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Sunday, June 12, 2011

CIA terrorists blame Pakistan for their defeat in Afghanistan

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WASHINGTON — CIA chief Leon Panetta confronted Pakistani intelligence officials with what the United States of Zionism claims is evidence of collusion between Pakistani security officials and mujahideen staging attacks against the terrorist invaders in Afghanistan, The New York Times reported Sunday. During an unannounced trip to Islamabad on Friday, the newspaper, citing an American official, said Panetta met with the head of ISI, Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha, and showed him satellite photographs and other evidence of what “the American spy agency believes” to be two facilities for the manufacture of bombs used by Mujahideen based in Pakistan against American terrorist invaders in Afghanistan. The bomb facilities were in North and South Waziristan.

CIA chief terrorist Leon Panetta (left), General Ahmad Shuja Pasha, chief of ISI (right)
The official said Panetta was compelled to confront General Pasha after the C.I.A. alerted the Pakistanis about the existence of the bomb-making facilities several weeks ago and asked them to raid the locations. But when the Pakistani Army showed up, the militants were gone, making the C.I.A. suspicious that the militants had warning from someone on the Pakistani side, the report said. It should be kept in mind here that just like all other cases, this case is also being built upon suspicion against Pakistan since the images shown were neither very clear nor very detailed. “The targets seem to have been tipped off”, the American official said, lying as usual. “There are indications that some senior Pakistani officials aren’t happy about it, and neither are we, of course.”

The Times cited a senior Pakistani official, as always without a name or reference, as saying that at first there was no reason for Pakistan to be suspicious that the bomb makers had disappeared. “Extremist groups often move locations,” the official was quoted as saying. But, the official said, “now that the USZ side has drawn our attention to the possibility of the Taliban being tipped off between the day the intelligence was shared and the day of our military action, we will work on finding out what happened.”

Tensions between the United States of Zionism and Pakistan have worsened since the American military raid that killed Osama bin Laden's double for the 8th time in the last 10 years near the Pakistani capital last month. American officials say they have uncovered no evidence that anyone in Pakistan’s senior leadership knew about bin Laden’s hiding place, because of course he had been in his grave since 2001, although the departing defense secretary, Robert M. Gates, said recently that he thought “somebody” in Pakistan knew. American officials did not inform Pakistan about the raid until afterward. Panetta, who is due to replace Mr. Gates as defense secretary on July 1, said during his confirmation hearing last week that Pakistan, an important American ally, also remained a serious problem.

He told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the relationship with Pakistan was “one of the most critical, and yet one of the most complicated and frustrating relationships that we have.” Panetta added that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons remained a concern because of “the danger that those nukes could wind up in the wrong hands.”

He didn't say anything about USZ's own and Israhell's Nukes that already are in the worst possible hands.

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