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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

ISI Bashing - Domki's wife, daughter actually killed in Karo Kari feud

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The victims were on their way home after attending a wedding ceremony
in Karachi. PHOTO: AFP
Quetta, Baluchistan: In the most recent twists of facts and rubbishing reality on the mainstream Zionist media, the blame of Domki's wife and daughter's murder has been put on the ISI. Let us tell you the reality here. In the tribal language of Baluchistan, the term "haal ahwal" is equal to tribal news. Sources deep with Bugti's have reported on the condition of anonymity that the murder of Domki's wife and daughter was carried out by professional assassins hired by Herberyar Marri. It was a Karo Kari Murder, though the little girl was killed accidentally while she was trying to save her mother. As the "haal ahwal" goes, Brahmdagh Bugti had earlier killed Balach Marri for the sake of advancement towards his sister, the slain woman - wife of Domki.

In retaliation, Herberyar Marri got this woman killed but by mistake, killed the daughter also. Domki lost on all counts, losing his wife and daughter in a Karo Kari feud between Brahmdagh and Harberyar, who know and accept these Karo Kari murders as part of tribal tradition. Everyone in the tribal net and the gangs of hired assassins know it, but to exploit the moment, blame is being thrown on the ISI by Zionist media snakes.

Pakistan Cyber Force

American Terrorist War Planes violate Pakistani Airspace to Provoke Army

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American terrorist planes violated Pak airspace Wednesday evening in tribal area bordering Afghanistan. The USZ planes got into the Pakistani airspace at 4:15pm and stayed over the Pakistani area for at least fifteen minutes, sources said. The airspace violation took place in the Loda Mandi area of North Waziristan. The incident comes at a time when Pak-USZ ties are already passing through a rough patch owing to unilateral USZ policies and the Salala checkposts terrorist attack by NATO terrorist invaders in which 24 Pakistani soldiers were deliberately martyred by crusader forces.

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Is ISI essential for National Security?

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Every country has a superior intelligence agency to protect the national security of the state. It not only copes with foreign anti-state elements, but also fights the psychological warfare including internal enemies. No army can fight without the support of an efficient secret agency which collects and assesses information in a most reliable manner. American CIA, Russian KGB, British MI-6 etc. might be cited as an instance.

In these terms, especially since 9/11, the role of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI) was further increased to protect the country from external and internal threat, while fighting war against terrorism. In this respect, Pakistan has been facing multiple subversive acts being conducted by secret agencies like American CIA Indian RAW and Israeli Mossad which have been creating unrest in our country on massive scale. Penetration of foreign agents along with sophisticated weaponry, suicide attacks and targeted killings have become every day occurrence in the country.

When Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha became the Director General of the ISI in September, 2008, he took a number of steps to further improve the efficiency of the agency, responsible for collecting information and providing critical national security intelligence assessment to the Pakistan government. First of all, Gen. Pasha closed the internal wing of the agency. At that time, intermittently, US high officials and media have been accusing Pakistan’s army and our superior spy agency of close contacts with the Afghan Taliban and cross-border terrorism in Afghanistan. Under the pretext of these false allegations, US top officials started insisting upon Pakistan that ISI should be restructured. In this connection, the then Assistant Secretary of State, Richard Boucher had stated that ISI needed to be reformed. But when ISI DG, Shuja Pasha refused to restructure the agency on the pattern of US, blame game by America and India intensified against the agency and its chief.

It was due to the rejection of American undue demands by Gen. Pasha and his positive performance to protect the national interests of the country that with the tactical support of CIA, RAW and Mossad accelerated subversive acts in Pakistan, especially targeting ISI sub-headquarters, located in Lahore, Multan and Peshawar besides attacking the personnel of the agency at various places.

At the same time, Islamabad continued its counter-terrorism and intelligence sharing cooperation with America. In this regard, ISI captured a number of renowned Al Qaeda commanders in Pakistan, and foiled many terrorist attempts through pre-arrests of the militants. For example in February, 2010, with the help of ISI, nine Taliban insurgents including the Afghan Taliban’s second in command, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar was arrested in Karachi. In that context, US high officials, while praising this key agency, admitted that Pakistan is cooperating with the US in relation to war on terror.

Despite all of this, under the supervision of Lt. Gen. Shuja Pasha, ISI prefered the external and internal security of Pakistan. Externally, through its invisible mechanism, it castigated the anti-Pakistan plot of the US India and Israel—also against China and became an obstacle in the secret strategic designs of these hostile elements.

