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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

USZ military ends ban on Gay Conscripts to become World's First Officially Gay Military

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The United States of Zionism has abolished an army policy banning gay soldiers from openly expressing their homosexuality in the military nearly two decades after it was put into effect. The USZ Department of Defense (DoD) has fully prepared itself for the revocation, while 97 percent of military personnel have been trained to observe the new law without problems, said Pentagon Press Secretary George Little on Monday, BBC reported. The abrogation of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy allows service members to come out of the closet and disclose their homosexuality without fear of dismissal or scrutiny. According to the policy, gays were allowed to serve in the army as long as they refrained from publicizing their sexual orientation, while commanders were not permitted to make inquiries about the issue. Over 14,500 gays have been expelled from the military since then.

The development comes as a number of USZ lawmakers have openly declared their homosexuality in efforts to promote the indecent orientation as normal. Moreover, numerous USZ states have legalized gay marriage. Growing efforts in the USZ to establish homosexuality as a normal way of life are also rampant in the entertainment industry and even the educational system. Last year, USZ Congress voted in favor of putting an end to the law, which was set in place in 1993 under the liberal administration of former Democratic USZ President Bill Clinton. Though some congress representatives were concerned that the revocation would undermine military discipline, Don't Ask Don't Tell Repeal Act was approved by President Barack Obama who affirmed that allowing gay service members to express their lewd sexual orientation would not damage the armed forces. Military recruiters will now accept enrollment applications from openly gay individuals.



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