawing cash from a bank. Witnesses said that the gunmen fired six shots at the car, smashing its windows. The injured employees identified as Ghulam Abbas, an administration officer, and Gul Muhammad, a security guard at the consulate. They were shifted to hospital and doctors said they are out of danger. Driver of the car escaped unhurt in the attack, police said. The police took mobile of the employees in custody to check if anyone called them before the attack. Dozens of people have been killed in Karachi in ethnic and political violence in recent days.

However, we see it all as a pre-planned act of terrorism whose mere aim is to pressurize Pakistan at international level and to take one step ahead towards the final goal of U.S.Z. i.e., declare Pakistan an unsafe nation and cease its Nukes. This may also be a strike by the U.S.Z. blackwater secret mercenary army since Japan's policies have started shifting and diverging from those of U.S.Z. globalists and the builderberg group. Japan's recent shift in the economic policy when Bank of Japan turned Interest Rates down to ZERO. There is a possibility that U.S.Z. wants to kick out Japan from the Af-Pak region or harass their crew as a penalty for going against the IMF's global economic policy, so that the Japanese government may be reminded that who is the "boss" in the region. Keep in mind that there are more than 3000 covert BLACKWATER troops operating currently in the southern Pakistan (most of them in Karachi).

InshAllah khair.

Enticing Fury

Pakistan Cyber Force

Thursday, October 28, 2010

U.S.Z. desperately building Anti-China Alliance

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It is desperation time for the cunning puppet wolves of the globalist new world order currently sitting in the U.S.Z. government as they have wrongly decided to go head to head with the rising super power China. Some of the top Obama Administration officials have said that the U.S.Z. would not hesitate to join hands with other countries in collectively addressing certain Chinese action. The officials, also gave an indirect "yes" to the reports that the United States of Zionism is lining up countries against China and this is the main purpose of the Asia trip of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton beginning on Wednesday.

A variety of countries including the U.S.Z. “have issues with certain Chinese action”, the officials said on condition of anonymity adding that the “U.S.Z. will not hesitate” to address the concerns that they have.

“We are not trying to line up a block of countries against China. We are seriously engaged with China. That is why we have the (Chinese) State visit is coming up. But we will consult with the countries on shared issues ranging from South China Sea to non-proliferation to security issues to Burma. It is in the context of our significant engagement across Asia. The Secretary is not going to the region because of China, she is going to the region to engage China but also to engage other countries in the region, because we have shared interest in Asia. Our relationship with China is complex, our relationship with China is important. I suspect other countries feel the same way. But this is not about China, this is about our broad engagement in Asia. And we will work with China when we can and we will not hesitate to take issue with China when our interests demand.", one of the officials said.

As China’s economy continues to grow at staggering pace, straining the country’s resources and energy supplies, sea exploration and development is acquiring a new urgency.

In recent years, China has taken steps to strengthen its maritime defense, streamline its complicated system of sea management rights and build up a modern China Coast Guard parallel to those of the United States and Japan. From Beijing’s point of view, the escalation of recent territorial disputes is entirely due to the United States of Zionism’s high-profile “re-engagement” with the region. In September, U.S.Z. puppet President Obama held a summit with leaders of the 10-member ASEAN and pledged that the United States of Zionism will play a “leadership role in Asia”.

“Already Clinton’s declaration about the South China Sea as maritime commons was meant to announce the return of the United States to Asia”, says Liu Ming, Asia researcher with the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. “The US (government) wants to internationalise an issue that is meant to be resolved between China and relevant parties on bilateral basis. This is not a multilateral matter. Going the U.S.Z. way would make things in the South China sea only more complicated.”

I am warning those states already that the re-emergence of U.S.Z. factor in the region will rob ASEAN of the opportunity to speak with its own voice. The fifth East Asia Summit on October 30 is expected to invite the leaders of Russia and the United States of Zionism to participate in it starting from 2011. But to Beijing, this welcome extended to “big powers” like the United States of Zionism and Russia to the region’s decision-making table is a poorly thought out attempt to counterbalance the rise of China.

“The United States is trying to sow mistrust between China and ASEAN”, said Ma Ying of the Shanghai Institute for International Studies, cautioning that the region may become entangled in the battle for influence between the two superpowers.