Internally, ISI has thwarted the anti-Pakistan activities of the agents of Blackwater-US notorious private security firm in the country. Under the pretext of providing security to its embassies, US had deployed a network of espionage in Pakistan. In this respect, Blackwater and CIA started recruiting Pakistani nationals who were vulnerable and could work on their payroll. In this context, with the pre-information of ISI, Pakistan’s police and other security agencies arrested a number of agents. For instance, on September 19, 2009, police raided the Inter-Risk, a private security company in Islamabad, and arrested its two employees, namely Tauqeer and Muhammad Khan, possessing unlicensed shotguns, handguns and ammunition. On the other side, US embassy spokesperson Richard Snelsire pretended, “The US contract with the Inter-Risk is to provide security at the embassy and consulates.”

Besides, on many occasions, ISI helped in stopping the secret activities of the CIA agents who were traveling in vehicles, covered with black mirrors—showing themselves as diplomats. Sometimes weapons were snatched from them, and sometimes they were sent back to Islamabad. However, differences started between Pakistan and America as ISI interrupted covet activities of these so-called diplomats. In this respect, on the information of this top spy agency, Pakistan’s establishment expelled several American spies operating in the country. On the other side, US withheld $800 million in military aid to punish its military and ISI.

Meanwhile, Gen. Shuja Pasha became a special target of CIA and RAW. In this context, with the backing of Indo-Israeli lobbies, a case was filed against Pasha in New York, accusing him of facilitating the Mumbai bombings of November 26, 2008, which was, in fact, arranged by the non-stat actors in connivance with RAW. Question arises as to why a case was not registered against the US ex-President Bush and President Obama who were responsible for the illegal occupation of Iraq and massacre of thousands of people there including Afghanistan and other Islamic countries in the name of war on terror.

However, during his meeting with the CIA Director Michael Morell in July, 2011, Lt. Gen. Shuja Pasha flatly told that we would continue anti-terror and intelligence sharing cooperation between the two agencies, but would never tolerate a private ‘network’ the CIA is secretly maintaining in Pakistan.

In the aftermath of the Osama’s death on May 2011, US and Indian rulers including their media intensified their campaign against Pak Army and ISI. In this regard, in the in-camera session of the parliament, Islamabad decided to review its relationship with the United States. BBC quoted DG ISI Shuja Pasha, saying that Osama’s compound in Abbottbad was registered under a fake name. Earlier, he said that after the Tora Bora operation, Osama Bin Laden became an enemy of Pakistan. Nevertheless, it was US intelligence failure as its CIA which is well-equipped with modern technology failed in detecting Osama in ten years. According to BBC, Pasha explained, “Nobody expressed their condolences over the 78 officials of the ISI who have been killed.”

It is of particular attention that it was due to the professional competence of ISI under the Shuja Pasha in foiling the anti-Pakistan conspiracy that US and India accelerated their propaganda against him and the agency. In this connection, in the recent past, US Admiral Mike Mullen (R) alleged that the Haqqani network is waging a ‘proxy war’ in Afghanistan with the assistance of ISI, and blamed for an assault on the US embassy in Kabul on September 20, 2011. But US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton admitted that there was no evidence about ISI about the bombing of US embassy, while US top officials are still alleging this agency for cross-border terrorism. It shows American double game not only with Pakistan, but also with is superior spy agency.

Meanwhile, while briefing the participants of the All Parties Conference, ISI Chief indicated that Haqqani network has no presence in Pakistan as it has its base in Afghanistan. Pak Army and civil government also rejected US pressure tactics to do more against the Haqqani network in the North Waziristan as suggested by ISI Chief Lt. Gen. Shuja Pasha. Besides, when on November 26, 2011, unprovoked air firing by the US-led NATO on Pakistan Army outposts in Mohmand Agency killed 24 troops, Pakistan decided to review its engagement with the US and its other allies. For this purpose, the envoys’ conference deliberated on the country’s foreign policy on December 12, 2011, and ISI Chief Lt. Gen. Pasha briefed the participants about the intentional NATO strikes.

Notably, it is most regrettable that without knowing the ground realities and the services of ISI, just like the foreign enemy and their media, our rulers, some political leaders and media anchors are dis-reputing Pak Army—particularly ISI DG Shuja Pasha in connection with the memogate issue, while Gen. Pasha has left it to the Supreme Court to decide the case. In this context, what the difference one can note between our political leaders and media anchors who speak in tone of Pakistan’s external enemies in maligning ISI and its chief. It seems that some of our politicians and journalists are either on the payroll of US-led anti-Pakistan entities or they want to get good coverage in the western media by targeting ISI. No doubt their such acts are benefiting the US and India which want to create a division between Pakistan’s civil and security agencies so as to cause further unrest in the country. Instead of implicating ISI and its DG, Shuja Pasha, our internal elements must better know the services of this intelligence agency in thwarting various conspiracies against the integrity of the Pakistan, especially against its nuclear assets. Despite its limited resources as compared to CIA, RAW and Mossad, ISI has never failed in its goals. No doubt, ISI is essential for national security of Pakistan.

