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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

(S)ExPress Tribune - Zionist nexus and the facade of Freedom of Expression

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The zionist nexus in the media called Express Tribune has been well exposed and identified by the patriots. The agenda they serve is same as that of western mainstream media and hence it makes it easy for anyone to inculcate who they are serving by noticing who they are advocating. We have been exposing this zionist nexus for quite a long time it seems that their Zionist masters are no more happy with our work and hence we are facing hurdles in this regard. This is the sole reason that I decided to write this blog.
The main initiative in exposing these blockheads was taken by me with a series of videos and running a page on Facebook that has been dissecting their big fat lies and undressing their motive behind all the filth that is appearing on their website. As the zionists Facebook noticed that we are creating an awakening against their the zionists mouthpiece Express Tribune, it deleted one of the picture and blocked the profile of the admin permanently.
They deleted the following picture:

The message displayed was quite clear that this picture violated their "Terms and Conditions" and hence it has been removed. These are the same Terms and Conditions that fail to delete any Islamophobic or blasphemous content but when it comes to exposing their hypocrisy and their paid thugs, these Terms and Conditions come into action. 
But wait it is not over yet. The admin created a new account and posted the content again and guess what? Despite huge number of likes and shares, the picture was removed again and a warning was issued as shown:

This time we are posting it here on the blog and no wonders that this post on the blog will also be deleted soon, but it will give you a fair idea of the hypocrisy of Express Tribune. On one hand they sell the rhetoric of "Freedom of Expression" and bash Islam and Pakistan using this slogan but when this Freedom is being used by their enemies in expressing themselves, they start oppressing the voice and keep forming hurdles for them, but they are mistaken if they think that they can make us quite with such dirty tricks. Let me make it clear, I will bounce back even more forcefully!

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