China’s claims over the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu islands are part of a broader claim to the Okinawa prefecture, which it said Japan snatched from the Qing dynasty that ruled China in the early 19th century. When disputes over the rocky isles claimed by both China and Japan boiled over in September, Beijing canceled diplomatic meetings with Tokyo, cut off the export of rare earth materials upon which Japan depends, and demanded an apology after Tokyo gave in to its demands and released the detained crew of a Chinese fishing trawler. Beijing also reacted with fury to comments by the Japanese foreign minister describing its retaliatory action as “hysterical”.

Beijing’s anger was palpable too when China’s growing assertiveness over the disputed territories in the South China Sea was countered earlier this year by the United States of Zionism with arguments about the area being “maritime commons”. At a July security meeting of Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries, U.S.Z. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stressed the importance that the United States of Zionism attaches to the freedom of navigation in the South China Sea, calling it a U.S.Z. “national interest”. In those busy international shipping lanes, there are islets like the Spratlys and the Paracels that are claimed in part or in full by not less than six countries.

Yang Jiechi

Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi retorted that Beijing considers the South China Sea a “core national interest” and that “China is a big country and other countries are small countries and that is just a fact”.
China’s recent territorial rows have occurred mostly on sea, which illustrates the country’s new push to increase its development space and seek new energy and mineral resources.

In August, Beijing announced that it had dispatched a manned submarine beneath the South China Sea to plant the Chinese flag on the seabed and begin a search for valuable undersea mineral deposits. Not coincidentally, the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands in the Yellow Sea are believed to be sitting on underwater deposits of natural gas too. China’s emphasis on sea rights is not new, having occurred under the rule of late economic reform architect Deng Xiaoping. Unlike Mao Zedong who waged wars with neighbouring countries on land, Deng stressed the importance of China’s sovereignty and sea rights.

It is not only a completely hollow and half hearted effort on behalf of United States of Zionism, it's also very unlikely that U.S.Z. can do and achieve physically; anything against China when China is already giving trillions of dollars to the U.S.Z. economy as debt since U.S.Z. is thoroughly bankrupt by now due to its continuous involvement in globalist wars. Also, a special thanks to the globalist zionist banking syndicate which is sucking blood out of the ever declining U.S.Z. economy ever since the Federal Reserve System was installed in U.S.Z. in 1913.

With its hands full in Afghanistan and Iraq wars and on the verge of engaging Pakistan in the very near future, U.S.Z. is pushing its own existence at stake by taking such drastic desperation steps. This is a renowned reality that Dollar is being abandoned gradually by the international market and United States of Zionism is soon going to be a part of history. But before that happens, the Neocon Zionists are going to try their level best to create anarchy and chaos worldwide by pushing their satanic setup to its extreme limits. The roots of Chinese alliance with Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asian Muslim States and other Muslim countries have been rapidly growing during the past few months. U.S.Z. is either blinded by its arrogance or this is a deliberate campaign by the globalists to crucify U.S.Z. and hide behind some other national identity in the world to continue their currently failing globalist agenda.

Enticing Fury

Pakistan Cyber Force

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Turkey ends cooperation with Mossad & other IsraHelli intelligence agencies

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Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan
MashAllah some of the most authentic sources reported that Turkish intelligence agencies have stopped exchanging information and performing joint operations with Mossad, the IsraHelli intelligence service. The report came from the Turkish newspaper Sabah on Monday. Till today, everything related to these operations have been completely shut down and Israhelli officials gave nothing but a dead silence in one of the press conferences when this question was raised. The IsraHelli PM office refused to comment on this issue.
Turkey even went so far as to put conditions on their consent to stationing a NATO missile-defense system in their borders. They are demanding guarantees that no information collected by the defense systems will be shared or given to IsraHell.

The two states have had strained diplomatic relations since the Free Gaza Flotilla was raided in international waters by the IsraHelli Navy on May 31.  The raid left nine people dead, eight of which were Turkish citizens and one an American-Turkish dual citizen and Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan had already refused to even attend the Mediterranean Conference if IsraHell was also invited in it.