By Sajjad Shaukat who writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relation

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Baluchistan, Satanic Media and Pakistan

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ISI, MI to Supreme Court: 11 "missing" persons attacked Army in Operational Area

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ISLAMABAD - The top intelligence agencies of the country on Tuesday conveyed that the agencies could not shut their eyes to the rebellious acts of the international and external elements involved in high profile terrorism.

Raja Irshad, counsel for Inter Services Intelligence(ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI) submitted a three page written reply in the Supreme Court on behalf of DG ISI and MI regarding the abduction of 11 missing prisoners. The reply is available with TheNation.

The court had sought complete record from Attorney General of Pakistan as well as the counsel for Director Generals ISI and MI about their detention of missing prisoners prior to 26.01.2012. The court had also asked them to tell that whether they were proceeded against under any provision of law and if so, what was the result.

According to the reply, the agencies have no enmity and bear no grudge against anyone or any section of people, but they could not shut their eyes to the rebellious acts of elements. ‘I am under the instructions to record categoric, unambiguous and unequivocal assurance from the Army leadership including the heads of security agencies that great sanctity is attached to the orders passed by this court and that they are under oath to uphold the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973’, Raja Irshad, the counsel for spymasters further said.

Reply further stated that men of the security agencies had laid down their lives to protect the supreme national interest of the country. Talking about the prisoners, it is told that arrest of 11 persons was carried out after a convoy of security forces was ambushed in the operational area.

‘It was brought to the notice of this Honourable Court that the custody of detainees was with the security agencies for their trial under the provision of Army Act, 1952 after investigations’, it said. ‘The operational area being highly disturbed and extremely volatile, the process of collection of evidence to make out a case for their trial under FGCM consumed more than the normal required time for such an exercise’,the reply added.

It is revealed that detention period of 11 missing prisoners got prolonged due to an advice rendered to them that the offences did not come with in the ambit of Section 2 Sub-Section 1 Clause ii of the Army Act, 1952 and hence the trial would be jurisdiction. ‘The authorities concerned, acting upon the advice, decided to obtain their internment orders under the provision of Actions (In Aid of Civil Power Regulation 2011), which was promulgated by the President to cater for such situation. It was deemed appropriate to invoke the provision of afore-said Regulation and thus they were taken to the internment centers’, spymasters further stated in their reply.

It is said that Army leadership including the heads of the agencies had always honoured and implemented the orders passed by this apex court of the country. Leaving the orders aside, even the observations made by this court relating to the matters falling in the domain of the Army and ISI never go unheeded. The court will take up the 11 missing prisoners case on March 1st.

It is to be noted that Rohaifa, the mother of three detainees of Adiala Jail, who filed the petition in the Supreme Court regarding the release of prisoners, on February 14th had died of heart attack. Tariq Asad, counsel for Rohaifa, said that after seeing his other two sons, Abdul Majid and Abdul Basit in such a miserable condition in the Supreme Court on February 13th she was shocked and died on next day by heart attack.

(The Nation)
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China: USZ has NO moral right to "Protect" Arabs

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China says the USZ has no right to “protect” Arab peoples, questioning “the sincerity and efficacy of USZ policy.” The country’s top newspaper replied to Zionist Hillary Clinton after she called China’s and Russia’s veto of a UN Syrian resolution "despicable".

The People’s Daily commentary says, "The United States of Zionism's motive in parading as a 'protector' of the Arab peoples is not difficult to imagine. The problem is what moral basis does it have for this patronizing and egotistical super-arrogance and self-confidence?"

The newspaper recalls the USZ-led invasion of Iraq. "Even now, violence continues unabated in Iraq, and ordinary people enjoy no security. This alone is enough for us to draw a huge question mark over the sincerity and efficacy of USZ policy."

The commentary repeated China's argument that its unwillingness to take sides in the conflict best reflects the interests of the Syrian people. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the USZ criticism of China's stance on Syria is “totally unacceptable.”

"China has always determined its stance on the Syrian issue proceeding from the peace and stability of Syria and the Middle East and from protecting the long-term, fundamental interests of the Syrian and Arab peoples", Hong Lei said on Monday as cited by Reuters.

Russia, which also voted against what it called a “Syria regime change resolution” in the UN, has also criticized the USZ stance on Syria. In his latest article on foreign policy, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has warned the West against the temptation to resort to a “simple, previously-used tactic: If the UN Security Council approves of a given action – fine; if not, we will establish a coalition of the states concerned and strike anyway.”

Russian and Chinese criticism over USZ policies comes after Hillary Clinton was quoted as saying there is no enthusiasm in Washington for war. However, while on a visit to Morocco she urged those who still support Syria’s President Assad, especially members of the Syrian military and business community, to turn against him.

