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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Indo-American TTP guns down 21 Pakistani Soldiers

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PESHAWAR - It is one of the saddest days in Pakistan's recent history. India and America's joint terror proxy named Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan have shot dead 21 Pakistani soldiers who were kidnapped two days ago near Peshawar, officials said late Saturday night. “We found 21 bullet-riddled bodies of security personnel a short while ago in an uninhabited area,” local government official Naveed Akbar told AFP. The soldiers were abducted from two government paramilitary camps outside Peshawar on Thursday and the bodies were discovered about four kilometres away.

Indo-American terrorists (TTP) claimed responsibility of massacring the 21 soldiers, reported private TV channels late on Saturday night. Officials of political administration and members of local jirga were sent to the area to retrieve the bodies. All the bodies have been identified and families of the victims have been informed about the killings. One injured soldier was shifted to Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar while the other was still reported missing.

Twenty-one of the 23 abducted soldiers were shot dead in execution style and their bodies were thrown away in Hassankhel area in FR Peshawar. It is to be mentioned here that the slaughter came one day after TTP's chief Hakimullah Mehsud(hand picked by the CIA), in a video message expressed his willingness to hold negotiation with the government for a ceasefire but refused to surrender arms and sever links with Al-CIA-Da. On Thursday, two Levies soldiers were killed and 23 others were abducted when Indo-American mercenaries stormed three checkposts. Some 200 heavily-armed mercenaries attacked the paramilitary checkposts in Jana Kora, Zarka and Zenati areas from different sites.

The exchange of gunfire lasted about one hour in which they killed two soldiers, wounded one and took away 23 others. The militants had destroyed the three posts in the pre-dawn attack. The officials said that about 60 soldiers were deployed at the checkposts. After Thursday’s attack, political administration had summoned a meeting of tribal elders from Jana Kora and Hassankhel tribes to negotiate release of the abducted troops. The Levies is a patriotic Pakistani force raised from the tribes.

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

TSA agent: ‘We laugh at your nude images, dear passengers’

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If you were ever hesitant to walk through TSA’s nude scanners at an airport, you had good reason: A former TSA employee has revealed that fellow officers frequently laugh at the sight of passengers’ naked bodies. The former Transportation Security Administration agent exposed the disturbing behavior on his blog, Taking Sense Away, after a reader asked him what goes in in the agency’s private rooms. The agent, who responds to questions anonymously, said he never heard of anything illegal or inappropriate going on in private screening rooms, but often witnessed agents acting improperly in the image operator (IO) rooms, which is where TSA agents review nude X-ray images.

No surveillance cameras or recording devices are placed in these rooms, making it impossible for private conversations between the officers to be exposed.

“I witnessed light sexual play among officers, a lot of e-cigarette vaping, and a whole lot of officers laughing and clowning in regard to some of your nude images, dear passengers,” the former agent wrote. “Things like this are what happens (at the very least) when you put people who are fresh out of high school or a GED program … with minimal training and even less professionalism, into the position of being in charge of analyzing nude images of people in a hermetically sealed room.”

The blogger explained that TSA rules permit officers from entering or leaving the IO rooms without notifying the other officers on duty, since the agency guarantees that an officer will never encounter a passenger that he has just seen naked. But the former agent claims he witnessed this rule being violated.

“Just use your imagination on the stories among TSA officers of what has gone on in the IO room,” the blogger wrote.

Earlier this year, a woman filed a complaint against the TSA, claiming she was forced to pass through the nude body scanner three times so the agents could repeatedly see her naked. Passenger Ellen Terrell told CBS 11 News that she was told by an agent that she has “such a cute figure”, then singled out for a ‘random’ body scan. She was asked to pass through the nude scanner three times and heard the agent talk to the back room employees over a microphone.

“Guys, it is not blurry, I’m letting her go,” she heard the agents tell the back room employees. “Come on out.” Texas State Representative Lon Burnam told CBS that this was a case of sexual harassment.

“I think it’s sexual harassment if you’re run through here a third or fourth time. And this is not the first time I have heard about it,” he said. Ultimately, the former TSA employee-turned blogger believes the nude X-ray body scanners were a waste of taxpayer dollars. The TSA is gradually removing the machines from airport, claiming they are “more privacy intrusive and continue to be surrounded by health questions,” according to Jay Stanley, a privacy expert at the American Civil Liberties Union.  The Taking Sense Away blogger referred to these scanners as ‘useless’ and argued that there should be no back rooms at all.