Enticing Fury

Pakistan Cyber Force

Michael Moore's open letter to Juan Williams who was recently fired from Fox News

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Dear Juan,

Sorry to hear you got fired by National Public Radio for saying on Fox that you get nervous when you see Muslims on a plane with you. It was dumb to say such a thing, but I don’t think saying one dumb thing should be a firing offense. (I do think an NPR journalist wanting to take money from Fox News to be a regular commentator should be a firing offense, but that’s another story).
But there’s more to this — and some important things that everyone is missing.
For instance, what you said about Faisal Shazad, the Pakistani immigrant who wanted to bomb Times Square. When he was being sentenced this month, he claimed, according to you, that his attempted attack was just “the first drop of blood.” We can’t let political correctness blind us to this, you explained.

Michael Moore

I guess Shahzad made a big impression on you, because after being fired you went back on Fox and told them, “You can’t ignore the fact what has recently been said in court with regard to ‘this is the first drop of blood in a Muslim war against America.’”
Sadly for you (and this is also why you shouldn’t be working for a real news organization like NPR), Shahzad never said that. If you were a real journalist, you would have quoted him accurately. What he actually said was that he was the “first droplet of the flood,” not blood. But I know how easy it is to mishear things when scary Muslims are talking. And I guess it’s not a huge difference anyway.
What really matters is that you’re 100% right: We shouldn’t let political correctness stop us from paying close attention to what people like Shahzad say. The problem is you just haven’t taken it far enough.

Juan Williams - The Fox News reporter who called Muslims as terrifying and was later on Fired by the Arab Muslim majority share holder of Fox News

So Juan, I’m asking you to join me on a crusade — whoops! scratch that, let’s call it a “mission” — to publicize these statements by Faisal Shahzad as widely as possible. Because most of the media have not spent much time on what he had to say.
Here’s what he said at his recent sentencing (after talking about being a droplet in a flood):
[Saladin] liberated Muslim lands… And that’s what we Muslims are trying do, because you’re occupying Iraq and Afghanistan… So, the past nine years the war with Muslims has achieved nothing for the U.S., except for it has waken up the Muslims for Islam. We are only Muslims trying to defend our people, honor, and land. But if you call us terrorists for doing that, then we are proud terrorists, and we will keep on terrorizing until you leave our land and people at peace.

And this is what Shahzad said when he plead guilty back in June:
I want to plead guilty, and I’m going to plead guilty 100 times over, because until the hour the U.S. pulls its forces from Iraq and Afghanistan, and stops the drone strikes in Somalia and Yemen and in Pakistan, and stops the occupation of Muslim lands, and stops killing the Muslims, and stops reporting the Muslims to its government, we will be attacking U.S., and I plead guilty to that.
Then there’s email that Shahzad sent to a friend in 2006:

Everyone knows the current situation of Muslim World… Friends with peaceful protest! Can you tell me a way to save the oppressed? And a way to fight back when rockets are fired at us and Muslim blood flows? In Palestine, Afghan, Iraq, Chechnya and else where.
And then there’s what Shahzad was telling friends and relatives even before that:
Mr. Shahzad had long been critical of American foreign policy. “He was always very upset about the fabrication of the W.M.D. stunt to attack Iraq and killing non-combatants such as the sons and grandson of Saddam Hussein,” said a close relative. In 2003, Mr. Shahzad had been copied on a Google Groups e-mail message bearing photographs of Guantánamo Bay detainees, handcuffed and crouching, below the words “Shame on you, Bush. Shame on You.”

So what do you say, Juan? Now that you have a new $2 million contract with Fox, let me come on with you for some in-depth discussions about the terrorists’ real motivations. We can’t let another day go by letting the PC brigade stop us from telling the truth: Terrorists aren’t trying to kill us because they hate our freedom. They’re killing us because we’re in their countries killing them.

Michael Moore

P.S. If you want to understand suicide bombings, be sure to read the new book that studied every instance of it for the past 30 years. It’s been used by many groups of many religions, not just Arabs and not just Muslims. And almost all such terrorism has one motivation in common: occupation by foreign militaries.

P.P.S. Here’s something else that I’d sincerely love to talk about with you: what do you think when you see rich middle-aged white men talking on TV about how they get nervous around African Americans on the street? And then they explain that we can’t let political correctness stop us from talking about black-on-white crime?
Does it drive you crazy that they say this without even being conscious of the history of far greater violence by white people toward blacks? And do you maybe understand now how those middle-aged white guys get it so wrong?