“The longer you support the regime's campaign of violence against your brothers and sisters, the more it will stain your honor”, the habitual Zionist liar Clinton said. On Sunday Syrian authorities held national referendum on a new constitution amid continuing violence.

Ballot counting is currently underway, with official results expected later on Monday. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says if approved the referendum will lead to a multi-party parliamentary election in three months’ time. Most Syrian opposition groups boycotted the vote, demanding Assad abandon power altogether, while they say the referendum could keep him in power until 2028. The USZ and its allies dismissed the vote as a "farce" meant to justify the bloody crackdown on dissent.

­The United States of Zionism is beginning to realize the complexity of the situation in Syria and is showing signs of slightly backing off from their previous energetic push for regime change in the country, Jeremy Salt, a professor at Bilkent University, told RT.  

“While we hear a lot of rhetoric from Hillary Clinton, she herself is showing signs of being more aware of complexities inside Syria”, Salt said. “She was talking about the complex factors, saying ‘Well we want to do something, but we do not know what to do,’ and she was talking about the fact that while there are problem areas in Syria, there are large areas in the country unaffected.”

“You can see there is certain change of the discourse here which indicates the Americans are not certain what step to take next”, the professor added.

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Beaming Energy to Mysterious Space Cloud: Area 51 Builds Massive Alien Pyramid

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Pyramids. Are some alien? Scientists in China and Russia think so. Now, it seems the hidden technology of those ancient structures is being activated as massive pyramids around the globe are shooting pulsing streams of raw energy deep into space. What is their purpose? Are they really conduits of cosmic energy as some have claimed? Were some pyramids actually designed by alien ‘gods’ that created a worldwide network of advanced city-states based on their super science? Who really knows? Well, maybe the United States Zionist Air Force knows.
The Air Force’s infamous super secret base at Groom Lake, Nevada—also known as “Area 51 or “Dreamland”—has just finished constructing a massive desert pyramid. Will it tie into the network of ancient pyramids worldwide and draw upon alien technology to absorb the rippling dimensional energies to power…what?

The Area 51 pyramid

Sign at perimeter of Area 51 warning that deadly force
will be used
Area 51, first brought to the public’s attention by Las Vegas investigative television journalist George Knapp, has long been a hotbed of UFO speculation and investigations into the likelihood of the secretive desert base being used to reverse-engineer captured alien technology.

If true—and there’s strong circumstantial evidence that at least some of the allegations made by Bob Lazar and others that the United States of Zionism's Air Force (USZAF) top-secret test base is hip deep in ET artifacts and technology—then some of that technology must require a charge-up to power the unearthly devices.

The Chinese scientists may be on to something. For if the pyramid in Qinghai truly was erected to power up extraterrestrial spacecraft, then the USZAF may require something similar when their scientists and engineers reach the stage in the decades-long project to back-engineer unworldly technology that’s allegedly stumped some of the world’s best thinkers for more than two generations.

If the USZAF reached the stage where they need a massive, alien-designed, power base they would more than likely build a pyramidal structure very much like the one in China.

And they have.

Study the following series of photos:
Google satellite photo of new complex near Groom Lake Area 51 base
Enlargement of pyramid structure with flattened top ‘landing pad
Aerial view of the mysterious, possibly alien, Chinese Xianyang pyramid

Comparison of Chinese flat-topped pyramid to Area 51 flat-topped pyramid
The USZAF version also appears to have some upgrades compared to the ancient Chinese version. In particular a square receptical that sits in the middle of the flattened top of the Area 51 pyramid.

For more than 20 years UFO activity has been regularly spotted in and around Groom Lake. Strange craft unlike any aircraft flown by any air force have been seen time and again hovering and maneuvering over the nearby mountain range.

When the pyramid is fully powered up and activated, there might be many more strange craft skimming over the lonely Nevada desert than at any time in the past.

(Before it's news)
Sarah SMQ
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USZ to Divide Saudi Arabia; Qatar Officially Chosen as New Zionist Regional Stooge

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A report says the United States of Zionism and its Western allies are seeking to divide Saudi Arabia due to its failure to serve the USZ interests in the region. According to a recent report published by the Arabic Nakhel news agency, Washington is dissatisfied with the role Saudi Arabia plays in response to the regional developments. The report adds that Qatar has now become the official mouthpiece of the United States of Zionism and the better role Doha plays in accordance with the USZ interests also adds to the dissatisfaction with Riyadh.

