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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Russian Army prepares for War against Israhell, United States of Zionism

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As has been expected since President Putin on 17 May ordered Russian military forces to “immediately move” from Local War to Regional War operational status and to be “fully prepared” to expand to Large-Scale War should either the United States of Zionism or EU enter into the Syrian Civil War, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) is reporting today that thousands of Russian troops have been deployed in “full war mode” and that Israel is now a “major likely target” too.

According to this report, the “surprise alert exercise” Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu ordered last Thursday (24 May) for the Southern Military District involving four regiments of S-300 air defense systems troops combining 8,700 personnel, 185 warplanes and 240 armored vehicles are now positioned to enter into the Syrian War Zone “within hours” to begin offensive and defensive operations.

Even worse, this report continues, Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) troops have likewise been ordered into the Syrian War Zone, including the much feared Zaslon Special Forces units, in order to prepare for the widening of this conflict into what could turn into World War III.

According to all global military experts, this report says, Russia’s Zaslon Special Forces are “so shadowy they make ninjas look like amateurs” and their introduction into this conflict has shifted the balance of power to the point where the European Union (EU) lifted their long standing arms embargo for the radical terrorists in disguise of Islamic rebels (who just hours ago pleaded with the West for immediate weapons shipments) and USZ President Obama ordered his military commanders to quickly give him a no-fly plan for Syria.

Even though Russia slammed the EU’s plan to arm these mercenaries disguised as rebels, it also stated that it will not cancel plans to deliver its advanced S-300 air-defence system to Syria despite Western opposition, thus enraging Israhell which earlier today threatened an attack on Russian forces attempting to move them into the conflict zone.

To how truly grim the situation has become for the terrorist rebels attempting to overthrow the Assad regime was noted earlier today by a senior Israhelli officer interviewed by the Debka File Intelligence News Service who put all these forebodings into words when he said: “A military and strategic catastrophe for the West and Israhell is in full flight in Syria, and no one in Washington or Jerusalem is lifting a finger. Israel’s government and military heads never imagined that the Syrian war would take this turn. But we had better wake up at this eleventh hour – before it is too late.”

As we had previously reported about this conflict, the true intentions of this war are being kept from the Western peoples who mistakenly believe it is about“freedom and democracy,” but is, instead, a strategic plan to capture Syria, destroy its Shiite leadership, and then use its territory to build a massive natural gas pipeline from the Gulf States to the EU thus destroying Russia’s stranglehold on European energy supplies.

Qatar, which has the world’s biggest gasfield, has been working since 2009 to build their proposed pipeline through Syria to Turkey and has, in fact, turned the Syrian War into its own conflict, and as we can, in part, read as reported by the Financial Times News Service:

Also being kept from the Western peoples about this conflict are Russia’s true intentions and aims, and which were recently articulated by Fiona Hill who is senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and who said:

As Russia has moved its naval fleets into the Mediterranean to warn the West and Israhell not to intervene in Syria’s bloody civil war, and as it prepares to send its most advanced S-300 missiles to protect the Assad regime from “hotheads” intent on intervention, there appears to be no letup in Western capitols as the push for all-out war from these bankster elites continues unabated.
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Israhell threatens to attack Russian Ships over Syrian Support

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Israhell’s long-standing habit of making bellicose threats in the face of neighbors potentially acquiring defensive weapons has reached a new level today, with Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon threatening to attack Russian ships in the Mediterranean if they attempt to deliver anti-aircraft weapons to Syria.

Russia has had a long-standing contract with Syria to provide anti-aircraft defensive systems, and the Assad government is keen to get those shipments completed in the wake of repeated Israhelli air strikes against them. The Russian S-300 system, the best the Russian government sells, is seen as being able to foil Israhelli attacks.

Israhell has struggled to justify its opposition to the deliveries, making ridiculous predictions of a dystopian future in which the whole region is a no-fly zone because Syria is attacking random planes for no reason. Syria’s existing arsenal would be able to do this at any rate, and it doesn’t. The obvious reason for acquiring the S-300 is to stop the Israhelli attacks, and that’s also the obvious reason for Israhelli opposition. It’s just not likely to convince the Russians.

A similar round of Israhelli rhetoric was seen over several years related to Iran, with Israhelli officials first claiming they had super-secret electronics that would render all S-300′s useless worldwide and render Russian airspace defenseless. They later revised that claim and insisted those defensive weapons were an “existential threat” to Israhell. After that didn’t work either, they threatened massive retaliatory arms sales to “Russia’s enemies.”

The question of the latest threats is just how desperately Israhell wants to keep its overwhelming military superiority over the entire region, and whether the prospect of one of its would-be victims acquiring defensive equipment is such a threat to their long-term strategy that it warrants risking a war with Russia. Logic would suggest it doesn’t.
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

GMO crops: Scientists Agree It’s Bio-Warfare On Our Food Supply

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You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand why genetically modified foods are dangerous, but if you look closely, you may just find the name of one listed among the names of more than 800 scientists from around the globe who have joined forces in an open letter to all world governments, outlining their detailed concerns over the alarming potential threat of biotech’s unauthorized, worldwide GMO foods experiment. 