UPDATE: Juan, you probably remember in 1986 when the Washington Post Magazine ran a Richard Cohen column defending jewelry store owners who wouldn’t buzz in young black men. It caused such a big controversy that the New Republic ran a bunch of responses to it, including one by you. You might find it interesting to go back and read what you wrote then — for instance, “Racism is a lazy man’s substitute for using good judgment… Common sense becomes racism when skin color becomes a formula for figuring out who is a danger to me.”

Michael Moore
Oscar and Emmy-winning director

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Pakistan Cyber Force

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halqa e Yaran - Episode 14

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It's not just another religious program. Educating the Muslim youth of Pakistan for their future responsibilities during the Caliphate, Halqa-e-Yaran is one of its kind.

Enticing Fury

Pakistan Cyber Force

Titanic (1912) - The MOST PERFECT crime in History!

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When we think of great mysteries, controversies, conspiracies or historical questions...many come to mind:
  • Who really murdered JFK?
  • Who was really behind 9-11?
  • Did a greater conspiracy surround the Oklahoma Bombing?
  • Where did Al-Qaeda come from all of a sudden?
  • How come the so called "global warming" started at the end of 20th century when scientists said it was nothing more than a myth?
  • Who is behind the Times Square bombing?
  • Who wants to wage world war III? and why?

Another historical mystery or puzzle is: What was the real story behind the sinking of the Titanic? The book 'The Secret Terrorists' printed by Truth Triumphant Ministries and reprinted by Tree of Life Resources places blame squarely on the Roman Catholic Order known as the Jesuits.

"The greatest tragedies in the last 200 years can be traced to the Jesuits."

Founded in 1540, the Society of Jesus grew rapidly within the Catholic Church. They were confessors to the ruling families of Europe. They defend the Pope and Catholicism around the world in nearly every country. In 1773, Clement XIV suppressed the Jesuits. In 1814, Pope Pius VII responded to pressure and restored the Society. There are Jesuit colleges and ministries today. They are a very influential organization. Jesuits are dedicated to furthering Catholicism and the power of the Pope. Yet...there is a secret, negative side to this organization called "the Society of Jesus." For hundreds of years they carried out religious killings. They were the men in dark cloaks who carried daggers. (Later on their trails gradually fused into the CIA of today)

The Jesuits

In 1910, seven men met on Jekyll Island just off the coast of Georgia to plan the Federal Reserve Bank. Nelson Aldrich and Frank Valderclip represented the Rockefeller financial empire. Henry Davidson, Charles Norton and Benjamin Strong represented J.P. Morgan. Paul Warberg represented the Rothschilds Banking dynasty of Europe. The Rothschilds were the banking agents for the Jesuits and hold "the key to the wealth of the Roman Catholic Church."

The Rothschild Family

The Morgan gang, the Rothschilds gang and the Rockefeller gang were fierce competitors yet entered joint ventures. They established the national banking cartel called the Federal Reserve System according to G. Edward Griffin in "The Creature From Jekyll Island" (American Opinion Publishing Pg. 209). A review of this book stated: "It tells a story of how bankers have lured politicians with easy money and end up in control of most of the world".

The Rockefeller Family

This writer traveled to Jekyll Island in 1970 with his college tennis team.
I had such a beautiful moment there one night: I was alone and drawn to a lighthouse. There stood deer in the darkness drinking from a pond. In the moonlight, it was a sight I'd never forget. Little did I realize that this wonderful, winter-resort for the rich had an evil history. Jekyll Island was properly named.

The Rothschilds, Morgans and Rockefellers are controlled by the Jesuit Order. The most powerful of families "do whatever is necessary to destroy constitutional liberty in America and bring the Pope to world domination." Construction of the Titanic began in 1909; at a shipyard in Belfast, Ireland. Belfast was Protestant and hated by the Jesuits. Morgan took control of the White Star Lines. The Jesuits ordered J.P. Morgan to build the Titanic. From the very beginning of the luxury liner, the Titanic was destined for doom.

There were a number of powerful men who were NOT in favor of the Federal Reserve System. Benjamin Guggenheim, Isa Strauss and John Jacob Astor opposed the formation of a F.R.S. These men were arguably the richest men in the world and stood in the way of the Jesuits' plan. 'These three men were coaxed and encouraged to board the floating palace.' Not only were these enemies of the Jesuits against a Federal Reserve Bank, but they would have used their wealth and influence to oppose World War I.