The Arabic news agency also mentioned that the United States of Zionism is waiting for the death of Saudi King Abdullah and considers it the end of the Saudi regime. Saudi authorities have expressed discontent with the increasingly influential position of Qatar and its Zionist so-called Muslim ruler Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani within USZ and Israhelli officials, the report said.
(Press TV)
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Australian Zionist Humanitarians want to Legalize Killing of Healthy New Born Babies

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A paper published in the Zionist Journal of Medical Ethics argues that abortion should be extended to make the killing of newborn babies permissible, even if the baby is perfectly healthy, in a shocking example of how the medical establishment is still dominated by a Zionist eugenicist mindset.

The paper is authored by the Zionist Alberto Giubilini of Monash University in Melbourne and Francesca Minerva at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics at the University of Melbourne. The humanitarian terrorist authors argue that “both fetuses and newborns do not have the same moral status as actual persons”, and that because abortion is allowed even when there is no problem with the fetus’ health, “killing a newborn should be permissible in all the cases where abortion is, including cases where the newborn is not disabled.”

“The fact that both are potential persons is morally irrelevant”, the Zionist authors claim, arguing that adoption is not a reasonable counter-argument because the parents of the baby might be economically or psychologically burdened the process and the mother may “suffer psychological distress”. How the mother could not also “suffer psychological distress” by having her newborn baby killed is not explained.

“Merely being human is not in itself a reason for ascribing someone a right to life. Indeed, many humans are not considered subjects of a right to life: spare embryos where research on embryo stem cells is permitted, fetuses where abortion is permitted, criminals where capital punishment is legal”, the Zionist animals further write.

The practice of infanticide has its origins in barbaric eras of ancient history, but it is still common is many areas of the world today, including China where the one child policy allied with the social pressure to have boys has resulted in a massive imbalance in the population. Studies have found that 40 million girls are ‘missing’ in China as a result of gender-selective abortion and infanticide. In India, there are 50 million less females for the same reasons. In Pakistan, over 1000 babies a year are the victims of infanticide, which is rarely punished.

Matthew Archbold of the National Catholic Register explains how the legalization of infanticide, killing newborn babies, is the logical conclusion of the starting point of the argument, which is that the fetus is not human and has no right to live. “The second we allow ourselves to become the arbiters of who is human and who isn’t, this is the calamitous yet inevitable end. Once you say all human life is not sacred, the rest is just drawing random lines in the sand”, he writes.

Respected bioethicist Wesley J. Smith notes that the debate surrounding “the right to dehydrate the persistently unconscious,” which eventually led to events like the Terri Schiavo case, started with articles in bioethics and medical journals. “Or to put it another way, too often bioethics, isn’t. On the other hand, to be fair, the ancient Romans exposed inconvenient infants on hills. These authors may want to take us back to those crass values, but I assume they would urge a quicker death,” he writes.
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Pasteurized Milk Linked to Cancer: Harvard University Research

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Police arrests RAW agent in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad - Hyderabad Police on Monday said that it has arrested an alleged secret agent belonging to Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), India’s top spy agency. According to the DSP Husainabad, Yaqoob Jutt, the alleged Raw agent hailed from occupied Kashmir having Pakistani identity card. The police representative said that the arrested RAW agent told his name as Inayat Ullah whereas his name written on the ID card is Awais Saleem. The spy agent has been shifted to an undisclosed location for further investigation.

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18 USZ Terrorist Invaders killed by Mujahideen in Jalalabad Airbase Attack

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Jalalabad Airbase wreckage (File Photo)
This morning, a martyrdom seeking Mujahid of the Islamic Emirate drove up to the gates of the airport at dawn and slammed his car packed with explosives into the facility as the terrorist invaders were changing from night to morning guard duty, killing a dozen of the USZ-NATO terrorist invaders on the spot besides blowing a tank apart as well on which 6 more USZ terrorist invaders were onboard, all of whom were left dead, a Mujahideen official said on Monday. Monday’s attack inflicted severe fatalities and injuries on the local puppets based nearby the facility, the official further said, adding that the martyrdom operation was conducted by Mujahid Ahmadullah, resident of Nangarhar province.

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Israhell already destroyed Iran's Nuclear Facility; Rhetoric of attacking Iran just a Diversion?

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The mega-leaks website, WikiLeaks, has partnered with the hackers cooperative Anonymous, to publish internal emails of the American strategic intelligence company Stratfor. In one of the hacked emails, Stratfor officials discuss information obtained from one of their sources who reports that Israhelli commandos, in cooperation with Kurdish fighters, have destroyed Iranian nuclear installations.

According to the emails, among Stratfor's clients are American government agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Marine Corps, the Dow Chemical company, for whom Stratfor is alleged to have kept tabs on activists fighting the company for compensation over the Indian Bhopal chemical plant disaster in 1984, and defense giants Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon. In addition, the WikiLeaks statement said Stratfor also "monitored" activists supporting the blight of the 1984 Bhopal chemical disaster on behalf of the USZ chemical giant Dow Chemical.

