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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Is Balochistan Really on "FIRE"?

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When my house was looted, the first person naturally I doubted was the potential thug next door instead of doubting my Guardians who would give me protection at all times. But amazingly and ironically, that's not the case when it comes to Balochistan. There is chaos, anarchy, upheaval, mismanagement, bad governance, corruption, looting, bad law and order in Balochistan. Interestingly the entire media, the whole of the corrupt government, the complete population and the partial Judiciary are raising fingers at the defence and security institutions, all at the same time, for the worsening of situation in Balochistan. 

The media has been making heightened claims of the Premier state intelligence agency being involved in "kidnapping" and "abducting" persons who later become "missing" persons. These missing persons are then brutally tortured and more tortured while in the mean time, the family members of these missing persons somehow come to know from God knows what supernatural source that those persons are abducted by only  the ISI or MI alone.

Although the separatist terrorist organizations like BLA/BNA/BRA have been working parallel in Balochistan yet people are cent per cent confident about ISI and MI being responsible for "missing persons". The terrorist proxies of BLA, BNA, BRA are known to have strong connections with the notorious RAW and CIA. The leading figures of these separatist insurgent groups like Bramdagh Bugti, Harbiyar Mari, Shehzain Bugti etc confessed on record of having friendly relations with the Indian RAW.  Why would someone on Earth have alliance with the enemy intelligence agency when he/she claims of working for the betterment of the country? For sure, your cunningly proactive enemy would not think of your welfare even in your dream.

From the heated claims, loud hues and cries, intense hullaballo being made by the media, it smells as if a new era of disinformation, PSYOPS, and dirty propaganda is in the making! The revival of the dead Bugti case, the advent of Akhter Mengal with 6 point agenda along with the hype of the missing persons lead to deliberately created situation like that of Former East Pakistan. 

Akhter Mengal.. Here comes a new hardcore admirer of so called "Human Rights"  with his treacherous 6 points agenda like that of Mujeeb-ur-Rehman's which forms an easy formula to disintegrate Balochistan on the Bangladesh doctrine. Intrestingly, Akhter Mengal pops out from no where twisting the facts in his sugar coated statements full of pain and sorrow for his fellow Baloch "missing persons" and then his straightforward and blunt advice cum desire of disbanding "death squads" of the ISI and MI. Sarcistally its yet to be proven before the respected apex court if the state intelligence agencies are the  responsible elements having created "death squads" and kill the innocent civilians. 

What forms the most obnoxious part of the entire Balochistan episode is the 100% confident claims of the privately owned free media without any authentication or solid evidences being produced before the Supreme Court. At the very same time, all the Political Parties along with the media filth fed masses got unleashed instantaneously and  started to call to disband the establishment. If we ponder deeply and logically, it seems the gradual and subsequent steps are directed by a driven agenda. Note the timings, they are critical. UN intruding gang to probe into the "missing persons" case?  Later, Bugti Case. What is the purpose of reviving the dead Bugti Case after a span of complete 6 years from his death?! Subsequent emergence of Akhter Mengal? Anti-Army Propaganda being propagated on the social media by the SAFMA and other BLA terrorists? Prior to this was the resolution passed by Pentagon?

This entire drama being staged on the Baloch front seems to be a part of the bigger game. Blame game is being put on the responsible state institutions particularly the Army and the ISI. In this way it would be much easier to pave way for the final stage of deployment of the 4GW, target being the defence institutions of Pakistan and then the nukes ultimately.

In the recently leaked video above, a gang of maddened terrorist insurgents are brutally torturing and butchering human bodies even after they have turned dead. The tortured bodies are the innocent Baloch civilians on which BLA terrorists are taking out their frustration in forged and bogus disguise of men in "Uniform". They are trying to give an impression as if the mad soldiers are the men in Pak Army uniform who butcher  civilians mercilessly and this is the sole reason for recording this pathetic video.

On a lighter note if we analyse the Geo Political scenario around the globe, the premier spy agency of America, Israhell and India have been fully deployed against the rival countries, massacring their people overtly. For instance, the Iraqi people, the Afghani people, the Libyan people and many more have been openly butchered at the hands of these humanatarian zombies in the name of killing terrorism. But not a single TV channel takes notice of their brutal acts or reports their inhumane behavior?!! Despite claiming to be free and fair press, they don't say a word against their state institutions even if they commit disastrous sins because they have certain boundaries. They don't start waging a war against NATO for massacring innocent human souls unlike the Pakistani Media which has gone at war with the Armed forces institutions for a case which is yet to be proven before the world!

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