Pakistan Cyber Force: Karachi: TTP attacks CID Police chief; is MQM-ANP-PPP nexus linked to TTP?

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Karachi: TTP attacks CID Police chief; is MQM-ANP-PPP nexus linked to TTP?

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KARACHI - An American/Indian Taliban rat car bomber almost flattened the house of a senior counter-terrorism police officer in Karachi on Monday, killing eight people including six policemen. Senior Superintendent of Crime Investigation Department (CID) of Sindh Police Aslam Khan escaped unhurt, but his home was destroyed and he said he knew he was the target, telling a foreign news agency that he had been threatened by the AL-CIA-DA alied TTP (Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan). “It was a car bomb attack on my house”, the SSP said. “I was receiving threats from TTP. Taliban are involved in this attack.”

The American/Indian terrorist war proxy group claimed responsibility for the attack. It was the worst militant hit in a city of 18 million for months. But it was the fourth attack since April in the defence neighbourhood, an upmarket area once far removed from the sort of violence seen along the northwestern Afghan border. Neighbouring houses were also wrecked by the explosion and four cars badly damaged, with a two-metre (six-foot) deep crater in front of Aslam Khan’s home, and rubble, mud and pieces of glass scattered over a large area. “Eight people including six policemen, who were guarding the home, have been killed and several others were wounded”, Shoukat Hussain, another senior police officer said. “A child and a woman were also killed. It was a car suicide attack”. Police said 300kgs (136 lbs) of explosives were used in the blast.

The timing of this attack is extremely crucial. When the entire Karachi Police Force and Rangers were waging a decisive battle against MQM-ANP-PPP-BLA-JSQM backed separatist and anarchist looter groups and Supreme Court was backing up this action to bring back peace in the city, out of nowhere, in the name of "attacking pro-USZ police officials", America/India's own war proxy TTP attacks CID Police chief's home. This clearly means that neither America nor India are liking the continuation of peace and stability in Karachi, and under the garb of "attacking pro-USZ police officials", their local anti-Pakistan terror proxy has now openly declared that it is joining hands with all political enemies of Pakistan. Despite Sirajuddin Haqqani's statement that Haqqani Group is inside Afghanistan, Americans have the audacity to force Pakistan to carry out an operation in North Waziristan when their own remote controlled terror proxies are annihilating Pakistan! It is now high time that Pakistan's Military and Judiciary take decisive step against clearly visible culprits, before things get worse.

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