TSA officers should never have been viewing nude, radiation-rendered images of passengers in those private rooms, period,” he wrote. “The entire thing was, as usual, a hare-brained, tax payer money-wasting, disaster of an idea.”


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Friday, December 28, 2012

America, Britain against Pakistan's Nukes: Defence Secretary

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ISLAMABAD  - The United States of Zionism and Britain are against Pakistan's nuclear program and the CIA uses ‘foreign agencies’ for its operations in Pakistan, Defence Secretary Lt-Gen (r) Asif Yasin Malik has said. Talking to media at the defence ministry here on Friday, Asif Yasin also said that they had ‘complete information’ of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agents working in Pakistan, and USZ had provided a list of its spies.

But neither the defence secretary divulged when the USZ informed them about its sleuths nor did he clarify if their ‘complete information’ was solely based on the list provided by the USZ, whose behaviour with Pakistan, he said, had ‘changed’ after Salala checkpost attack and subsequent suspension of NATO supplies. Lt-Gen declared that no country was allowed to work undercover in Pakistan. Also when he also said, “The CIA also uses the agencies of other countries”, he most probably meant NGOs, media organisations and obviously the CIA's Lap Dog, India's RAW.

General Asif said, “There is no formal agreement between CIA and the ISI for secret operations.” He also said 95% of defence policy is made by the three defence services on the basis of mutual consultation, leaving one to assume the civilian government might have been doing the remaining five per cent work. About possible operation in North Waziristan, the defence secretary said that the operation in the agency could not be successful until sealing off the Pak-Afghan border. He however emphasised that the army has all the capacity to launch an operation in the NWA. He also said that negotiations were going on for the replacement of spy aircraft that were damaged at Mehran and Kamra bases.

Amid hyperactively spread speculations by the Zionist owned Pakistani Media that the Army was trying its best to avert any harm to its former bosses involved in 1991 vote fraud, the defence minister said that his ministry had ‘no objection’ if the government took any action against former Army Chief General (r) Aslam Beg and former ISI Chief Lt General (r) Asad Durrani in the light of SC verdict in Asghar Khan case. He however revealed that the ministry has received no communication from the law ministry for implementation of the SC order. When such a letter is received, they would proceed ahead, he added.

About the puppet government's corruption-hit Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), he said that the airline was in profit since this September- that is for almost past three months. He said that almost 200 employees including four pilots had been sacked for fake educational degrees, and a list of 350 officials has been prepared who were appointed on the basis of fake degrees. He said that no downsizing would be done in the airline on the basis of golden handshake or on any other ground.

The PIA owes a loan of Rs152 billion while its overall deficit is to the tune of Rs192 billion, the secretary said, adding that it suffered a loss of Rs410 million during Haj operation. General (r) Asif Yasin said that former PIA Deputy Chairman Saleem Sayani was appointed in 2009 at a salary of Rs. 5 million and his case has been referred to NAB.

“Government is working on a policy to get the PIA out of loss," he said, and added that the PIA would purchase 12 planes including four new A-320 planes and eight small planes. He said an amount of $4.5 million has been released for the purchase of passenger planes. The defence secretary said that of the 34 aircraft fleet of PIA, 28 are operational. He said all the appointments on political basis have been banned and all the pilots and air hostesses would be graduates.

Pakistan Cyber Force

Shun Your Utopian Dream of United India

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Many important facts have been highlighted in the article entitled above. The dominant ruling classes of the Indian state still dominate according to the Hindutva ideology. Although there is much verbal rhetoric of secularism and equality; in practice the Indian state apparatus operates in accordance with Hindu extremism. India refuses to accept Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists as distinct religions and is strategically assimilating these religions under Hindu family law in article 25. The Indian government’s behaviour with Indian Muslims, Kashmiris, Sikhs, Buddhists, Dalits-Harijans, and above all with the Bangladeshis since 1971 unequivocally revealed that there are no other state as bigoted and extreme in communalism as the Indian state. 

Cruelty and oppression in order to perpetuate the idea of a collective Indian identity which is marred by Hindu dominance has magnified after 1947 as compared to pre-47 British era. If the Indian state was really secular, the Architect of the Indian Constitution Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar, a Dalit, would have never converted to Buddhism. He even went as far as to urging all other Dalits to shun Hinduism. Kashmiris (Muslims) which have attained liberation in 1947 and acceded to Pakistan are in an extremely blessed situation. However, the liberation of Azad Kashmir must not lead us to ignore the occupation of 42,000 square miles and enslaving more than 14 million people in the State of Jammu and Kashmir [also known as Internationally Disputed Areas of Jammu and Kashmir (IDA:JK)] who are living under an oppressive Indian occupation.