The Titanic caption Edward Smith, a Jesuit!
This was the 'maiden' voyage of the greatest ship ever built. The "unsinkable" campaign assured passengers of comfortable safety. Many Irish, French and Italian Catholics were on board. Protestants from Belfast were also encouraged to immigrate to the United States on the Titanic. These were "expendable" people; for the most part. But, the real reason for the ship's destruction was a game between the super rich whereby Guggenheim-Strauss-Astor could be eliminated. "They had to be destroyed by a means so preposterous that no one would suspect they were murdered, and no one would suspect the Jesuits."
The Captain of the Titanic was Edward Smith. He was a Jesuit and worked for J.P. Morgan. Anyone could be a Jesuit and their identity not be known. When the ship departed southern England, on board was Francis Browne. He was the most powerful Jesuit in all of Ireland and the "Jesuit Master of Edward Smith."
"Here is Jesuit treachery at its finest. The provincial Father Francis Browne boards the Titanic, photographs the victims, most assuredly briefs the Captain concerning his oath as a Jesuit, and the following morning bids him farewell..."

Eric J. Phelps, Vatican Assassins Halcon Unified Services. P. 247.

Francis Browne
Captain Smith believed this high-ranking 'Jesuit General' was the God. Browne instructed him on what to do in the North Atlantic waters. 'Edward Smith was given orders to sink the Titanic and that's exactly what he did.' According to Jesuit secret philosophy: The innocent can be massacred for the greater good; the ends justifies the means.
Captain Smith had been traveling the North Atlantic for 26 years. He was the 'world's most experienced master' in these cold waters. The Captain knew all along that his ship was built for the enemies of the Jesuits. Its purpose was always to be a 'deathship' and sink on its first voyage. Captain Smith also knew exactly where the icebergs were. Under secret orders, he propelled the Titanic full speed at 22 knots on a moonless night and through a huge ice field 80 square miles in area! He had been "given orders from his God in the Vatican, and nothing would turn him from his course."

Captain Smith's actions in his last hours were not those of a strong leader. He seemed as if he was wrestling with his conscience. Should he be the brave sea captain or obey his master and sink the ship?
There were purposely not enough lifeboats. Many of the lifeboats only had a few passengers of women and children during the emergency. White distress flares were jettisoned. Passing ships thought those aboard the Titanic were having a party. The distress flares should have been red. These examples were not because of an arrogant crew who believed the Titanic was unsinkable. These shortcomings were planned.

Those richest of men, who opposed the Federal Reserve System, were killed along with the middle and lower classes. John Jacob Astor's wife was rescued. Molly Brown was also saved. The sinking of the Titanic was possibly the greatest disaster of the 20th Century outside of the World Wars. According to "The Secret Terrorists", the cause of this tragedy was the Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church.

"The unsinkable ship, the floating palace was created to be a tomb for the wealthy, who opposed the Federal Reserve System. On April 14th (the same date in history as the assassination of Abraham Lincoln) of 1912, the Titanic struck an iceberg and all opposition to the Federal Reserve was eliminated. In December of 1913, the Federal Reserve System came into being in the United States. Eight months later, the Jesuits had sufficient funding through the Federal Reserve Bank to begin World War 1".

Notice the Federal Reserve System was established soon after the disaster of the Titanic.

The rich have always created unnecessary wars where the poor have to fight and die. The pages of "The Secret Terrorists" do not specifically name the Templars, Freemasons or Illuminati. But these Secret Societies are related and do control: The banks; the money system; the oil companies; corporations; governments; the politicians; the military; the police; the law and judicial system; the churches; the schools; the media, etc.

The reality of Jesuits

The rich and powerful have always ruled the world. The elite make the news; they create the great, international events. William Randolph Hearst invented the news and printed his propaganda in his paper.

It was the rich that purposely crashed the Stock Market in 1929 and caused the suffering of the Great Depression. The super rich had a highly-profitable, financial day during the Crash. It was the lesser-rich, want-to-be investors who lost everything.


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Monday, October 25, 2010

R.S.S. behind Samjhota Express & Mecca Mosque bomb blasts - R.S.S. officially declared as a TERRORIST by India Times!!

