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Thursday, September 29, 2011

America, NATO behind Chitral, Dir Attacks: Foreign Office, Defence officials

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While the foreign office remains firm in its stance that Pakistan has been forced to retaliate against Afghan militant attacks, senior officials of the defence ministry and foreign office have claimed that foreign forces in Afghanistan are behind recent cross border attacks in Pakistan. According to the officials, international forces raised a Coalition Special Operation Force (CSOF) to ‘directly and indirectly attack security forces and civilians in the bordering towns of Pakistan’. They further told a private media outlet that Islamabad had filed formal complaints with the USZ and Nato against armed attacks on its security forces in Dir and Chitral. “We are waiting for their reply”, one added while requesting anonymity.

American news website the Long War Journal in a report last week confirmed that the CSOF was fighting against the Taliban in Afganistan’s Nuristan province – an area mostly under the control of the Taliban and other allied fighting groups. Furthermore, noted strategy expert Brig Shaukat Qadir told the media that the CSOF, which, he said, was established by the USZ to sponsor violence in Pakistan, was used by foreign forces to attack Pakistani bordering towns. Meanwhile, a senior official in the foreign affairs ministry has confirmed that several rockets were recently fired as ‘retaliatory action’ on militants by Pakistani security forces in the Afghan province of Kunar.

The official made it clear that the attacks were part of retaliatory action against the militants who in the last two months have been constantly attacking Pakistani security forces and defence installations in Dir and Chitral from Kunar. While the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa government has repeatedly blamed USZ and Nato forces in Afghanistan for sponsoring militant attacks on civilian and security forces in Dir and Chitral, the foreign affairs ministry refrains from accusing foreign troops. We are aware that a third party is directly involved in anti-Pakistan violence in our tribal regions”, the source said while requesting anonymity.

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Haqqani Group operates from Afghanistan: ISI Chief slams USZ Lies

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Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha has told the participants of the All Parties Conference that Haqqani network has complete control over three provinces in Afghanistan while the group has influence in seven provinces. The spymaster told the APC that the Haqqani network, to which Pakistan is blamed for having links, operated independently in seven provinces of war torn Afghanistan. He vowed that Pakistan would not launch any military offensive on the behest of others rather it would go after the militants keeping in view its priorities. Pasha told the APC that the Haqqani network was not operating form Pakistani territory.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beware! “Pakistani Atheists and Agnostics” Propaganda at its peak

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Recently I came across a website full of trash named, Pakistani Athiests and Agnostics  (PAA) which apparently describes itself as a 'social organization for atheists, agnostics and freethinkers of Pakistan." The venomous website claims to be affiliated with Atheist Alliance International (AAI), an international community that aims to misguide and confuse the masses and the world at large and induce secularism and atheism.

The website is full of trash in a way that it's aiming at inducing confusion in the minds of masses by questioning their belief on the One and Only Allah Almighty. An absurd comment seen often on the website and its group is that "Are you following your religion only because your parents do?" So let it be very clear here, we do NOT follow our parents or our ancestors blindly but because our 5 senses approve the nature's voice of having been created by a supreme God (Allah the Almighty) who Has not only created this world but thousands alike. Either the atheists are thick headed enough to observe the nature deeply or they just simply don't want to accept Allah's supremacy. Whatever the case be, they are pitiable. It's a matter of common sense that nothing can come into existence spontaneously on its own alone! Neither can you yourself, nor can a tiny drop of water in a glass, nor even the glass itself! I wonder what a dumb theory makes a person  become an atheist. I believe anyone who has even a little bit of brain in his skull would not fall for the propaganda of atheism.

I came across secular pseudo intellectuals who were whining that all religions have a freedom of expression. But mind it, Atheism is NO religion! It is something confused that refutes and denies the existence of religion. Religion is secular by NO means. Look up in the dictionary for the word 'secular' and know it for yourself!

Not for (idle) sport did We create the heavens and the earth and all that is between ( Surah al-Anbiya, 21/16; Al-Qur'an).