The atrocities committed by more than 700,000 Indian forces again the citizens of IDA: JK leaving the state virtually devoid of all human rights cannot be forgotten. The Indian regime and its armed forces have killed more than 202,802 citizens, made 215,994 arrests, 110,117 have disappeared, 115,782 homes demolished, leaving 122,792 widows and 207,335 orphans. Indian forces have been committing crimes such as rape, torture, and gross human rights violations; acts which are state sponsored in order to suppress the Kashmiris. These cruelties have been documented by international human rights organizations such as United Nations, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, International Educational Development, International Tribunal on Kashmir and many others. Yet despite widespread acknowledgement by the international community, there has been no serious response to attend to the agony of the Kashmiri people since the alleged Indian democracy occupied Jammu and Kashmir 64 years ago.

It is evident from the facts that Muslims along with all other minorities are being treated as second class citizens. They cannot live alongside Hindus under one state dominated by Hindu ideals, and thus, India should withdraw its troops from all occupied territories. The treatment of minorities in India, despite paper claims and lip service of secularism in the Indian state shows that this claim is a mere façade. India is not a secular state. It is one dominated by the Hindutva ideology which favours certain citizens based on religious orientation. This is a fact which the Indian government has been trying to suppress for more than six decades, and was the primary reason behind the partition in 1947.

Thus, The Kashmir Diaspora Alliance asserts that the division of the Indian state is the only equitable solution given the current governing status quo which seeks to dominate, humiliate, and oppress minorities in order to maintain illegal claims over territories that the Indian state has occupied for the benefit of its dominant ruling class. Hence India must withdraw its occupation forces from forcibly occupied territories such as the Sikh Homeland Punjab (Khalistan), Munwadar, Junaghar, Hyderabad, and Kashmir (IDA: JK) as the only equitable solution to wide scale oppression by the Indian state.

By Habib Yusufzai

Pakistan Cyber Force

China launches rival GPS satellite system

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This file photo shows a China's Long March rocket blasting off from the Jiuquan launch centre in Gansu province, on September 29, 2011. China has launched commercial and public services across the Asia-Pacific region on its domestic satellite navigation network built to rival the US global positioning system. China has launched commercial and public services across the Asia-Pacific region on its domestic satellite navigation network built to rival the US global positioning system.

Read more at: file photo shows a China's Long March rocket blasting off from the Jiuquan launch centre in Gansu province, on September 29, 2011. China has launched commercial and public services across the Asia-Pacific region on its domestic satellite navigation network built to rival the US global positioning system. China has launched commercial and public services across the Asia-Pacific region on its domestic satellite navigation network built to rival the US global positioning system.

Read more at: file photo shows a China's Long March rocket blasting off from the Jiuquan launch centre in Gansu province, on September 29, 2011. China has launched commercial and public services across the Asia-Pacific region on its domestic satellite navigation network built to rival the US global positioning system. China has launched commercial and public services across the Asia-Pacific region on its domestic satellite navigation network built to rival the US global positioning system.

Read more at: file photo shows a China's Long March rocket blasting off from the Jiuquan launch centre in Gansu province, on September 29, 2011. China has launched commercial and public services across the Asia-Pacific region on its domestic satellite navigation network built to rival the US global positioning system. China has launched commercial and public services across the Asia-Pacific region on its domestic satellite navigation network built to rival the US global positioning system.

Read more at: file photo shows a China's Long March rocket blasting off from the Jiuquan launch centre in Gansu province, on September 29, 2011. China has launched commercial and public services across the Asia-Pacific region on its domestic satellite navigation network built to rival the US global positioning system. China has launched commercial and public services across the Asia-Pacific region on its domestic satellite navigation network built to rival the US global positioning system.

This file photo shows a China's Long March rocket blasting off from the Jiuquan launch centre in Gansu province, on September 29, 2011. China has launched commercial and public services across the Asia-Pacific region on its domestic satellite navigation network built to rival the US global positioning system. China has launched commercial and public services across the Asia-Pacific region on its domestic satellite navigation network built to rival the US global positioning system.

