Pakistan Cyber Force: 12 Terrorists arrested in Karachi including 3 target killers

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Monday, September 5, 2011

12 Terrorists arrested in Karachi including 3 target killers

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According to some of the latest reports coming from Karachi, during a successful raid against the anti-Pakistan assets involved in Karachi violence, Pakistan Rangers and Police have arrested at least a dozen criminals, including 3 alleged highly notorious target killers. The arrests were made during a search operation in different areas of Karachi. Special Investigation Police has claimed to arrest an alleged target killer Shahroz from Lines area. According to police, the arrested criminal has confessed to murdering five people. It is important to note that in the recent days, a large number of Israhell made weapons had been seized from Karachi gangsters which gives rise to the evident chances of Israhell's direct involvement in destabilizing Pakistan which is the only Ideological enemy of the Bastard State of Israhell.

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