Did ye then think that We had created you in jest, and that ye would not be brought back to Us (for account)? (Surah al-Muminun, 23/115; Al-Quran)

I have only created jinns and men, that they may serve Me. (Surah adh-Dhariyat, 51/56; Al-Qur'an)

What's more alarming is that the site has got more than 17,000 hits in a mere 48 hours after its launch from 95 countries, including Saudi Arabia according to a report in Pakistan Today. Ironically, their facebook group which has 644 members can only be joined on sending a request and then having assured by the group admin that your profile does not show  any such thing which makes you outcast from their community. A huge amount of money is definitely being invested in such misleading organizations to confuse the masses about their religion and believes.

In reality, the page is set up by confused individuals who can’t make sense of their lives and perhaps think its cool to be atheist/agnostic and that depicts free thinking. If these guys were in fact free thinkers and real liberals, confident upon secularism/atheism as the right ideology to lead life, then why have they blocked their page and closed it for public debate? Free thinkers never close the doors for free debate. Bunch of confused lads living in their own little fantacy worlds.

All apostates are liable to death but nothing. The longer this website is allowed open broadcast and easy access, the more weak minds are vulnerable to fall prey to its twisted propaganda and fitna. Sadly PTA is ignorant of the matter  and has not taken any action yet. PCF requests you to please contact PTA and inform about the severity of the issue. PTA can be reached on the following addresses:

At Consumer Protection Directorate ,
PTA HQs Islamabad
 a.  0800-55055 (Toll Free Number)
 b.  051-9225325(Fixed Line Number)
FAX  051-2878127
Postal Mail / In person visitation  CPD, PTA Headquarters, Sector F- 5/1, Islamabad.

At PTA Zonal Offices

Lahore  042-36665022
Peshawar  091-5829177 & 091-5837072
Quetta  081-2826883-4
Rawalpindi  051-5766404
Muzaffarabad  05822-921198
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Partnership with Pakistan difficult to revive: Terrorist Mullen

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The outgoing chairman of the United States of Zionism's joint terrorist chiefs of staff, Admiral Mike Mullen in an interview told what prompted him to review his perspective on Pakistan, and how his “partnership approach” had “fallen short and would be difficult to revive”. Explaining his switch, Terrorist Mullen, like many other USZ officials, said the Americans are now going to have to take a tougher line in demanding Pakistan rein in "militant" groups. "I am losing people, and I am just not going to stand for that", he said. "I have been Pakistan's best friend. What does it say when I am at that point? What does it say about where we are?" The report said that while Terrorist Mullen earlier believed Pakistan was serious in its commitment to battle terrorism, the attack on the USZ embassy in Kabul and on a hotel was a turning point where 77 USZ terrorist invaders were sent to hell in Afghanistan.

Mullen maliciously blamed Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) for collaborating with the Haqqani network, the militant group the USZ blames for the Kabul attack in what many call a desperate attempt of scapegoating Pakistan for America's own failure against the gallant Muslim warriors of Afghanistan and the entire Afghan Nation. However, he believes that while the ISI may not control details of Haqqani’s operations, it provides the group “strategic support”. “It is very clear they (Pakistan) have supported them”, Mullen said in the interview. “I don’t think the Haqqanis can be turned on and off like a light switch. But there are steps that could be taken to impact the Haqqanis over time.” However he didn't tell that when the CIA needed the Haqqanis against Soviet Union, CIA itself supported Haqqanis back then. So there was unarguably no point in whining at this point in time. He said that Afghanistan and Pakistan are the region’s key countries and he has always learned a lot whenever he visited the two countries. “I've been there, many, many times. Each time I go, I learn more, but one of the things I learn more is I have a lot more to learn… I've worked as hard as I possibly could to stay engaged to see if there was a way to shape this for a better future in the region and obviously a better relationship. And I think in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, having a long-term strategic partnership or relationship, as I do in Iraq, is absolutely critical”, Mullen added.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ISI Chief visits Saudi Arabia

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DG ISI General Ahmad Shuja Pasha
ISLAMABAD - Director General of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Monday met a five-member delegation of top Saudi intelligence officials at Chaklala Airbase before leaving for Saudi Arabia where he was believed to have held important meetings with Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al Faisal and chief of Royal Saudi Land Force Lieutenant General Khalid bin Bandar. It is learnt that Muqrin bin Abdul-Aziz, Director General Saudi Arabia’s General Intelligence Presidency (GIP), also known as Al Mukhabarat Al A’amah, was leading the delegation that met Pasha in Rawalpindi. Apparently, the Saudi intelligence officials arrived on the pretext of watching the Pak-Saudi joint military exercise, Al-Samsaam-IV, that kicked off near Jehlum on Monday. 