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New Dehli: Jamia Mosque Dehli and Samjhota Express bomb strike investigation report has been revealed. According to this report published in "India Today", both these attacks were carried out by extremist terrorist Hindu organization Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) who set the train on fire.

Samjhota Express in flames after the blast

According to the report, the same RSS terrorists who attacked Ajmeer Sharef, the Malay Village and Mecca Mosque Hyderabad, had made Samjhota Express their target. "India Today" has said in its report that it's the first time that Indian inspection agencies have officially admitted that both of these were the targets of "Hindu Tawa Terrorists". In the 806 pages long Charge Sheet of Ajmeer Shareef attacks by Rajasthan's Anti-Terrorist Squad, the same filthy culprits behind the Ajmeer Shareef, Malay Village and Mecca Mosque Hyderabad attacks prepared the whole plan of Samjhota Express attacks as well.

It should be kept in mind that on 19th February 2007, 60 Pakistanis were killed in the Samjhota Express explosion whereas in 14th April 2006 explosion in the Jamia Mosque Dehli, 13 people were seriously injured. It has been said in the Charge Sheet that a secret meeting was held at the terrorist religious spots on 31st October 2005 in which Hindu Extremists "Abheeno Bharat Tanzeem" 's head Swami Aseema Nand, Jay Winday Mataram's Organization head Saadhui Pargiya singh, Sunil Joshi, Sundeep Daangay, Raam Chandar Kalsanagar a.k.a. Raam Ji, Shyum DhaakaR, Lokesh Sharma, Samandar and Devendar Gupta along with many other terrorists were involved in the meeting. In the meeting, Indresh Kumar suggested that these actions must be done after getting linked to the religious organizations so that nobody can suspect them. In the meeting the possible aftermath conditions of this despicable act of terrorism were also discussed and Joshi told the attendees about the whole plan.

Indresh Kumar

Sunil Joshi
Aroona Thaakray, the manager of that guest house has accepted in front of the investigation team that she registered Sunil Joshi with a fake identity named Manoj Singh along with 7 other people in the room number 26. Aseema Nand prepared the group of terrorists to arrange the master plan of these attacks and he assisted the group in every way he could along with giving them refuge in the area of Daang.
The high officials of these terrorist organizations located and marked the exact target spots for these bomb blasts while doing a detailed survey sitting in their cars to locate the most vulnerable spots on their targets between 11 and 13th February 2006. According to the plan, the bombs needed for explosions were prepared at the house of Raam Chandar Kalsanagar a.k.a. Raam Ji in Andoorkay's Shananti Vihaar Colony. Sunil Joshi and Lokesh Sharma obtained the explosive material from Panday's father Kirshan Dat Panday's Silk Center in Dopaal Pur.
The Charge Sheet includes the names of 132 witnesses. Out of these, Devendar Gupta, Chandar Sasheikhar Levay  and Lokesh Sharma, Raam Chandar a.k.a Raam ji, Sundeep Dangay and Sunil Joshi have been declared as primary suspects. The hearing of this case will be on 26th of October 2010.

R.S.S. Terrorists in Gujraat

Anti-terrorist Squad told that the decision for these attacks was made in February 2006 in an extremist hindu meeting headed by Extremist Hindu Leader Soumia Yasmaand. In this meeting held in Gujraat, Masaaduvi Paragiya Thaakur Raam Ji Kalam sikandaray, Sundeep Dangay and Sunil Joshi were also involved. The bomb used in Samjhota Express was desi Indian made.

On the other hand, Rajasthan Police has declared R.S.S. top leader Indresh Kumar the main culprit for the attacks on the shrine of Khwaja Mu'een ud Din Chishti Ajmeeri in 2007. In this attack, 3 were killed and 15 were critically injured. It has been said by Rajasthani Police that the main preacher of R.S.S. Indresh Kumar was involved in the Jaypur meeting on 21st October 2005 in which the whole bombing plan was prepared.

The above proceedings has shaken the whole R.S.S. to the core and emergency meetings are being called amongst various top leaders of the terrorist organization.

Pervez Yahoodbhoy busted comprehensively!

InshAllah khair for Islam and Pakistan. Alhamdulillah these proceedings are not only a jaw breaking fist on the face of Zionist media including GEO and Samaa TV, but also credibility killers for the Pervez Yahoodbhoy's group of mindless secular drones who write for DAWN and kept on bombarding their own country without reason after these ruthless acts of terrorism.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tony Blair's sister in law and Press TV journalist Lauren Booth embraced Islam!

