Pakistan Cyber Force: CIA-backed Terrorist Groups burglarize Agricultural Bank, abduct Colonel in Homs, Authorities Clash with Terrorists in Damascus Countryside

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

CIA-backed Terrorist Groups burglarize Agricultural Bank, abduct Colonel in Homs, Authorities Clash with Terrorists in Damascus Countryside

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A CIA-backed armed terrorist group on Sunday burglarized the Agricultural Bank in al-Qseir city in Homs Countryside. An official source told that the terrorist group wreaked havoc on the furniture and other contents and stole SYP 1 million, 4 computers and a television.
In a targetted operation in al-Qarabees neighborhood in Homs, another armed terrorist group abducted Colonel Issam Fayyad al-Numan from a bus while he was on way to his workplace at al-Assad Academy of Military Engineering. Sources added that the terrorists got on the bus, searched the passengers and kidnapped Colonel al-Numan.

Syrian Army Clash with Armed Terrorist Group in Damascus Countryside, Killed Two Terrorists, Wound One and Arrest Six

Weapons siezed from CIA-Backed terrorists
Syrian Army also raided a farm in Tel Kerdi area in Damascus Countryside and clashed with an armed terrorist group hiding in it, leading to the death of two terrorists. One terrorist was wounded during the raid, and six were arrested. The authorities also confiscated a Kia car and a van, both of which were used for transporting weapons to other terrorist groups, and an amount of weapons cache and ammo was seized. Confiscated weapons include AK-47 rifles, a PKC machinegun, and large amounts of ammo.
Authorities Arrest Terrorists and Confiscate Weapons, Explosives and Night-Vision Goggles in Hama.
During their pursuit of an armed terrorist group operating in Masha'a Wadi al-Jouz area in Hama, the authorities arrested a number of terrorists confiscated the weapons in their possession.

An official source told  that confiscated weapons include RPG launchers and rounds, AK-47 rifles and pump-action shotguns, in addition to military uniforms, explosive devices weighing between 10 and 200 kg, offensive and defensive grenades, night-vision goggles, magazines and ammo, and computers.
The source added that the authorities raided a terrorist den in the fields of al-Hersh area on Saturday, arresting gunmen and confiscating their weapons which included assault rifles and RPG launchers.
Authorities Arrested Wanted Men, Confiscate Weapon and Ammo During Raid of Terrorist Den Containing Workshop for Manufacturing Explosives in Daraa Countryside The authorities raided the den of an armed terrorist group in eastern Daraa countryside, arresting a number of wanted men.

A source told during the raid, Syrian Army found a workshop used for making handmade explosives containing materials such as fertilizer, iron fillings, detonators, batteries and remote controls.
Terrorists' ammo workshop

Items confiscated during the raid include hand grenades, AK-47 rifles, handguns one of which is equipped with a silencer, two night-vision goggles, computers, welding equipment, advanced communication devices, ammo, military uniforms, four remote-activated explosive devices, a handmade anti-armor missile, TNT sticks, a machinegun, a hunting rifle, RPG rounds.

The den also contained a field hospital stocked with medical equipment and supplies.
In Daraa city, terrorists tossed an explosive at law-enforcement sources in Basra Square. Upon examination, the authorities saw that the device was cylindrical in form and had openings that launch explosive projectiles in all directions.

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