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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Express Tribune promoting Indian Conspiracies against Pakistan Armed Forces

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The 5th Columnist Express Tribune is constantly carrying the dirty propaganda to malign the Armed forces of Pakistan. For that, they are going to such a shameless extent that they are happily proving their press to be dumb and deficient in intellect. Recently the traitor Express Tribune has posted an article discussing an absurd video that simply deteriorates our Armed Forces since the source of the Video is so impotent and quite hilarious in itself. The Video up-loader is a hard core Indian named, brahaspati19; aiming at spreading  nonsensical videos against Pakistan. It's shameful how Express Tribune is crossing every limit that they have also over looked whether the evidence is valid or not.

Besides when was the last time Express Tribune posted any good piece patronizing the Pak Army or giving tribute to our Armed forces for their valour and bravery? When was the last time ET discussed the efforts of our Pak Army fighting against the TTP terrorist proxies in Swat and laying their precious lives only to provide us with security? When was the last time ET praised Kargil, Siachen, Operation Buner, Operation Raah-e-Nijat, Operation Raah-e-Rast, Operation Labbaik?! I'm not able to recall it even in distant past!

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