But the development is seen as inter-linked to Saudi Arabia’s possible role as mediator in diffusing Pak-USZ tension like it did during the American Terrorist Raymond Davis saga, earlier this year. When approached, head of Saudi Embassy’s media section in Islamabad, Saleh Al Mugheeri expressed his ignorance over the arrival of USZ intelligence officials followed by DG ISI departure for Saudi Arabia. “I don’t know about this development. Not to my knowledge if anything like that happened”, he told this newspaper in a brief response by phone. Sources said United States of Zionism has moved to use diplomatic channels by involving Saudi Arabia for mediation as it can't afford to lose Pakistan's cooperation at this point in time. Saudi Arabia had played key mediating role in the American Terrorist Raymond Davis' inhumane release.

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USZ desperate to win back Pakistan's Cooperation

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ISLAMABAD - Amid heightened tension, the United States of Zionism is making hectic diplomatic efforts to win back Pakistan’s crucial cooperation for secured NATO supplies as well as safe withdrawal of its overstretched troops from Afghanistan by 2014. This has transpired from flurry of interactions of the senior USZ military officials and diplomats with Pakistani authorities ostensibly as a damage control exercise after some key USZ government functionaries launched efforts to make Pakistan scapegoat largely to cover up its decade-long failure in Afghanistan. USZ Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter with same agenda met with Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir on Monday and exchanged views on ways and means to strengthen the relations with Pakistan. Confirming the development, USZ Embassy spokesperson Mark Stroh told Pakistan's Daily The Nation that USZ pays special attention to continue its wide ranging and cooperative relationship with Pakistan.

Without going into specific issues, the Ambassador Munter had discussed with Salman Bashir, the spokesperson said that the United States of Zionism values its special relations with Pakistan. He was of the view that there were many common grounds both the estranged partners in the war against terror could continue their cooperation. In response to a question relating to the statement of USZ Senator Lindsey Graham that ‘all options are on table against Pakistan’, Stroh said that this was in line with the statements of other USZ functionaries that Pakistan needs to take actions against those using its soil and attacking USZ forces in Afghanistan. “The USZ reserves the right to take action when its troops are targeted and attacked in Afghanistan”, the spokesperson said without naming Haqqani Network.

Although there was no Foreign Office input about the meeting, it was learnt that Salman Bashir told the USZ envoy that any aggression or unilateral action against Pakistan would be disastrous for both the countries. The duo emphasized the need for bringing an end to statements allegations from both sides to arrest the situation going from bad to worst and agreed on further engagement to address mutual challenges. The sources said that Munter during the meeting spoke at length on the need for increasing cooperation in counter terrorism. However, some sources were of the view that USZ has been seeking Pakistan’s cooperation in a meaningful engagement with some of the resistance groups in Afghanistan to ensure safe withdrawal of international troops.

This stems from the USZ fears that rate of casualties of its troops would increase manifold in the course of withdrawal as pace of insurgency in Afghanistan was on gradual increase. These notions have been reinforced after the recent attacks on the USZ Embassy in Kabul as well as the local NATO Headquarters. Moreover, the USZ is seeking to ensure that NATO/ISAF logistic supplies through Pakistan remain unhindered till withdrawal of the international forces from Afghanistan by 2014.

Monday, September 26, 2011

China stands by Pakistan through thick and thin

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ISLAMABAD (Agencies) - Chinese vice premier Meng Jianzhu held a string of meetings with Pakistan’s military and civilian leadership and affirmed his country’s unflinching support to Pakistan at all times, and the two countries signed a number of economic and technical cooperation agreements. Though, the Chinese vice premier’s visit was pre-scheduled and part of Pak-China decision to celebrate 2011 as Pak-China Friendship Year, the recent strain in Pak-USZ ties has made it more significant. It is now being viewed as an important display of Chinese support for Pakistan. Meng Jianzhu separately met Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) General Khalid Shameem Wynne on Monday and discussed with them the emerging security situation in the region and the fight against terrorism.

