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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Express / Dunya getting funds from American Abroad Media (AAM) - BUSTED

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Hundreds of Pakistani journalists filing reports home from Washington and even at home, are silently receiving their massive salaries from USZ State Department funding, indirectly, through a nonprofit intermediary, highlighting the sophisticated nature of America’s efforts to shape the Zionist Imperialism image abroad. According to a report published in CSMonitor and Express Tribune, Neither of the two media organizations, Express News and Dunya News, disclose that their reporters are paid by the nonprofit America Abroad Media (AAM) on their websites or in the reports filed by their correspondents.

It is highly important that this was exposed in an extremely arrogant manner by the Zionist mouth piece Express Tribune itself who quoted CSMonitor, but did not tell the audience that Express Tribune, along with Express News, are both jointly owned by the International Herald Tribune. The irony of this is that even the man quoted as the champion of Pakistani Patriotism and honesty, was none other than the editor of Pakistan's Herald Magazine Badar Alam who said:
If an American journalist working as a foreign correspondent in Pakistan was paid in a similar manner, would it be morally or professionally acceptable for his news organization or audience?
This is an important proof against the Zionist News Network across Pakistan although Express Tribune and their propaganda colleague CSMonitor said that only two journalists are on American payroll only getting 2 million dollar which is nothing short of a disgusting lie in itself as proven here in this video.

The two names mentioned by the Tribune and CSMonitor were Huma Imtiaz of Express News and wais Saleem of Dunya News, however as mentioned in the above video, this is far, far short of even half truth. Aaron Lobel on the other hand, president of AAM, says his organization receives donations from a number of private funders, too, which it mainly spends on its programs on international affairs that run on Public Radio International in the United States of Zionism. The timing of AAM’s website disclosure – after contact from the Monitor – was a coincidence and the update had been planned for “several months”, he says.
“We are a small organization with two web guys. They are really working hard on the new site – not just about the Pakistan project but on everything we do. Yes, it would have been better to have a lot of information [before]. We have been preparing this site for a long time to provide that information. The content production is done first and foremost [by] Pakistanis who are here and work with their channels back home to produce content”, says Lobel.
Sometimes the Pakistani journalists and editors at home come up with stories. But AAM also holds production meetings where the group’s managing director, Aliya Salahuddin, suggests stories, says Lobel.

( Portions copied from CSMonitor's original article quoting AAM president )

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