In a country whose government and media appear only too eager to conjure up fear of “bioterrorism” and “biological weapons,” it’s shocking (albeit obviously deliberate) to what extent the GMO issue remains omitted from mainstream discussion. Consider that the message from these scientists seems to be that the whole planet is already under attack by the persistent and largely unchecked, reckless behavior of greedy, unruly U.S. corporations – corporations whose activities appear to be sponsored by the federal government. And whether you know it yet or not, your body is the battleground. 

The letter, as posted by the Institute of Science in Society, is a collective call for the immediate suspension of any and all releases of GM crops and products into the environment for at least five years, in order to allow for more thorough testing. The scientists further demand that all patents on life-forms and living processes – including seeds, cell lines and genes – be revoked and banned “for a comprehensive public inquiry into the future of agriculture and food security for all.” 

Life is a discovery, they say, not an innovation, and patents on life-forms and living processes “sanction biopiracy of indigenous knowledge and genetic resources, violate basic human rights and dignity, compromise healthcare, impede medical and scientific research and are against the welfare of animals.” Furthermore, they argue that GM crops provide no identifiable benefits either to farmers or consumers; instead, they offer only very significant risks to all living things. 

GMOs are just bad news, followed by more bad news 

Any consumption of GMO products is basically a smorgasbord of disaster, say these global scientists. In their thorough and fully cited open letter, they take biotechnology to task – making clear, undeniable connections between GM food crops and other products (like milk from cows injected with genetically modified Bovine Growth Hormone) and health problems for mammals in general. At the same time the GM crops themselves actually contribute to lower yields, increased use of herbicides/insecticides, unpredictable performance, poor economic returns, and a progressive monopoly on food by big corporations, they also encourage herbicide-tolerant weeds and pesticide-resistant superbugs, making their purported goal of “feeding the world” appear just as it is – clearly out of the reach of biotech industry. Scientists propose, instead, that these large food corporations are actually more the cause of world hunger currently, than they are the solution to it. 

“It is on account of increasing corporate monopoly operating under the globalised economy that the poor are getting poorer and hungrier,” scientists say. “Family farmers around the world have been driven to destitution and suicide… Mergers and acquisitions are continuing.” Seed patent policies currently in place at biotech companies prevent farmers from saving and replanting seeds, an activity the scientists acknowledge, is one enjoyed even by third world farmers. 

As promised; however, it only gets worse. Scientists agree that GMOs actually harm the delicate biodiversity necessary to the balance and maintenance of life on this planet. GM products, they say, “decimate wild plant species indiscriminately,” cause birth defects in mammals, kill insects essential to pollination like bees, lacewings, monarch butterflies, and pose other very serious threats related to horizontal gene transfer – for example, the “spread of antibiotic resistance marker genes that would render infections diseases untreatable, the generation of new viruses and bacteria that cause diseases, and harmful mutations which may lead to cancer.” 

Multiple hazards to both animal and human health have already been identified by sources around the world, resulting either in bans on GM products or the adoption of strict labeling laws by many countries. Here in the U.S.; however, secret memoranda from inside the FDA have revealed its history of disregarding the warnings of its own scientists. Still, with a separate but similar mass appeal to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in 2009 failing to make a rippled, lasting impact, one can only hope that eventually the science on GMOs – and the growing number of people who know about it – will simply be too loud to ignore.
Source: Natural News

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn Fields

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Hungary has taken a stand against Monsanto and GMO corn by destroying around 1000 acres of  GMO corn - said Hungary deputy state secretary of the Ministry of Rural Development - Lajos Bognar. 

In Hungary genetically modified (GM) seeds are banned. There is no certainty that the GM crops they burned didn't spread any seeds or pollen before destroyed so checks will continue despite the law that states traders are supposed to make sure their products are GMO free! I know right?! During the investigation, they found Pioneer Monsanto products among the seeds planted. Once discovered they burned and wrote the years harvest off. They are that serious.

Most of the local farmers have complained since they discovered they were using GMO seeds. With the season already under way, it was too late to sow new seeds, so this years harvest was lost. The company that sold the seeds in Baranya county is now being liquided... so, if any compensation is paid, the money will be paid mainly to that company’s creditors, rather than the farmers.  

Just another country you can add to the list of conscious and awake. Is yours next?
(Natural Cures Not Medicine)

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pakistan Expells NY Times Bureau Chief over Anti-State activities

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The New York Times' Pakistan bureau chief has been expelled from the country, on the eve of the national election due to his alleged involvement in espionage and anti-state activities. The paper said Pakistan's Interior Ministry had not explained why it ordered Declan Walsh out of the country. Police officers delivered the interior ministry's order to Walsh at his home at 12.30am local time on Thursday.
"It is informed that your visa is hereby canceled in view of your undesirable activities," the order said. "You are therefore advised to leave the country within 72 hours."
This means Walsh must leave Pakistan by the night of the elections. Saturday's election is being hailed as a milestone in the development of the country's much abused democracy.