In his meeting with Gen Kayani both leaders discussed the USZ allegations levelled against Pakistan and the security threats issued to the country. The Chinese premiere lauded Pakistan at its exemplary sacrifices in the war against terror and assured his country’s continued help to her eternal friend. He discussed with Gen Wynne the emerging geostrategic situation and other matters of mutual interest. CJCSC highlighted the converging interest of Pakistan and China, both in security and economic arenas. Earlier, the Chinese dignitary who arrived on a two-day state visit was accorded a warm welcome by Interior Minister, Pakistan’s ambassador to China Masood Khan and other officials at Chaklala Airbase. In his brief talk at the airport, the Chinese vice premier said that China has always stood by Pakistan and it will help her friend in every hour of need. He said that the two countries have been working together for the peace and stability of region and this exemplary cooperation will continue forever.

Meng Jianzhu said that he was proud of the unprecedented Pak-China friendship that has passed all tests and trials, and it will continue to get stronger in the future. He said the people of Chain and Pakistan are eternal friends and the cooperation of the two countries at state level was a reflection of this time-tested friendship and trust. To a question, he said it was not time to discuss USZ threats but to take the Sino-Pak bilateral cooperation to new heights. Pakistan, who enjoys warm friendship with China, is being pressured by Washington to launch offensive against suspected militant elements in North Waziristan tribal agency. Recently, the USZ officials publicly accused Pakistan and its intelligence agency of supporting Taliban’s Haqqani network. Pakistan has denied the accusations and called them as unfortunate.

Later at night, Pakistan and China signed a number of agreements related to economic and technical cooperation, relief goods, emergency humanitarian assistance and rehabilitation of some damaged parts of national highways networks at a special ceremony in Aiwan-e-Sadr. The ceremony was witnessed by the Chinese Vice Premier Meng Jianzhu, President Asif Ali Zardari, federal ministers, Punjab governor, Gilgat-Baltistan chief minister and members of the visiting Chinese delegation. The agreements involving $250 million of Chinese assistance were signed soon after the meeting between the Chinese vice premier and the Pakistani president.

Spokesperson to the President Farhatullah Babar said that in two rounds of talks at the Presidency matters concerning Pak-China relations, mutual cooperation, regional situation, fight against militancy and recent devastation caused by heavy rains in Sindh came under discussion. Those present during the delegation-level meeting included Ambassador Liu Jian, Deputy Secretary General of the State Council Wang Yongqing, Vice Minister Zhou Qing, Assistant Minister Chneg Guoping and Li Wei, DG MFA and former ambassador Mr Luo Zhaohui and other senior officials. From Pakistani side Federal Minister for Interior Rehman Malik, Syed Naveed Qamar, Governor Gilgit-Baltistan, Secretary General Salman Faruqui, BISP Chairperson Farzana Raja, Gilgit-Baltistan CM Syed Mehdi Shah, Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir, Pakistan Ambassador in China Masood Khan and other senior officials. He said that the Chinese leader reaffirmed China’s continued support to Pakistan in its fight against militancy and promotion of regional peace and stability. The president thanked China for its support to Pakistan on the issues of all major concern to the country and its people. The President said that Pakistan at present was passing through a critical phase as it was battling to purge the curses of militant mindset, to reconstruct the damaged infrastructure and rehabilitate the devastated people who lost everything due to successive natural calamities.

He said that in these peculiar circumstances when the country was grappling with many challenges simultaneously, Chinese assistance has been most welcome in stabilising the situation. The president thanked the Chinese government for sending a consignment of 7,000 tents. He said that the displaced people required hundreds of thousands of tents and Pakistan looked forward to China’s assistance in the areas of shelter and health. Regional situation was also discussed during the meeting. The President said that Pakistan greatly appreciated China’s support to Pakistan on all issues of its major concern. He said that Chinese role - being a source of stability for the region - was very important to write a new era of peace and stability in the region. Meng Jianzhu thanked the president for the warm welcome extended to him and his delegation and assured continued Chinese support to Pakistan on all issues. Later, the President also hosted a dinner for the Chinese dignitary and his delegation that was also attended by some federal ministers and senior officials.