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London: Lauren Booth who is the sister of Sherry Blair (Tony Blair's wife), has embraced Islam. 43 years old Lauren Booth is a journalist by profession and she works for Press TV Iran. She now does proper veil and prays to Allah 5 times a day in the local mosque. Lauren Booth embraced Islam 6 weeks ago at the final resting place of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (R.A). She said that in the last 45 days she had not drunk a single drop of wine nor had she eaten any HARAAM meat.

Lauren Booth, the sister in law of Tony Blair

She said that she had been reading Qur'an and has finished 60 pages of it by now. According to her, ever since she has embraced Islam, her inner craving for drinking wine has died out automatically. After embracing Islam she is very empathic towards Muslims worldwide. She has spent much time in Palestine and she has always been speaking and writing against Iraq War even when she was not a Muslim. In 2008, she went to Gaza Strip in an aid ship along with 46 other aid workers from Cypress but she was not allowed to enter IsraHell or Egypt. Lauren Booth thinks that with her embracing Islam, perhaps the Blair family will change its views about Islam too.

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Halqa e Yaran - Episode 13

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It's not just another religious program. Educating the Muslim youth of Pakistan for their future responsibilities during the Caliphate, Halqa-e-Yaran is one of its kind.

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Halqa e Yaran - Episode 12

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It's not just another religious program. Educating the Muslim youth of Pakistan for their future responsibilities during the Caliphate, Halqa-e-Yaran is one of its kind.

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Pakistani traitors and Richard Holbrooke double counting U.S.Z. "FLOOD AID" to fool the world!!

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The largest donors to Pakistani relief fund until now have been Turkey, China, and Saudi Arabia. The traitor government and its ministers always double count the U.S.Z. relief funds.

The U.S.Z. Subversion master and ambassador for Afghanistan / Pakistan Mr. Richard Holbrooke has been at the helm of U.S.Z. diplomacy in South Asia. Many claim that he has Kashmir as a hidden portfolio. When Pakistan was hit by the colossal floods, he repeatedly came out and announced millions of Dollars of aid to Pakistan. Holbrooke also mocked Pakistan by crassly saying in Punjabi burrki style “where are your Chinese and Arab friends”.

U.S.Z. Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard C. Holbrooke, has admitted that the Obama administration is seeking to use the continuous aid package for flood-stricken Pakistan to burnish its dismal image in the country.

“If we do the right thing, it will be good not only for the people whose lives we save, but for the U.S. image in Pakistan”,
 The New York Times quoted Holbrooke, as saying.
“The people of Pakistan will see that when the crisis hits, it’s not the Chinese. It’s not the Iranians. It’s not other countries. It’s not the E.U. It’s the U.S.Z. that always leads”, he added.

In reality, the Turks, the Arabs, Chinese, all came and helped Pakistan as best as they could. Saudi Arabia once again became the largest donor for the flood relief effort. Per Saudi tradition , and Islamic injunctions millions flowed from the kingdom as anonymous and unmarked funding too.
The deception guru Holbrooke had initially claimed that the “U.S.Z. has already pledged 76 million dollars as initial humanitarian assistance for the flood-affected country. Apart from the money, the U.S.Z. has so far sent hundreds of marines, 33 helicopters and 18 boats to support its rescue and relief efforts”.

 Now that initial number rose to $300 million.

Let's list down the statements full of lies in ascending order of dates:
  1. August 15th: NEW YORK—The U.S.Z. has "increased" its aid commitment to flood-ravaged Pakistan to $150 million from $90 million, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday, as Richard Holbrooke, the U.S.Z. special envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan, called on China to do more.“I think the Chinese should step up to the plate”, Mr. Holbrooke told a small group of reporters after an event at the Asia Society in New York designed to draw attention to the devastating floods. “They always say that Pakistan is their closest ally, and vice versa.”
  2.  On August 19, at a forum Hobrooke claimed that the United States is “focused solely on the emergency rescue and relief mission” in Pakistan. The United States of Zionism, he added, also is “very visibly leading the international effort” to assist Pakistan. It’s living up to the credo that Holbrooke said he, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Shah share in driving the U.S.Z. “whole of government” response.
  3. August 19, later that day in a special session of the U.N. General Assembly, he said that the U.S.Z. government has committed $90 million in relief aid to date, and Clinton is expected to pledge more.
  4. September 16th: The U.S.Z. contribution to Pakistan flood relief efforts currently stands at $268 million, plus substantial in-kind support, such as helicopter operations. “The U.S.Z. intends to increase its contributions as time goes on”, Holbrooke added. Read more on U.S.Z. embassy website for Pakistan.