In one of the emails from November 2011, Startfor officials discuss the explosion at an Iranian missile base near Tehran and quote a source who "was asked what he thought of reports that the Israhellis were preparing a military offensive against Iran. Response: I think this is a diversion. The Israhellis already destroyed all the Iranian nuclear infrastructure on the ground weeks ago." One company analyst responded dismissively to the possibility of an Israhelli attack having already taken place, asking: "How and when did the Israhellis destroy the infra on the ground?" "Would anyone actually accept that this could let the Europeans forget about the Euro crisis, something they have been experiencing every day for over a year?!" the analyst added, asking: "Do we attribute any credibility to this item at all? I don't even see what possible disinfo purposes this could serve."

Some of the Stratfor analysts expressed the opinion that Israhell had sent commandos into Iran, perhaps with the assistance of Kurdish fighters or Iranian Jews who had immigrated to Israhell, to carry out these operations. The emails also mention a plan to coerce an Israhelli source into updating the firm on the medical condition of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. "[Y]ou have to take control of him. Control means financial, sexual or psychological control... This is intended to start our conversation on your next phase", Stratfor CEO George Friedman is quoted of instructing one of the firm's analysts.

According to the emails, many Stratfor operatives are former employees of the USZ government and they routinely pay sources for information in cash. The WikiLeaks press statement also mentions "private intelligence staff who align themselves closely with USZ government policies and channel tips to the Mossad – including through an information mule in the Israhelli newspaper Haaretz, Yossi Melman, who conspired with Guardian journalist David Leigh to secretly, and in violation of WikiLeaks' contract with the Guardian, move WikiLeaks USZ diplomatic cables to Israhell."

Mr Melman who until recently covered intelligence affairs for Haaretz said in response that at the time "I worked for Haaretz and with the approval of my editors I obtained the WikiLeaks documents." "Harretz published some of them. I am proud of my journalistic achievements which was praised by my editors and the readers. Julian Assang of Wikileaks tried to prevent the publication arguing that the documents belonged to him," he added, saying, "I and my editors rejected his claim and went head with the publication."

"Now [Assange] tries to take revenge on me by hinting that I was a channel to the Israhelli intelligence community. This is a complete lie. He also by way of innuendo tries to create the impression that I was a source for Stratfor. This is another lie. I do not have any control whatsoever about what Stratfor personnel wrote about me in their private in house correspondence," Melman added. In Novmber 2010, WikiLeaks published, along with a number of major media organizations, including the Guardian, Der Spiegel and the New York Times, a cache of USZ State Department diplomatic cables. American intelligence analyst, Bradley Manning, is being court-martialed for allegedly leaking the cables to WikiLeaks.
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Bankrupt Britain runs out of Cash; Chancellor takes Begging Bowl to Private Sector

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Britain’s Chancellor George Osborne acknowledges that the country has run out of the much-needed money and cannot afford debt-fuelled tax cuts or extra spending. The Chancellor made the stark warning ahead of next month’s budget, noting that “there was little the coalition government could do to stimulate the economy”, British media reported. “The British government has run out of money because all the money was spent in the good years”, the Chancellor said adding: “the money and the investment and the jobs need to come from the private sector.” Osborne’s bleak assessment echoes that of Liam Byrne, the former chief secretary to the Treasury, who bluntly joked that Labour had left Britain broke when he exited the government in 2010. Osborne is under severe pressure to boost growth, amid signs the economy is slipping back into a recession.

The Institute of Fiscal Studies has urged him to consider emergency tax cuts in the budget to reduce the risk of a prolonged economic slump. But, the Chancellor has said he would stand firm on his effort to balance the books by refusing to borrow money. “Any tax cut would have to be paid for”, Osborne said. “In other words there would have to be a tax rise somewhere else or a spending reduction. In other words what we are not going to do in this Budget is borrow more money to either increase spending or cut taxes”, added Osborne. The Chancellor’s tough words were echoed by Liberal Democrat Jeremy Browne, the foreign minister, who warned that Britain faced “accelerated decline” without measures to tackle its debt and increase competitiveness.

“Britain’s market share in the world used to be dominant but was now in freefall compared with the soaring economies of Asia and South America. This situation has been becoming more acute for years. It is now staring us in the face. So we need to take action”, he wrote in an article published by The Daily Telegraph.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Furious Afghan Protesters Storm USZ-NATO Supply Terminal; Burn 18 Supply Trucks

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Furious Afghan Protesters in Khost
A mass protest was reported in the capital of Khost province on Friday in which a large number of angry Afghans turned to marching as a way of protesting against the burning of copies of the Glorious Qur'an by American terrorist invaders in Bagram Airbase. Angry marchers stormed the supply terminal of USZ-NATO terrorist invaders and burned down as many as 18 supply trucks besides causing terrorist invaders and their cowardly puppets human material losses. The protesters attacked the police station and traffic departments and burned the buildings in Khost city.