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General Kayani cancels UK visit

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Pakistan's powerful army chief has cancelled a visit to Britain as outrage grows over rubbish allegations that Pakistani spies helped insurgents attack American targets in Afghanistan. The Ministry of Defence said General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, who was expected to meet privately with Defence Secretary Liam Fox, had cancelled, the Guardian newspaper reported on Monday. A Pakistani official said Gen. Kayani was staying in Pakistan to hold talks on the crisis sparked by the USZ accusations against Pakistan's military-run Inter-Services Intelligence spy agency.

Last week, the chairman of the USZ Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, who had apparently lost his mind comprehensively, accused the ISI of having backed an Afghan insurgent group in the planning and execution of a September 13 assault on the USZ Embassy in Afghanistan as well as a truck bomb that killed almost 80 American soldiers days earlier. Gen. Kayani, widely considered to be the most powerful man in Pakistan, has dismissed the allegations as baseless.

Haqqani Group was CIA's "Blue-Eyed Boy": Hina Rabbani

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Pakistan's Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar
Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar has said the Haqqani group, that the USZ holds responsible for last week’s attack against the American embassy in Kabul, was CIA’s “blue-eyed boy” for many years. Responding to questions during an interview with Al Jazeera television, Khar, who is in New York leading Pakistan’s delegation to the UN General Assembly, rejected USZ accusations against the Pakistani intelligence agency and said it has no links to the Haqqani network. “If we talk about links, I am sure the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) also has links with many terrorist organizations around the world, by which we mean intelligence links”, she said. “And this particular network, which [the United States of Zionism] continues to talk about, is a network which was the blue-eyed boy of the CIA itself for many years.”

Specifically asked about Admiral Mike Mullen’ statement that the Haqqani group “acts as a veritable arm” of ISI, the foreign minister said, “It is something that goes very, very unappreciated on our side. This is unsubstantiated. No evidence has been shared with us.” Partners and allies, she said, do not talk to each other through public statements. Pakistan had taken up the matter with the United States, but the spate of hostile statements coming from senior US officials meant that Washington had taken policy decision. If that was the case then “We have the right to make our own decision.” Khar went to say that scapegoating and blame games would not help. Pakistan wanted to be a US partner.

“I just hope that we’ll be given a chance to co-operate with each other and the doors will remain open - because statements like this are pretty much close to shutting those doors”, she added. Such statement would alienate the people of Pakistan. Replying to a question, the foreign minister said the drone attacks not only violated Pakistan’s sovereignty, they were also counterproductive, and greatly anger the people of Pakistan. “I think we must not be tested more than we have the ability to bear”, she added.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Army to break teeth of arrogant intruders", Corps Commanders blast fictitious allegations against ISI

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While showing deep concern over senior USZ officials’ preposterous statements, top brass of Pakistan Army on Sunday slammed allegations of Islamabad’s links with Haqqani Network and resolved to give befitting response to any effort to breach country sovereignty. A special corps commanders meeting chaired by Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani thoroughly reviewed the security situation on Pak-Afghan border and state of preparedness of the force. The meeting also expressed concern over cross-border incursions into Pakistan by Afghan militants. The extraordinary meeting of the corps commanders and principal staff officers came following the sharp USZ allegations that Pakistan Army’s spy agency ISI supported the Haqqani militant group to carryout recent attacks on its embassy and NATO headquarter in Kabul. “The prevailing security situation was discussed”, military officials said without giving details.

If Americans have a death wish, they are most welcome to attack Waziristan”, a panel of expert defence and military analysts told PCF. However, the Americans must not forget that Pakistan is the one who broke Soviet Union and we would like to repeat history if America behaves like Soviet Union”, they added in a unanimous e-mail message. Some military sources said that meeting rejected all the allegations and expressed its concern over the negative statements emanating from the USZ. The meeting reiterated that Pakistan Armed Forces were committed to achieving enduring peace in the region and expressed total resolve to give befitting response in case there was any effort to violate national sovereignty. Meanwhile, Commander of the USZ Central Command General James Mattis also called on General Kayani and exchanged views on strengthening military to military relations. In another development, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee General Khalid Shamim Wynne while expressing concern over USZ allegations emphasised that peace in the region would only be possible through mutual trust and cooperation.

