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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Time to Play in Blood and Fire - Khaak or Khoon (Naseem Hijazi)

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A translation of a speech from khaak aur khoon (blood and soil) addressed to the youth and black sheep with them which is bound to absorb you and make you think that the situation, then and now, is no different! This is a clash of two ideologies and cultures. The Muslims want Pakistan because they are a single nation and a nation needs an independent country to grow, flourish and exceed. Because they are humans and a human is not born to lift the load of slavery of another. When a Muslim acclaims Pakistan he has a defensive trench in his mind where he’ll get immunity from the savageness of Hindus and when a Hindu acclaims for a unified Hindustan he has a widespread hunting ground in his mind where the wolves in majority can hunt without a stop on the minority.

Blood and Soil - Naseem Hijazi
Hindus have unified and organized themselves. If we don’t close our eyes from our future than we will have to be one. Remember! If we are unable to support each other in our struggle for freedom than surely we will accompany each other for a communal destruction. Hindus in all of Hindustan want to build temples for their Idols. They are desperate to return to the past when they would sacrifice untouchables to compensate for their sins. And a Muslim wants to protect his Masjid in one corner where lamps of unity of God dazzle; where humanity, chained with caste, is conveyed the message of justice and equality. A Hindu in unified Hindustan wants Brahmins to dominate, Muslims demand for the Empire of Allah but to this day we do not know what a nationalist or a Gandhi advocate Muslim desires?

These people deny the sovereign existence of Ten Million Muslims. In their sight Pakistan demands for particularism, insularism and is reactionary, and to avoid these dangerous accusations there is only one way; to chain Ten Million Muslims in a united nationality to discard them in a dark ditch, where the groans of untouchables can still be heard. They are nationalists and their Idol cannot be happy unless they sacrifice Ten Million Muslims for it. I’m not convinced to weigh the blessing of independence with bread, however, Hindus who dissolve in the thought of a hunger hit Pakistan will have to confess that if they lose the agricultural provinces than they will have to search for food other than wheat and if Pakistanis require clothes then the industrialists of the world will require cotton from Pakistan.

These people think they are experts in tactics and that Pakistan is defensive and weak. Therefore, with all due respect to their precious suggestion we should reject the idea of the formation of Pakistan and acclaim “Inqilaab Zindabad (all hail Revolution)”, along with a gorget of slavery… The victory and defeat of Pakistan will be decided wherever in Panipat but these hangdogs will dig their graves before death. If the defence of Pakistan is at threat than it will be from these hangdogs. I satisfy them that the smudge of nation sellers on their forehead which we see today, by tomorrow will be recognized by everyone. Not for long will they be able to benefit us from their righteous suggestions. These people are peace-loving and in their opinion Hindu titles will get irritated with the acclaims of Pakistan and will increase fracas and fracas cause sadness to Gandhi’s soul, therefore, if Muslims reject the idea of Pakistan and accept the supreme majority of Hindus than no Hindu titles will get irritated, nor the fracas will increase and neither will Gandhi’s soul be sad, and most importantly the world will no more see us as illiberal or call us factional.

That is, if we, with our happiness, prepare to bury ourselves in the political cemetery of unified Hindustan than the experts in archaeology will comment after seeing our mausoleums that this was the nation who to prove their honor, peace-lovingness, good-will and open-minds, strangled themselves with their own bare hands. Here are the graves of the successors of the Mosque and Red Fort in Delhi who set ablaze their own homes to build the palace of Hindu supremacy. This is the heap of bones of those peace-loving sheep who made the wolves their guards. Pakistan is our last defensive bunker in this country now, this is our last wall to stop Hindu fascism. Pakistan is a matter of life and death. We should not forget that the formation of Pakistan is impossible without struggle. Our enemies are equipping themselves with barbs and spears, if we do not want absolute destruction then we will enter the battlefield acclaiming “ Pakistan Or Death.”

Why should we be distracted of the cry of those people who have left us to join the sailboat of our enemies, who have departed faith in the Lord of Ka’abah to embrace faith in the idols of Bharat. We should now gather all our attention to people who desire to live and die in the name of Islam. We need to convey the message to every part of this country that it’s time to play in blood and fire for our honor, independence and survival. Gentlemen! This is no time for speeches! Bargains or statements! It’s time for command and action!

Written by Sarah Smq
(Edited by Enticing Fury)
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