The Beidou, or compass, system started providing services to civilians in the region on Thursday and is expected to provide global coverage by 2020, state media reported. Ran Chengqi, spokesman for the China Satellite Navigation Office said the system's performance was "comparable" to GPS, the China Daily said. "Signals from Beidou can be received in countries such as Australia," he said. It is the latest accomplishment in space technology for China, which aims to build a space station by the end of the decade and eventually send a manned mission to the moon. China sees the multi-billion-dollar programme as a symbol of its rising global stature, growing technical expertise, and the Communist Party's success in turning around the fortunes of the once poverty-stricken nation. The Beidou system comprises 16 navigation satellites and four experimental satellites, the paper said. Ran added that the system would ultimately provide global navigation, positioning and timing services. The start of commercial services comes a year after Beidou began a limited positioning service for China and adjacent areas.

This NASA file image shows the Great Wall of China and Inner Mongolia, photographed by Expedition 10 Commander Leroy Chiao on the ISS, on April 22, 2009. China has launched commercial and public services across the Asia-Pacific region on its own domestic satellite navigation network, built to rival the US global positioning system. China began building the network in 2000 to avoid relying on GPS. "Having a satellite navigation system is of great strategic significance," the Global Times newspaper, which has links to the Communist Party, said in an editorial. "China has a large market, where the Beidou system can benefit both the military and civilians," the paper said. "With increases in profit, the Beidou system will be able to eventually develop into a global navigation satellite system which can compete with GPS." In a separate report, the paper said satellite navigation was seen as one of China's "strategic emerging industries".

Sun Jiadong, the system's chief engineer, told the 21st century Business Herald newspaper that as Beidou matures it will erode GPS's current 95 percent market share in China, the Global Times said. Morris Jones, an independent space analyst based in Sydney, Australia, said that making significant inroads into that dominance anywhere outside China is unlikely. "GPS is freely available, highly accessed and is well-known and trusted by the world at large," he told AFP. "It has brand recognition and has successfully fought off other challenges." Morris described any commercial benefits China gains as "icing on the cake" and that the main reason for developing Beidou is to protect its own national security given the possibility US-controlled GPS could be cut off. "It's that possibility, that they could be denied access to GPS, that inspires other nations to develop their own system that would be free of control by the United States," he said. "At a time of war you do not want to be denied" access, he said. The Global Times editorial, while trumpeting Beidou as "not a second-class product or a carbon-copy of GPS" still appeared to recognise its limitations, at least in the early stages. "Some problems may be found in its operation because Beidou is a new system. Chinese consumers should ... show tolerance toward the Beidou system," it said.

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Deliberate Misperceptions created about defence budget

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Military capability is required to protect the country from internal and external threats, while political stability and economic prosperity is essential for development. The three components help in protecting the sovereignty, integrity and security of a state as well as well-being of the people. The three are interlinked and cannot be separated from each other. It will be ideal to concentrate entire energies of the state towards economic prosperity and to build up democratic institutions attuned towards welfare of people. An ideal state should be bestowed with sound system of justice where cheap justice is available at doorsteps, one law applicable to all, negligible gap between the rich and poor, the society free of curses of corruption, bribe, nepotism, favoritism and jobbery, equal chances for social growth irrespective of the social status. This is not only idealistic but also subject to geo-political environment in which the country is placed.

Pakistan is among the few states whose existence was not accepted by India and from the day one it conspired to reabsorb it into Indian Union. It succeeded partially in 1971 when it broke Pakistan into two and converted its eastern wing into Bangladesh. It is now conspiring to further truncate Pakistan. On its west is unfriendly Afghanistan, which has traditionally remained pro-India and anti-Pakistan. Of late, India and Afghanistan have become strategic partners and India has increased its influence in Afghanistan manifold. Perpetual hostility of India and deceitful behavior of Afghanistan has kept Pakistan on tenterhooks and in a constant state of insecurity. It was essentially the factor of insecurity which impelled Pakistan’s earlier leaders to gravitate towards the west and seek security in western defence pacts. Although alignment with USA helped Pakistan in building its armed forces, but it was certainly at the cost of development of Pakistan and welfare of the people. Above all, western pacts didn’t help in reducing Pakistan’s security concerns or in preventing breakup of Pakistan in 1971.