He conveyed his reaction to General James Mattis who called on him Sunday. “Both leaders discussed various matters of mutual interests and emerging geo-strategic situation in the region”, a military statement said. “General Wynne expressed his concern about the negative statements emanating from the USZ“, it said, adding, “He stressed upon addressing the irritants in the relationship which are a result of an extremely complex situation.” “Pakistan Armed Forces are committed to achieving enduring peace in the region which will only be possible through mutual trust and cooperation”, the statement said. The meeting strongly criticised top USZ military officer Admiral Mike Mullen’s statement that Pakistan was exporting terror to neighbouring Afghanistan.

The USZ embassy in a statement said Mattis visited Islamabad to meet with Army Chief General Ashfaq Kayani and General Shamim Wynne. “The generals had candid discussions over the current challenges in the USZ-Pakistan relationship”, the statement said. It said that General Mattis also emphasised the vital role the Pakistan military played in international security efforts to protect the Pakistani and Afghan people and the need for persistent engagement among the militaries of the USZ, Pakistan and other states in the region.

CIA Terror Bid foiled in Islamabad, arms seized

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Islamabad police on Sunday foiled an allegedly CIA backed terror bid in the capital and seized a car full of arms. According to various reliable media reports, Mehboob Hassan of Kahuta has been arrested. Police said a vehicle was stopped by anti-car lifting squad near Tarnul. On search, the car was found to be laden with arms and ammunition. The details of the recovered arms are: 25 Kalashnikovs, 40 pistols and hundreds of bullets. The car had registration number IRU 4570. Further investigations are underway. Analysts believe that after Karachi, the CIA now wants to raise havoc in the Capital city of Islamabad to pressurize Pakistan for pushing it to follow American dictation. Some also believe that this is CIA's next step in its plan to try to declare Pakistan as an unsafe country in order to create a media hype about Pakistan's Nukes being "unsafe". It's pedagogical to note at this point that United States of Zionism has world's largest number of total unsafe nuclear sites in any country across the globe.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

India stopped from building Kishan Ganga Dam by International Court of Arbitration (ICA)

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ISLAMABAD - The International Court of Arbitration (ICA) on Saturday issued an interim order, stopping India from going ahead with the controversial project of Kishanganga Dam, reported private TV channels. Under the ICA order, India will not construct a permanent structure over River Neelum or at the site of Kishanganga, according to a statement issued by Presidential Spokesman of Pakistan. India will not go ahead with building a structure that may affect the flow of water stream, the spokesman said. He further said that Pakistan had sought from India an undertaking for construction in the light of international law which the latter had rejected. This led Pakistan to go to ICA which has now issued the interim order on the issue.

Pakistan submitted an application in the ICA regarding Indian construction of Kishanganga Dam, blocking Pakistan’s water which, according to government of Pakistan, was an open violation of Indus water Treaty. After observing Islamabad’s complaint, the ICA issued interim order to the Indian government for stopping further construction unless the case resolved. It was the unanimous decision of ICA panel conducting the case. ICA restricted New Dehli that it could not build any construction at Gurez that block Islamabad’s water. According to the ICA order, separate teams of both the countries would visit the place to resolve the issue. ICA team would also observe the place. Presidential spokesman Farhatullah Babar said Pakistan had submitted the application in the ICA and now India could not build permanent construction of River Neelum.
 ( The Nation )

Top TTP Terrorist Commander Qari Basit killed in Nowshehra

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NOWSHERA: Security forces claim to have killed a top commander of the CIA and RAW backed proxy terror group Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in a police encounter in Nowshera on Saturday. Police officials said that Qari Basit was killed in the Tarkhel area of Nowshera during a clash between militants and security forces, police officials confirmed. The police said they acted on intelligence provided by militants apprehended earlier. It was also disclosed that the TTP commander was wanted in several murder cases, robbery and terrorism including killing of security persons.