Despite police and army harassment and mass arrests along with firing at the marchers, the protests have spread to other major Afghan provinces as well as major cities across the country over the last four days. Similarly, thousands of protesters took to the streets in Kabul, Nangarhar and Kapisa on Friday chanting slogans against the USZ-NATO terrorist invaders and the puppet regime. Protesters slammed the inhuman act of burning the copies of Glorious Qur'an, calling it an act of worst blasphemy and butchery of humanity. The protesters firmly demanded the immediate withdrawal of all terrorist invaders form the country.

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4 American Terrorists Shot Dead in Defense Ministry of Kabul

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KABUL, Feb. 25 – A recent news report from Kabul province states that on later Saturday, Abd-ur-Rahman and his two brave Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate, shot and killed 4 high-ranking American military officer-cum-advisers within the ministry of defense in the heart of Kabul city, the capital of the country. Mujahid Abdurrahman, working in the ministry of defense, said though cellular phone from within the facility of the ministry of defense that they took out the four said American terrprost invaders this evening in reaction to the desecration of Holy Qur'an by the USZ terrorist invaders in Bagram Airbase and as way of retaliatory action for the constantan blasphemy and violation of our sacrosanctities by the foreign occupiers, particularly the USZ terrorist invaders.

Abdurrahman added that they were putting up strong resistance against the invaders and their puppets within facility for quite a while. This all comes amid popular countrywide protest after the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, in a statement issued two days ago, asked the officials and those working for the puppet regime to know their real enemy and target all the foreign invaders across the country.
(Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate)
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"Crimes" committed by ISI

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Role of intelligentsia has never been negated in any type of war. During World Wars (WW) I & II, the allies remained successful in number of operations because of timely receipts of information and clandestine operations. However, after WW-II USZ launched agency CIA against KGB. During Cold War period both the agencies remained dagger drawn against each other. Anyhow, Pakistan felt a threat on it western frontiers once in 1979, Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. At that time USZ and Pakistan came closer to each other despite differences over the development of our nuclear programme.   The coincidence of interests also forced ISI and CIA to operate jointly against Soviet Union. Thus, CIA in collaboration with ISI have activated against KGB and finally able to defeat and disintegrate Great Soviet Union.

But just after the disintegration of Great Russian Empire, CIA has shaken hands with a new ally agency i.e. RAW. Change of ally was obvious since Pakistan can never be party to USZ against China.  CIA in collaboration with RAW and MI-6 again accelerated her campaign against nuclear programme and started overtly and covertly. At this occasion ISI unfolded the foreign conspiracy and security of the country.  The role of major intelligence agencies in international relations, threats are often addressed within the context of security studies — especially those focusing on nuclear deterrence, alliance formation and interstate conflict. In general, a threat perception is “understood as anticipation on the part of an observer (the decision maker) of impending harm – usually of a military, strategic or economic kind – to the state”. Thus, in international relations we talk about threats aimed at the territorial integrity, political sovereignty, major national interests and core ideology of the state and its regime. The truth of this quoted statement has been proved once Al-Qaida launched attack in USZ on 9/11.
Pakistan was forced to become ally after 9/11 in M(B)usharraf’s regime. Since then Pakistan has faced in fact two types of threat, e.g. external and internal. Foreign sponsored ethnicity, sectarianism and economic instability emerged as fundamental variables of internal security threats which gave birth to local Taliban and exploited by external forces. Religious extremism has created an unenviable image of Pakistan in the eyes of rest of the world and has affected the country adversely. CIA penetrated foreign agents along with sophisticated weaponry, suicide attacks and target killings have become everyday occurrence in the country (asymmetric  de-centralized 4th generation Urban warfare). Indian intelligence agency RAW of under the garb of development programmes has established 13 consulates’ along the western border. It was ISI and country’s security agencies which came out to fight back the foreign sponsored covert and overt agenda against sole Islamic nuclear power.

 It may be mentioned here that Pakistan security forces and ISI defeated foreign sponsored war on terror in FATA and Swat which was appreciated by the nation too. RAW, CIA, RAMA and Mossad from 2005 onwards tried their best to destabilize Pakistan. Weapons like Kalashnikovs, MI-4 American rifles, Israeli sniper rifles, 12.7mm, 14.5mm and 107mm guns, mortars, pistols, RPG-7s, grenades, explosives, equipment like, remote control sets, jamming devices, sophisticated telephone and wireless sets, bullet proof and suicide jackets, kits, and currency of different countries have been provided to the militants. Terrorist have been sent to Pakistan through Indian training camps located at Afghanistan.

