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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Crucial message from Pakistan Cyber Force

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In the worsening situation with every passing day, people are reacting differently. The Baluchistan disintegration plan by the butchers of Humanity and the Zionist thugs of the New World Order has caused deep concerns for the Pakistanis who really love their homeland irrespective of any racial, sectarian, ethnic differences. The patriots feel concerned while the sheeple remain in slumber. We Pakistanis love our Baluch brethren. Although the foreign backed terrorist proxies funded, recruited and trained by the Indian RAW, American CIA and the Britain MI-6 are carrying massive operations to divide our Baluch brothers from their rest of the family but our Baluchi brethren love Pakistan too.

We not only have to make ourselves understand but also prepare for the worst of times now since the upcoming test is tough and requires a lot of sacrifices. The leadership remains beghairat and compromised, political parties keep looting the country; scratching it to the grass root level, the media remains treacherous and continue to serve its masters while the enemies are at the door, banging it with full force. 

Men of Allah have been giving warnings for a long time now, trying to make the sleeping nation realize about the tests beforehand and to rectify their path but all seemed to go in vain as the nation remained in slumber. Now, the saints, Fuqra, Awlia and Darvaish convey Allah's serious Jalal and warn the nation again - perhaps the last time. Tough trials, sacrifices are to fall upon us in no time now. Don't fall for the media propaganda. Despite all odds, Pakistan Army is standing by the country, all alone with no other support. Don't start maligning your own defenders when the enemies are trying to break your door. Get prepared!

No need to panic or despair. All you need is to prepare yourselves as a Momin prepares himself when the forces of Kufr get unleashed over Haq. Time for a massive clean up has come. Dirt and filth will be separated now. Remember it is always darkest before the dawn! Stand firm, stay determined and steadfast as our leader is Syyedi Rasool Allah s.a.ww. Pakistan is under the direct Faizan of Rasool Allah s.a.ww. Pakistan has to lead the future United states of Islam and prepare the soldiers of Ghazwa-e-Hind for this is its divine destiny. Have faith, do your duty! Recite lots of Durud Shareef and seek for Allah's mercy in ample. Sabar, Shukar and Durud always. Remember, 'Pakistan ko kuch nahi hoga, Pakistani apni khair manaien'. Nasrum minAllahi wa fathun qareeb.

Pakistan Zindabad!  

Xharaf Vsm
Pakistan Cyber Force



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