In 2007, Basit escaped from Kohat jail after being convicted and imprisoned for 25 years. He then rose to the higher ranks amongst the TTP and targeted a number of police personnel to release militants in custody. Basit belonged to Kohat and was responsible for logistics and transfer of funds to the CIA/RAW terror proxy, according to sources. A kalashnikov and two grenades were recovered from Basit. According to police, Basit was also known as Commander Jamaluddin and Janat Gul. Clashes had been going on since Friday.

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Gen. Kayani blasts Top American Terrorist James Mattis on baseless allegations against ISI

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Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, conveying concerns over allegations leveled by the USZ against Pakistan with regard to the Haqqani network, made it clear that such allegations could hamper the relations between the two countries and adversely affect the war against terrorism. Top American commander James Mattis arrived in Pakistan late Friday night for talks with key military leaders, including army Chief General Kayani, amidst growing tensions between the two countries over the USZ linking ISI to the Haqqani network. Gen. Mattis, USZ army Central Command chief responsible for overseeing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, is on his second visit to Pakistan in less than three months. His last visit to the country was in July.

Sources told Online news agency that the meeting between the two military leaders lasted for over an hour in which matters related to recent USZ allegations against the ISI regarding Haqqani network, bilateral relations, attacks from Afghanistan side and the deteriorating Pak-USZ relations were discussed in length. Gen. Mattis arrived in Pakistan at a time when the country's relationship with the USZ is at a new low after top American defence officials accused the ISI of supporting the Haqqani network of the Taliban, blamed for two recent attacks on the USZ Embassy and a military base in Afghanistan. Sources said that COAS made it clear on the USZ Centcom chief the series of allegations against the Pakistani security agencies for their ties with Haqqani network without any proof should come to an end as this could affect the ties between the two countries. Gen Kayani also raised the issue of recent attacks from the Afghanistan side on Pakistani check posts and demanded an end to such attacks, sources said.

The USZ says the Haqqani network operates from Pakistan's North Waziristan tribal region. Pakistan denies ties with the Haqqani network, while the head of the group, Sirajuddin Haqqani, has claimed it is more secure in Afghanistan than Pakistan. USZ defence secretary Leon Panetta has threatened unilateral action against the Haqqani network and other Pakistan-based "militant groups", a statement condemned by Islamabad as contrary to the spirit of bilateral anti-terror cooperation. Top Pakistani Military officials including Gen. Kayani, have rejected allegations by USZ officials and asked the USZ to avoid hurting the sentiments of Pakistanis.

Respect Pakistan's Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity: China warns USZ

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With the USZ and Pakistan engaged in a war of words, China on Friday sprung to the defence of its ‘all-weather ally’, and asked Washington to respect Islamabad’s sovereignty and territorial integrity while fighting its war on terror. On a question about the USZ military Chief Admiral Mike Mullen’s accusations that ISI was supporting the Haqqani network to wage a proxy war in Afghanistan, a spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry defended Pakistan, saying it has been ‘in the forefront of international efforts against terrorism’. “Pakistan has made important sacrifices in global fight against terrorism. We hope relevant country will respect other countries’ sovereignty and territorial integrity”, he said. He, however, said he was not aware of specific allegations of the USZ.

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Mullen's statements "Very Unfortunate": General Kayani