An influential lobby in Pakistan at the behest of detractors of Pakistan has all along been critical of armed forces and its defence expenditure. It sells a mischievous misperception that but for 60% of national budget getting consumed in defence; Pakistan would have become a prosperous state. Maulana Fazlur Rahman alleged that ‘one day’s Army budget is the combined annual budget of education and health’. He forgot that one day corruption in Pakistan comes to Rupees eight billion as disclosed by Chairman NAB. He also forgot that unlike military run institutions which are welfare oriented, they pay taxes and are running in profit, all public sector enterprises are running in losses and second largest portion of budget gets consumed in keeping them afloat. Losses incurred by them can meet the needs of defence. Another falsehood in circulation is that the military consumes a very big portion of government expenditures. The reality is that in 2012/13, defence affairs and services consumed only 17% of all government expenditures. Largest amount of budget is spent on domestic debt servicing.

Those propagating curtailment of defence expenditure to be able to develop economy forget that militarily weak Pakistan will tempt adventurers to either step in or destabilize it from within employing covert means. Economic prosperity is possible only when the country is free of external and internal threats, or is militarily in a position to thwart the threats, or has abundant mineral resources. All economic deals and bilateral trade agreements will remain mutually beneficial if the deals have been signed from a position of equivalent or near parity military strength. Diplomatic and political clout will be of some substance if one has military capability matching the hostile neighbor wanting to have its way.

China couldn’t have made such an impressive progress in its four-point modernization program and turned into an economic giant on the strength of its economy alone. While pursuing an overall defensive strategy, it never ignored the growth of its military potential to keep its adversaries at bay. There was a time when it was militarily weak, Britain imposed opium wars on China to force it to buy and consume opium from it. Learning a lesson from history, China has been spending huge amounts to build its military might, both conventional and unconventional to deter its enemies.

Likewise, India’s military muscle enabled it to extract benefits from the current and former super power as well as western world, Muslim world and Japan. The US is keen to make India a world power and a bulwark against China because of its military and economic strengths. India’s expanding military prowess motivated China to push border dispute on the backburner and to forge trade and cultural ties with India. India couldn’t have pursued its hegemonic policies against all its neighbors in South Asia on its economic strength alone. Its vast military capacity propels India to nurture grandiose plans of converting India into Mahabharat stretching as far as Afghanistan and Indonesia including Pakistan.

On 16 November 2012, Indian journalist Kuldip Nayar on the occasion of his book launching ceremony at Dhaka, ‘Beyond the Lines’, held the partition of subcontinent fallacious and expressed his utopian desire of reunifying the countries of the subcontinent to single entity of Akhand Bharat. He advocated formation of ‘South Asian Union’ on the lines of European Union, which is yet another Indian floated idea of ‘confederation’. It gives a fair idea that even after passage of 65 years Indian political leaders and elites have not given up the hope of undoing Pakistan and Bangladesh and establishing mythical Akhand Bharat.

India’s ambitious force modernization program has been at the cost of 70% Indians living below poverty line. Despite such a high a rate of poverty and illiteracy, there has hardly been any dissenting voice heard from within India objecting to lavish defence spending. No demand has been made to cut its ever increasing defence budget each year. But for the huge defence budget allocation of $40.44 billion, India couldn’t have employed over 1500,000 security forces to combat insurgents and separatists in its 19 states including occupied Kashmir where 700,000 troops are deployed since 1989. Its military which is in illegal occupation of Siachin Glacier since June 1984 couldn’t have sustained a corps size force for that long. But for its military clout, India which remained in the Soviet camp from 1947 till 1990 would not have been gladly accepted as a strategic partner by the sole super power and let it regain its lost influence in Afghanistan.

Had Pakistan not striven to maintain military balance with India at the cost of economic development, Pakistan by now might have got fragmented or turned into a satellite of India. One of the main contributory reasons of political chaos and economic meltdown in Pakistan has been the meddlesome role of India, which has been impeding its economic and political growth through intrigues and coercive tactics. Although Indian military has outpaced Pakistan’s military with a big margin, Pakistan’s minimum nuclear deterrence has restrained it from embarking upon high-cost risky venture. It is Pakistan’s nuclear capability which impelled India to resort to indirect strategy. Having put on the mask of friendship, it has been involved in covert war in concert with its strategic partners since 2002 to destabilize, denuclearize, de-Islamize and balkanize Pakistan.