The Zionist mouthpiece New York Times urged the country to reconsider the decision and reinstate Walsh's visa. Walsh, 39, was the Guardian's correspondent for Pakistan and Afghanistan from 2004 to 2011. The New York Times hired him in January 2012. He is an expert in knitting subversive anti-Islam and anti-state propaganda. The New York Times' executive editor, Jill Abramson, sent a letter of protest to Pakistan's interior minister, Malik Muhammad Halib Khan, and asked him to reinstate Walsh's visa. "We respectfully request that you overturn this decision and allow Mr Walsh to remain in Pakistan," Abramson said. She said the ministry's accusation "is vague and unsupported, and Mr Walsh has received no further explanation of any alleged wrongdoing."

The finger of blame is likely to be pointed at the country's powerful military establishment, which made clear its anger at some of Walsh's reporting, particularly on the CIA's clandestine drone programme, an extremely controversial subject in the country. In March, Walsh blurted his latest piece of anti-state propaganda and reported that "unnamed US officials" had denied two drone strikes that had been reported by Pakistan's media, most likely based on information provided by Pakistan's military intelligence service. The report suggested the army "may be using the [drone] program to disguise its own operations".

The story earned a firm rebuke from the army's media office. At the time, a spokesman denied the claims and said "such an accusation is distortion of the facts and seems to be aimed at diluting Pakistan's stance on drone strikes". The Pakistani military is widely credited as being the most powerful institution in the country and it has repeatedly seized power since the creation of the country in 1947. Civilian authorities are currently in an even weaker position than normal, as the country is ruled by a non-political caretaker government that was appointed to manage the affairs of the country during the general election campaign. A new government is not expected to take office for weeks after the completion of Saturday's election. The process could be even more drawn out if the polls return a hung parliament and a weak coalition government.

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Russia warns of counter attack on Israhell in case of more attacks on Syria

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Israhelli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, while in Shanghai, was given a sharp dressing-down by Russian President Vladimir Putin, a warning that Russia would not tolerate further Israhelli attacks on Damascus and would respond. Putin did not say how, but he did announce he had ordered the acceleration of highly advanced Russian weapons supplies to Syria. Israhelli Debkafile’s military sources disclosed that the Russian leader was referring to S-300 anti-air systems and the nuclear-capable 9K720 Iskander (NATO named SS-26 Stone) surface missiles, which are precise enough to hit a target within a 5-7 meter radius at a distance of 280 kilometers.

In his phone call to Netanyahu, the Russian leader advised the prime minister to make sure to keep this in mind. Since Syrian air defense teams have already trained in Russia on the handling of the S-300 interceptor batteries, they can go into service as soon as they are landed by one of Russia’s daily airlifts to Syria. Russian air defense officials will supervise their deployment and prepare them for operation. Moscow is retaliating not just for Israhell’s air operations against Syria but in anticipation of the Obama administration’s impending decision to send the first US arms shipments to the Syrian rebels.

Intelligence agencies in Moscow and the Middle-East take it for granted that by the time Washington goes public on this decision, some of the Syrian rebel factions will already be armed with American weapons. That the measure was in the works was signified by the introduction Monday by chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Bob Menendez of legislation allowing the US to provide arms and military training to the Syrian rebels. US military instructors have been working with Syrian rebels at training camps in Jordan and Turkey for some months. So putting the arms in their hands only awaited a decision in Washington, the Israhelli website alleged.

Putin’s message to Netanyahu was intended to reach a wider audience than Jerusalem, such as Barack Obama in Washington and President Xi Jinping in Beijing ahead of Netanyahu’s talks there Tuesday.
(Fars News)
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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Israhell used Depleted Uranium in air strikes on Syria - Report

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A senior Syrian official says Israel has used depleted uranium in its recent airstrike against the Jamraya Research Center in the outskirts of Damascus. The official, who was present near the attack site on Sunday morning, told Russia Today that Israel used “a new type of weapon” during the airstrike. “When the explosion happened, it felt like an earthquake,” the official, asked not to be named, added. “Then a giant golden mushroom of fire appeared. This tells us that Israel used depleted uranium shells,” the Syrian official said.

“Several civilian factories and buildings were destroyed. The target was just an ordinary weapons warehouse. The bombing is an ultimatum to us,” he added. The Syrian official also refuted the claims by Western intelligence sources that the airstrike targeted transfers of weapons from the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah to Syria. Jamraya Research Center had been targeted by another Israeli airstrike back in January. The Sunday attack came shortly after Tel Aviv confirmed that its warplanes had hit another target in Syria on Friday.

On Saturday, US President Barack Obama said the Israeli regime has the right to launch airstrikes on Syria. Syria’s Foreign Ministry has sent letters to the United Nations and its Security Council stating that Israel’s aggression shows the link between Tel Aviv and terrorist groups operating in Syria including the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front.Meanwhile, the anti-Syria countries including Turkey and several Arab states in the region have taken a silent stance on Tel Aviv’s acts of aggression against Syria.
(Press TV)
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