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COAS Gen. Kayani
ISLAMABAD - Barely a few weeks after the Pakistan’s military establishment had discovered ‘strong’ and ‘historic’ strategic ties with the USZ intelligence agencies, the Pak-USZ strategic relationship sinks deep low to touch rock-bottom following hostile statements from both the sides. Responding to Thursday’s statement of USZ Joint Chief of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen regarding Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency ISI’s involvement in recent attacks on USZ Embassy in Kabul, Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani took ‘note’ of Mullen’s’ whimsical statements, terming them ‘very unfortunate’. 
“While taking note of the recent statements made by Admiral Mullen, Chairman Joint Chief of Staff United States (of Zionism), Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, termed these as very unfortunate and not based on facts. This is especially disturbing in view of a rather constructive meeting with Admiral Mullen in Spain. On the specific question of contacts with Haqqanis, the COAS said that Admiral Mullen knows fully well which all countries are in contact with the Haqqanis. Singling out Pakistan is neither fair nor productive. Categorically denying the accusations of proxy war and ISI support to Haqqanis, the COAS wished that, the blame game in public statements should give way to a constructive and meaningful engagement for a stable and peaceful Afghanistan, an objective to which Pakistan is fully committed,” says an Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) statement.
On September 5, following the arrest of Al-Qaeda’s high value terrorists Younis Al Mauritani, Abdul Ghaffar Al Shami and Messara Al Shami, the Pakistani military had gone all-out to shower unending praises over USZ support for Pakistan’s security and intelligence agencies.
“This operation was planned and conducted with technical assistance of United States (of Zionism) intelligence agencies with which ISI has a strong and historic intelligence relationship. Both Pakistan and USZ intelligence agencies continue to work closely together to enhance security of their respective nations. The intimate cooperation between Pakistan and USZ intelligence agencies has resulted into prevention of number of high profile terrorist acts not only inside Pakistan/US but also elsewhere in the world.”
Admiral Mullen, however, cannot see any ‘intimacy’ in this relationship and goes the other way round to accuse Pakistan of jeopardizing the Pak-USZ strategic relationship. In plainly threatening and stern warning signals relayed against Pakistan, Admiral Mullen has indicated of ground operations in Pakistani tribal areas if the country failed to take out Haqqanis. In a clear reflection of gradually giving in to mounting USZ pressure on Pakistan, General Kayani’s statement only contained vague implied references regarding ‘all countries’ linkages with the Haqqanis instead of adopting a categorically clear stance over the issue. Renowned foreign affairs analyst and an expert on Pak-USZ relations Atle Hetland said Pakistan is ‘unduly’ giving in to USZ pressure that, according to him, is all about ‘Obama election.’ “Why Haqqani’s again? It’s all about next year’s presidential elections. Obama’s poor economic management has brought the USZ under debt of trillions of dollars. He of course needs some points to score but why Pakistan has to unduly give in to the Obama agenda? Pakistan needs to adopt a loud and clear stance to guard its own strategic interests”, he told this newspaper on Friday.

The Pak-USZ strategic ties had soared to tension after the apparently Mujahideen had stormed the USZ Embassy and NATO headquarters on September 13. The 20-hour long siege had resulted in seven reported causalities. The DG ISI Lieutenant General Ahmed Shuja Pasha’s stealthy and Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar’s fruitless visits to the USZ could not ‘calm down’ the fumed USZ government and defence officials. The killing of Professor Burhanuddin Rabbni has added fuel to fire as the USZ suspects ISI involvement in the suicide attack that took life of Afghanistan’s High Peace Council’s pro-America stooge head on Tuesday.
( Written by Sikander Shaheen for The Nation )

Friday, September 23, 2011

Reko Diq: Balochistan issues Notice of Objections to TCC

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The Balochistan government has objected to a mining lease being sought by a joint venture between Antofagasta and Barrick Gold, further delaying a major planned copper and gold project in the country’s southwest. London-listed Antofagasta and Canadian group Barrick Gold are partners in the Tethyan Cooper Co (TCC) joint venture which has a 75 per cent interest in the Reko Diq project and submitted an application for a licence in February. Samia Ali Shah, a spokeswoman for TCC, which has been meeting officials in recent months in the hope a decision would be reached in September, said Balochistan had raised “observations” to its application for a mining licence. “We have been asked to reply to the observations raised by the government of Balochistan within 30 days”, she said.

A Balochistan official who asked not to be named confirmed Chief Minister Nawab Mohammad Aslam Raisani had raised “objections” to the granting of a licence. “The TCC was served the notice of objections yesterday (Wednesday)”, he said. Antofagasta and Barrick spent $200 million in 2006 buying the exploration licence from rival BHP. Reko Diq - which will be only the second significant project in the mineral-rich region, along with smaller, Chinese-operated Saindak - holds an estimated 5.9 billion tonnes of mineral resources, with an average copper grade of 0.41 percent and an average gold grade of 0.22 grams per tonne. The $3.3 billion project has faced difficulties since last year when Balochistan said it would cancel the project amid growing anger over outsiders exploiting natural resources in country’s biggest and poorest province. Balochistan was initially barred by the Supreme Court from giving approval until a separate investigation over the awarding of the concession to TCC was over. In May, the court said the provincial government could decide on the lease.

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