Pakistan has been deviously embroiled in the futile war on terror imposed by USA which is eating into its vitals. Pakistan military resources are progressively dwindling in fighting this war with no end in sight, impacting its operational, technical and administrative fitness for war. Despite being so heavily engaged in this war for a decade, which is termed by some as an existential war, and despite being faced with three dimensional threats, it is indeed surprising that Pak Army has curtailed rather than increased its annual defence budget. Yet it is being propagated that military expenditure have been constantly on the increase. This is far from truth. Since 1990s, there has been a steady decline from 3.6% of GDP to 2.5% of GDP in 2012/13.

Current Army’s expenditure is at the lowest in history of Pakistan. While Pakistan’s total budget for the financial year 2012/2013 is Rupees 2960 billion, defence budget is Rupees 545, that is, 18.4% of total budget. Defence budget for Army, Navy and Air Force is 50% (Rupees 272 billions), Navy 25% (Rupees 136 billion), and Air Force 25% (136 billion). Army gets only 9% of total budget and not 60% as propagated. Further slashing the defence budget would be at the cost of compromising our defensive posture with crippling effects. Another myth which has been given publicity by US media is that the Army pocketed $ 10 billion Coalition Support Funds whereas in actuality it received only $1.8 billion as reimbursement for services it rendered.

Pakistan military would have certainly drastically cut down its defence budget and even its force structure had India been willing to do the same. Or India had given a written commitment that it wouldn’t resort to covert or overt war and would live as a peaceful and friendly neighbor. The US which is continuously preaching that India poses no threat to Pakistan has also not given any guarantee. Even if it gives a guarantee, it will have little value since it didn’t honor its 1959 agreement in 1971. Pakistan could have given up its weapon grade nuclear capability if India had reciprocated to Pakistan’s suggestion of making South Asia a nuclear free zone. India’s plea of upgrading its military potential because of threat from China is frivolous.

Given the hostile track record of India, bulk of strike formations poised against Pakistan, its Pakistan specific Cold Start doctrine, its refusal to resolve longstanding disputes of Kashmir, Siachen and Sir Creek, its resort to water terrorism to dry up Pakistan, its heavy involvement in FATA and Balochistan, its efforts to isolate and strategically encircle Pakistan and make it a failed state, it will be utterly foolish to suggest downgrading our defensive effort. It is like joining hands with enemies of Pakistan and fulfilling the long cherished desire of our arch enemy which misses no opportunity to harm Pakistan. Willful misperceptions by a handful of misguided politicians, journalists and pseudo intellectuals about defence budget to misguide the people and to defame and undermine the Army must end. Its huge sacrifices under extremely adverse conditions must be acknowledged and lauded.

By Asif Haroon Raja
The writer is a freelance columnist and a defence analyst Email:

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CIA / RAW's Lap Dog BLA Caught Spreading Fake Pictures of Mashkay Operation

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Earlier, so-called "Baloch" fake ids did propaganda about Singsela Operation. Now these ids are doing same kind of propaganda about Mashkay Operation to fool the Pakistanis and demoralize Pakistan Army soldiers.

Here is the reality of fake photos spread by BLA cyber team about Mashkay Operation:

1.) Photo from Facebook page & Twitter Id:
Mashkay Operation_1_1

In actuality this photo is from Afghanistan:
Mashkay Operation_1_2

2.) Gojra tragedy photo:
Mashkay Operation_2 

Another Facebook id spreading the same Photo:Mashkay Operation_2-2

3.) Fake Photo about Mashkay Operation dead bodies:
Mashkay Operation_3

Original Photo is from June 23-2012Mashkay Operation_3_2

It is stated in previous blog that:
If Baloch Militants attack on security forces, these IDs claim that “Baloch freedom fighter” attacked on “occupation forces”. If security forces attack Militants, they claim that “Pakistan army is killing innocent Baloch”.

Mildly edited by Pakistan Cyber Force Web Desk
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Express News Credibility Hits Rock Bottom after Fake Picture published on Front Page

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And then the mainstream media was founded. Not exactly, rather lie factories were originated. The “propaganda” machines, half truths mixed up with complete heinous white lies.
What a beautiful view at "Gul Marg, Occupied Kashmir", said the caption of image shown below, published by Daily Express on 15 December, 2012 (click this link and scroll down to the bottom right of the newspaper).
This really inspired me and increased my love and respect for the citizens of Indian Occupied Kashmir who have been struggling for their independence for centuries. The above scenery really gives a great view of "Kashmir" which is eye-catching with a brilliant sunset and glistening snow all around, a mesmerizing scene indeed which can attract attention of every eye. Watching this image, and than reading the caption, “مقبوضہ کشمیر کے سیاحتی مقام گل مرگ میں برف باری کے بعد رات کا دلفریب منظر” (Translation: A dusk scene after snowfall in IHK's tourism spot Gul Marg).