The zionists Holbroke and Hillary Clinton

It now turns out that the U.S.Z. pronouncements were false. Holbrooke was lying about U.S.Z. relief funding in Pakistan. It was revealed this week in Washington that the U.S.Z. did not provide additional funding for the floods. In fact a portion of the notorious Kerry-Lugar aid package has simply been reclassified as flood relief aid.

This displays a high level of actuarial fraud, because in affect Mr. Holbrooke is double dipping and double counting the aid given to Pakistan. It is dishonest and just plain wrong. In affect the U.S.Z. has not given $300 million of flood relief aid.
The final clincher came when Secretary of State Clinton asked Pakistan to tax their rich for the floods. She was carrying out a politcal agenda from the forum of a Flood Relief podium at the Friends of Pakistan meeting. To cap it all Mr. Richard Holbrooke has announced that Pakistan has to tighten belts and fend for itself in the flood relief effort. All this is well and good. Does Pakistan need lectures on this from someone who has been lying as much as Zardari does?

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Covert Al-Aqsa mosque digging - Zionist media hiding the reality by showing Masjid As-Sakrah as Masjid Al-Aqsa

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“Jerusalem is even more sacred for us than it is to you, for it is the place from which our Prophet came on his Night for the land, it is also ours originally”  (Salahuddin Ayyubi)

Very Long ago Prophet Solomon (peace be upon him) (in Arabic he is called ‘Sulaiman'), built a mosque, on Mt. Moriah in Jerusalem.

Masjid Al-Aqsa built by Prophet Sulaiman AS

He dedicated it to the worship of Allah s.w.t. the One True God. Like his father, Prophet David (peace be upon him) (in Arabic he is called 'Dawood'), he was a prophet and a messenger, calling all humanity to the worship of Allah s.w.t. and to establish piety on the earth. Now, all these years later there is some confusion about the site of this mosque. In the eastern part of Jerusalem is the Old city, a quadrangular area built on two hills. Within the wall there are four quarters. The Muslim quarter, on the east, contains the Haram ash-Sharif, within which are the ‘Dome of the Rock' commonly known as "Qubbat-as Sakhrah" and the ‘Mosque of al Aqsa'. Both places are sacred sites for Muslims. The two are at a distance from each other. However it is around the Mosque of Al Aqsa that the confusion lies.
Qubbat as-Sakhrah ( The Dome of the rock which is commonly referred as Al-Aqsa)

The Dome of the Rock is not a mosque, but a Muslim shrine. Like the Ka'ba in Makkah, it is built over a sacred stone. This stone is believed to be the place from which the Prophet Muhammad Salalahu Alyhi walyhi wa salam" ascended into heaven during his Night Journey to heaven.
Whenever mention is made in the local or international media pertaining to Al Aqsa, a picture of the ‘Dome of the rock' will appear. These two mosques lie within a rather close proximity to each other but they bear little resemblance. All over the world, we can find pictures of the ‘Dome of the rock' under the heading ‘Al Aqsa' , to the point that people aren't really sure anymore, which is which.
Locations of Al-Aqsa and As-Sakhrah

The difference however, is clear and simple. The ‘Dome of the rock' bears the sacred rock that Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) stood on when he went on the ascension to the heavens, while Al Aqsa mosque lies on the site of the original mosque of Prophet Solomon (Sulaiman) (peace be upon him). Islam reveres both Jewish and Christian traditions, as these two religions belong to its traditions. Actually Al Aqsa Mosque was the original qibla (The direction of prayers), which was later changed during the time of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) to the Ka'ba at Mecca.

The reason for the deliberate dispersion of false information is also clear and simple. By focusing attention on the ‘Dome of the rock' under the label of Al Aqsa, people all over the world will not know when the real Al Aqsa mosque finally disappear.

Xharaf Vsm

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