Almost four divisions of force have been involved in elimination of terrorist militancy in FATA and Swat area.  Pakistan Army also managed to take care of her eastern border too. The forces came all out to undertake Operation Rah-e-Rast and her soldiers set the gallant examples while clearing Swat, Dir, Buner, Kanjoo, Shangla and other areas.

General Kayani and his team has displayed excellent professional capabilities, ISI unveiled the foreign agenda and fully supported security forces in eradication of terrorists. In this regards over 5000 civilians and 3000 troops including officers and men have laid down their lives. It also includes the martyring of over 78 intelligence officials while fighting in global war against terrorism. While addressing in-camera session General Pasha very loudly mentioned that 112 check posts of the allied forces as opposed to the 812 of the Pakistani forces. 2.8 million Individuals of Swat and surrounding area became IDPs.  Pasha while addressing also maintained parliament that the actions of the United States of Zionism were not expected from an ally in war against terrorism. He said that there is difference between India and the United States of Zionism.

From 2007 till today, American and western media is alleging ISI for supporting Haqqani group against American forces in Afghanistan. In this connection, American, Western and Indian media has criticized ISI, instead of suggesting Afghan government to fence the border and carrying out negotiations with the true representatives of Afghan nation.  Notably, American military and civilian leadership has started irrational demand of restructuring ISI when Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha took over the agency as Director General in September, 2008.  ISI chief instead of acting upon Assistant Secretary of State, Richard Boucher demand of forming and restructuring.

The agency has took interest to improve upon the efficiency of the organization in the light of national interest.  On rejecting the false and baseless allegations, USZ top officials intensified blame game   again aftermath Osama’s death in a unilateral action of 2nd May 2011. Thus, relations between two capitals and their agencies went to its lowest level Pakistan. CIA intentionally did not involve Pakistan and her supreme intelligence agency in killing Osama, despite receiving information regarding a call made by someone from Osma’s Compound located in Abbottabad. It was ISI that first time interrupted and passed on information to the CIA for evaluation anyhow CIA mistrust over ISI, created vast distance between two agencies.

However, during a meeting with the CIA Director Michael Morell in July, 2011,it was  Lt. Gen. Shuja Pasha who categorically told that we will continue anti-terror and intelligence sharing cooperation between the two agencies but would never tolerate a private ‘network’ the CIA is secretly maintaining in Pakistan. ISI under the leadership of Gen Pasha very successfully exposed the American and Indian intelligence agencies activities in Kashmir, FATA and Balochistan. The local CIA Chief Jonathan Banks has been forced to leave his station after Pakistani Intelligence services exposed his identity. It was USZ embassy that where CIA started recruiting Pakistani nationals who were vulnerable and could work on their payroll. In this context, with the pre-information of ISI, Pakistan’s police and other security agencies arrested a number of agents.

For instance, on September 19, 2009, police raided the Inter-Risk, a private security company in Islamabad, and arrested its two employees, namely Tauqeer and Muhammad Khan, possessing unlicensed shotguns, handguns and ammunition. On the other side, USZ embassy spokesperson Richard Snelsire pretended, “The USZ contract with the Inter-Risk is to provide security at the embassy and consulates. Moreover, USZ ambassador address to Balochistan Jerga in 2011 Quetta has also a great concern for responsible circle of Pakistan.  In memo gate issue ISI again played very vital role to expose another CIA plan against Pakistan sovereignty which is under investigation at the right forum Judicial Commission structured by  Supreme Court of Pakistan .

Concluding, I say that  invisible warriors of ISI under the leadership of Lt. General Ahmed Shuja Pasha, with very meager resources, have successfully proven their superiority by defeating CIA and her sister agencies RAW and Mossad. USZ has been forced to resolve Afghan issue as suggested by Pakistan and its intelligence Agency. In short, Intelligence organizations are not a fighting machines in its conventional sense but no army can fight without the support of an efficient Intelligence Organizations, collect, collate and disseminate information in a most efficient and reliable manner that is the key to the success of any war or battle. The job of a good organization is not only to collect information but through its mechanism, it denies or feeds false information to the enemy to achieve its goals.
P.S.: All those who love to malign the establishment and the Army just in accordance with the mainstream filth being fed into their minds, just remember the fate of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Egypt for once. If the Army and the ISI quit, are you going to leave your daughters and mothers behind insecure walls, holding Kalashinkovs' and trying to protect your loved ones' from the enemies who are just trying to bang the door and crush in? Remember! If you take out the Pak Army and the ISI, your dead bodies would be humiliated at the hands of the merciless champions of humanity who love to butcher humanity.

Written by: Zaheer-ul-Hassan
Mildly edited by: Xharaf Vsm
Pakistan Cyber Force

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