What's horribly absurd is that the above peaceful, beautiful, natural and eye catching scenery of a “Tourism Spot Gul Marg in Indian Held Kashmir” is not from Kashmir at all. Yes, the above scenery, which was published on the front page of Daily Express Newspaper is NOT from Kashmir, in fact it is from Salzburg, Austria. Several tourist websites have published the same image as a snap from Austria such as,, Even if you search Salzburg, Austria in google, the first image you will find will be the above one.

This raises a big question over the credibility of the said propaganda mill of a newspaper. If they are publishing a fake picture on the front page of their newspaper, how they must have been dealing with the text news. The Express Tribune News Network, owned by Lakhani Brothers, has always been blatantly working against the constitution of Pakistan which states that “Pakistan is an Ideological State, and its ideology is based on Islamic principles that are extracted from the teachings of Holy Qur’an and Sunnah and Hadith of Prophet Mohammad S.A.W.W.”

The free media is a part of society which globally runs on its self adjusted code of conduct and principles. The tagged “media regulatory authorities” are just puppet of either the law makers, or media itself. Whether it is “fake brutality case of Swat”, or a helping hand to support the campaigns against blasphemy law or promote Qadiyanis as true Muslims, media has always been there in a negative role against the reality and rigid facts known to the majority of masses. The social media, which gives an open opportunity to a common man to express his thoughts, has always been criticized by mainstream media. Even the issues related with the social media were being discussed by the “illiterates” of mainstream media, who only work on the paper paid agenda provided by some important embassies established in Islamabad.

Kashmir is under awful brutalization by the terrorist state of India, where more than 700,000 Indian troops are currently stationed (roughly one soldier for every 10 civilians). Kashmir where 22,764 women have been widowed, where 107,441 children have been orphaned, more than one lac innocent Muslims have been brutally murdered, Express News falsely portrays it as a peaceful area glistening with all the natural beauty in the world. What lunacy!

This front paged fake picture puts a HUGE question mark over the credibility of the mainstream media as a whole because if they are so well established and their budget is in millions of dollars, then who is responsible for such publications and obviously majority of their fake anti-state propaganda content which fills up their newspapers and websites?

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Edited by Pakistan Cyber Force Web Desk (Original draft by Ghazi Abdullah)
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Monday, December 24, 2012

Bill Gates Oral Polio Vaccine Cripples 47,500 Children

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With the Polio vaccine being the New World Orders’ go-to weapon of choice since it has done so well over the years. Staring back in the early 1950’s when the United States launched its first assault on the unsuspecting public. Infecting over 100 million American with the SV40 cancer virus, the Polio Vaccine is one of the eugenicists’ favorite weapons in its quest to kill, control or incarcerate the entire globe.

Today with Bill and Melinda Gates leading the charge of the “vaccinate the planet” campaign we have seen everything from genetically modified mosquitoes that carry yellow fever to genetically modified goats that lactate vaccine compounds in their milk. Now they are back at it with a more powerful version of the polio vaccine that is orally transmitted it is called; live oral polio virus vaccine (OPV). This is the same live oral polio virus that was banned in the United States and Canada after multiple cases of infection started popping up. The Salem News reports that the virus used has twice the strength of the original vaccine and reported the number of cases of paralysis; “In 2011 there were an extra 47500 new cases of NPAFP [non-polio acute flaccid paralysis]. Clinically indistinguishable from polio paralysis but twice as deadly, the incidence of NPAFP was directly proportional to doses of oral polio received. Through this data was collected within the polio surveillance system, it was not investigated.”

The Center for Disease Control & Prevention states that from 1980-1999 of the 162 reported cases of Paralytic Polio 154 of them were vaccine-associated paralytic polio (VAPP) directly linked to the oral polio vaccine. You would never know this reading through the government CIA controlled medias blitzkrieg on the Amish community. Whenever you hear about an outbreak you would think that the whole town was quarantined but in reality an outbreak can be as little as 4 people. Take for instance the polio outbreak in Minnesota during August of 2005. The media attacks the Amish while never reporting the infection had spread from a vaccinated child to an immune-compromised unvaccinated child that was in the same nursing ward. When children receive an oral dose of the polio virus it stays in their system and show up in their feces for up to 2 months after injections.

