Pakistan Cyber Force: Asma Jahangir (The worst traitor of Pakistan) Exposed bigtime

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Asma Jahangir (The worst traitor of Pakistan) Exposed bigtime

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Look at this venom spitting cobra coiled to sink its fangs into Pakistan's roots. She is the worst example of a staunch and certified traitor born for treason. Just look at her filthy claims and how they have always proven wrong and still no "free judiciary" has taken suo moto to grant capital punishment to this wicked shameless disgrace to Pakistan and Muslim Ummah.

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  1. Haan Aaj bhi byan diya hai us ne ke bohat achha moqa hai Army se jaan chhuranay ka. NGOs ke zareeye se jo paisa aata hai uska koi hisaab kitab to hota nahi, wo aise hi kaamon pe kharch hota hai. Jo mumalik support karte hain wo phir apne kaam bhi karwatay hain. At least kaan to bhar dete hon ge.


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