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Saturday, June 11, 2011

An open letter to Ejaz Haider (Express Tribune's 5th columnist)

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Dear Ejaz Haider (fifth columnist of the Express Tribune):

Ejaz Haider, the 5th columnist traitor
of the Express Tribune
Your open letter to General Shuja Pasha seems nothing to me but a pile of trash with no evidences, facts or logic in the remotest sense. Could you tell the nation on what basis  were you able to pin-point the ISI for this murder even after decisive rejection from ISI's officials? Do you have a finger prints or any other concrete evidence that shows involvement of ISI in this murder? Or is it, just like always, sheer speculation and fancy fiction? And where were you when U235 was obtained from Raymond Davis? I didn't read a single report on your news outlet covering that severe attack on Pakistan's nuclear assets. Seems like your press has forgotten a long time ago, the responsibility it owes to this land, and just stays loyal to your masters (as your press is a joint venture of NY times and the International Herald Tribune) you have even forgotten the etiquette and manners to contribute in a responsible press; You don't have to be so obnoxious and continue with your pathetic rhetoric.

First I would like to ask you to provide even a SINGLE evidence about ISI's involvement in the Journalist Saleem Shehzad's murder. It's a shame that how a learned & a well-informed man like you allegedly accuse the defense institution without even a SINGLE evidence!? The very first fundamental to prove your claim is always to provide a proof. If you don't have sufficient proofs to support your claim and only quote the 5th columnist media; it simply shows the shallowness of your claim and the shallowness of the purpose to write an open letter to Gen. Pasha. Seems like you simply over look the fact that USZ has currently invested 150 million dollars in the Pakistan media and your letters are only to please your masters.

"And what has the agency you head done so far?" once again shows your hollow knowledge because you live in a fool's paradise where all you have to do is to please your masters. ISI apprehended the uranium from Davis (despite severe pressure) which in other case, would have caused serious damage to Pakistan and helped TTP proxies to carry out another false flag drama eventually helping the de-nuclearization of Pakistan. This was a very minute instance that what ISI has done so far just within a month. What have your press done so far except demoralizing the nation by propagating deception, spreading obscenity and indecency in the youth, maligning the armed forces  to please your masters?

It's hilarious how you are moaning "accountability" of the armed forces at this critical hour when the country is on the verge of a physical foreign invasion and there is no one except the armed forces to safeguard the borders. Why not call for the accountability of your own corporate 5th columnist press? More or less, there lies serious responsibilities on your shoulders too to defend this land on the international media but seems like you are not a representative of Pakistan. If you so well understand the theoretical and practical dimensions of statecraft better and more deeply than the entire ISI, yet you're wasting your energies in writing nonsensical piece for the 5th columnist, why don't you do something real productive for your country other than big claims?

Let me make it clear, all what is being said about our armed institutions including the ISI is NOT a result of heat-oppressed civilian brain BUT the psy-ops being carried by the foreign funded fifth columnist media! I would like to end up saying that please stop misguiding the nation, the nation is already in enough distress and knows you and your agenda very well.

Xharaf Vsm
Edited by Enticing Fury
Pakistan Cyber Force



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