Rest assured that the New World Order is on track with a new 47,500 customers for the Military Industrial Pharmaceutical Media Educational Complex Polio Division. To learn more about how the eugenicists are using vaccines to reduce population while maiming and mentally injuring anyone in their way.

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

22 Places that are HIDDEN on Google Maps

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1. Baker Lake Inuit territory in northern Canada

A man who identified himself as "Dr. Boylan," says the darkened area in this image and in some other locations, hiding extraterrestrial beacons aliens.

2. Air base Ramstein, Germany
This NATO air base is the starting point for the forces of "Operation Iraqi Freedom" and, for that reason, of course, can be a target for terrorist attacks. This may explain why the object is partially cut out of Google Maps.

3. Pacific Northwest, USA
What exactly we do not see in this photo? This place is located near the border of the states of Washington and Oregon. Enthusiasts have personally inspected the place and found nothing remarkable, except for a sinister-looking fence and no marked entrance.

4. Refinery Szazhalombatta, Hungary
This is one of the most bizarre specimens censorship in Google Maps - this place is painted green. Area of ​​the plant is removed, the buildings are erased, and all you can see is green.

5. Palace Huis Ten, The Netherlands
It is difficult to imagine that the Dutch royal family could be a prime target for a mad terrorist, but the Royal Palace Huis Ten remains blured on Google Maps when viewed from any angle. (However, the surrounding area and the trees can be seen at close increases with crystal clarity, so not sure what the point is.

6. Unknown area, Russia
No one knows what lies in the region. One view - that there is a "radar or missile interception system," and some say that a picture is inserted surrounding area from another region of Russia.

7. Oil Corporation Mobil, Buffalo, New York, USA
Some have criticized the company Mobil Buffalo for blurring the pictures, saying that oil companies are not much of interest to terrorists. On the other hand, we do not know what the terrorists think themselves.

8. North Korea
You will not see it on Google Maps, since the whole country exists in the pictures, but no road markers, street names or any other identifying details.

9. Airbase at Reims, France
The reasons that this air base locked into Google Maps, are unknown.

10. Indian Point Power Plant, New York, USA
According to experts in the field of energy, the plant is not strong enough to withstand an earthquake, such as the one recently destroyed Japan, and if earthquake is to happen, the consequences could be devastating.

11. Volkel Air Base, Netherlands
WikiLeaks published diplomatic correspondence, which confirms the presence of nuclear weapons on the territory of the base, perhaps that's why it is blurred.

12. HAARP, Hakon, Alaska, USA
HAARP (The research program of high-Northern Lights) - this is one of the most controversial operations, which is currently being conducted in the United States. Hakon, space research, and ongoing experiments there with the ionosphere, some conspiracy theorists are sure that this place is the cause of anything - from floods to earthquakes, but the evidence for this is very small.

13. Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Salinas, California, USA
This is one of the most bizarre examples of censorship in Google Maps: Raceway Laguna Seca in Salinas, California. The strange thing in this is the fact: it is obviously harmless racetrack.

14. Babylon, Iraq
While the surrounding area is perfectly visible, the city of Babylon in pictures is blurred. One could argue that this is somehow related to the local rebels.

15. Tantauco National Park, Chile
For some reason, this reserve of endangered species completely excised from Google Maps, nobody can explain why.

16. Elmira Correctional Facility, USA
This is the highest level prison in upstate New York. Perhaps, after the riots in Attica prison, and several incidents of uprisings and mass escapes around the world, the authorities can really worry about the possibility of escape by helicopter.

17. Alexei Miller House, Russia
According to Wikipedia, this place is a "private palace of Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller."

18. Colonel Sanders
This is the strangest fact of Google: Colonel Sanders, the person on Kentucky Fried Chicken, does not appear in a single shot of Google Street View. This is because, according to representatives of Google, that Sanders was a real person, and the images of real people have to be blurred at any pictures.

19. Faroe Islands, Denmark
It is believed that in this area there are some military installations.

20. NATO headquarters, Portugal
Random grass is placed over the building. nobody knows why for sure.

21. Seabrook Nuclear Station, New Hampshire
Because it is nuclear and may be attacked by the terrorists.

22. Missile silos, Spain
According to one researcher, "At this place there is a small building with something resembling a missile silo in the middle. What's strange - this zone is not locked in Yahoo! Maps, but Google Maps still blur it.

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