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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Partnership with Pakistan difficult to revive: Terrorist Mullen

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The outgoing chairman of the United States of Zionism's joint terrorist chiefs of staff, Admiral Mike Mullen in an interview told what prompted him to review his perspective on Pakistan, and how his “partnership approach” had “fallen short and would be difficult to revive”. Explaining his switch, Terrorist Mullen, like many other USZ officials, said the Americans are now going to have to take a tougher line in demanding Pakistan rein in "militant" groups. "I am losing people, and I am just not going to stand for that", he said. "I have been Pakistan's best friend. What does it say when I am at that point? What does it say about where we are?" The report said that while Terrorist Mullen earlier believed Pakistan was serious in its commitment to battle terrorism, the attack on the USZ embassy in Kabul and on a hotel was a turning point where 77 USZ terrorist invaders were sent to hell in Afghanistan.

Mullen maliciously blamed Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) for collaborating with the Haqqani network, the militant group the USZ blames for the Kabul attack in what many call a desperate attempt of scapegoating Pakistan for America's own failure against the gallant Muslim warriors of Afghanistan and the entire Afghan Nation. However, he believes that while the ISI may not control details of Haqqani’s operations, it provides the group “strategic support”. “It is very clear they (Pakistan) have supported them”, Mullen said in the interview. “I don’t think the Haqqanis can be turned on and off like a light switch. But there are steps that could be taken to impact the Haqqanis over time.” However he didn't tell that when the CIA needed the Haqqanis against Soviet Union, CIA itself supported Haqqanis back then. So there was unarguably no point in whining at this point in time. He said that Afghanistan and Pakistan are the region’s key countries and he has always learned a lot whenever he visited the two countries. “I've been there, many, many times. Each time I go, I learn more, but one of the things I learn more is I have a lot more to learn… I've worked as hard as I possibly could to stay engaged to see if there was a way to shape this for a better future in the region and obviously a better relationship. And I think in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, having a long-term strategic partnership or relationship, as I do in Iraq, is absolutely critical”, Mullen added.



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