Pakistan Cyber Force: Zionist Powers are exploiting Malala for their heinous Agenda

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Zionist Powers are exploiting Malala for their heinous Agenda

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US govt, military and #CIA are using Pakistani child activist Malala's tragic incident to revive support for the failed American war in Afghanistan and revive support for CIA's illegal drone attacks in Pakistan.

A series of articles by celebrities, like Laura Bush, Madonna, etc. are appearing now in US media, deployed to convince Americans that the failed Afghan war, which is really Pentagon's war, should be sustained. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Ironically, these celebrities US government spokespeople are not telling the truth about how cynically they are using the Pakistani teenagers plight for dishonest political objectives. 

Fact is, the US is partially responsible for Malala Yousafzai's plight. The killers of Malala are a bunch of criminals known as 'Swat Taliban'/ 'Pakistan Tehrik-e-Taliban (TTP)'. This terror group was roundly defeated by Pakistan Army in 2009 and flushed out from northern Pakistan. That action by Pakistani military was a lesson to American commanders in Afghanistan in how to successfully defeat terrorists. 

But Pakistani officials have discovered last year to their horror that the entire leadership of this terror group, the 'Swat Taliban' is alive and well and thriving in terror 'training and resting' camps inside Afghanistan under the watch of US Army. This terrorist proxy of the CIA/RAW is funded, trained and recruited under the safe havens of CIA at Kunar.  

The 'Swat Taliban' are not alone. The TTP terrorist group, another loose alliance of crime groups that use the name 'Pakistani Taliban', also has safe havens in Afghanistan under US Army watch. These havens help the group survive attempts by Pakistani military to eliminate it. [Both TTP and Swat Taliban should not be confused with Afghan Taliban, the original Taliban group that does not attack or kill Pakistanis and is exclusively fighting US military occupation of Afghanistan and is called "Afghan Taliban".] 

Islamabad has repeatedly asked US to end the safe havens of TTP and 'Swat Taliban' terrorists, who raid Pakistan to capture and butcher our soldiers and kill our civilians, like Malala. But US Army and CIA refuse to do so.  

On the one hand, US government is using Malala to draw sympathy for its failed war and illegal drone attacks that kill hundreds of Pakistani children. On the other hand, US Army and CIA are guilty of allowing Malala's killers to operate freely in Afghan territories that come under US control

(Pak Nationalists)
According to Former Soviet Era Afghan Mujahid Syed Zaid Hamid: 

The Khawarij and their Congressi pro-Hindu Supporters have launched a massive propaganda campaign against Malala Yusuf Zai to justify their crime against her. She is being portrayed as a CIA agent who deserved what she got. We reject this shameless and sinister propaganda and ask all members not to fall for this rubbish. 

Malala is just a child and a national celebrity who met many local and foreign delegations over the years. That does not make her a CIA agent or an enemy of Pakistan. Stop this non-sense. 

Indeed she said that she like Benazir, Bacha Khan and Obama but does that mean she should be shot in the head????? Does that make her a CIA or Indian agent liable to be put to death??? Does that justify the Khawarij to kill her?? 

How many youngsters of her age in Pakistan idealize international celebrities?? Millions perhaps! Does that mean all should be shot or all are CIA paid agents??? She is a child and a brave one who got global fame for her stand against TZP (Tehrik-e-Zalimaan-e-Pakistan, formerly known as TTP)

Her father may be from the ANP and close to the Americans but then the entire PPP, MQM and ANP and even JUI is close to the Americans too. That does NOT mean their innocent children should be shot in head. Even if she has said something against the beard or Islamic values, which we do not believe, remember that she is just a child. Any child who is not properly informed will hate Islam after what TZP did in in the name of Islam in Swat. 

Stop falling for the Khawarij propaganda. She is our daughter and we love her for that. She has been shot by the Khawarij and that makes us her protector. We will defend her and take revenge from the Khawarij, the dogs of hell. May Allah give her health and wisdom to defend the honor of Ummat e Rasul (sm) and Pak Sarzameen.

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