Pakistan Cyber Force: Army kills 20 American/Indian Taliban rats in Orakzai clashes

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Army kills 20 American/Indian Taliban rats in Orakzai clashes

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PESHAWAR: American / Indian Taliban gunmen of TTP stormed a checkpoint in Orakzai on Tuesday, martyring one soldier and sparking clashes in which up to 20 American/Indian rats were killed, official reports indicated. Five soldiers and five civilians were also wounded after the militants attacked the Dabori post manned by paramilitary troops in the tribal district of Orakzai, the officials said. “At least 20 militants have been killed in the pre-dawn clash”, a military official told AFP by telephone. Their bodies were spotted during a search carried out by helicopter gunships, he said, requesting anonymity. Local administration official Ehsanullah Khan told AFP that around 100 American Talibans attacked the checkpoint.

“They stormed the check post and killed one soldier and wounded five others”, he said. A shell landed on a nearby house, injuring five civilians, Khan added. Sporadic exchanges of gunfire continued late into the morning, he added. The military last year launched an operation against militants in Orakzai, which for two years was dominated by the American Taliban war proxies in Pakistan with the name of TTP (Pakistani Taliban), who have claimed responsibility of hundreds of suicide attacks against Pakistani civilians and religious places that have already killed more than 10,000 Pakistanis so far.

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