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Saturday, June 4, 2011

4 detained "American Taliban" freed by Interior Ministry

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Pakistan's Interior Minister, Satan Malik
In yet another real-life drama, 4 foreigners bearded Taliban-style who claimed to be Americans with one of them named as Richard Scott, were detained by the police at a checkpoint near Gora Qabristan in Peshawar late on Saturday night. Despite their arrogance and apparent non-compliance, all four were allowed to drive away by the helpless police reportedly on a call from Interior Minister Satan Malik. On being stopped, the foreigners rigidly refused to cooperate with the security agencies and open the windows of their land cruiser (numbered IDF 7582) or at least hold up their identity papers. Later they put on the dashboard a red diplomatic registration plate, claiming they were American diplomats heading towards the USZ embassy in Islamabad. But their stubbornness to stay in the locked vehicle fuelled suspicions of the security agencies converging on the site.

The Al-CIA-DA mastermind
The United States of Zionism has been busted innumerable times while establishing a network of secret agents in Pakistan to run a parallel espionage network. Following deterioration of law and order in the country and the unilateral American ‘kill Osama for the 8th time’ raid in Abbottabad, the military brass decided recently to thin out the presence of American contractors in the country. Reports said all those American "diplomats" were  bearded like the Taliban and obviously some high ranking officials of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, the rogue CIA puppet terrorist organization, with long beards and turbans defaming Afghan Freedom Movement and destabilizing Pakistan. The TV channel said a chaotic situation emerged when law enforcers signalled a land cruiser to stop. The four American Taliban inside refused to show identity papers or get off. After more than an hour, two of the foreigners told law enforcer that they were Americans. The TV said one of them was identified as Richard Scott, while the names of the others were not immediately revealed. Later, the rest also agreed to show their papers and passports to police. The security agencies scrambled to contact the USZ Peshawar consulate and Islamabad embassy, and the four were freed.

Talking to the media after the release of the foreigners, SP Cantt Shafiullah said the identities of the four "American Taliban" were confirmed with the USZ embassy and consulate. However, he said the police had their limitations on such cases. The episode may well spur a fresh debate on sovereignty as the arrogance with which the four Americans scoffed at the country’s security apparatusis quite symbolic and irritable to the people. Previously, the two countries had their ties touch the lowest point when CIA contractor Raymond Davis killed two Pakistanis in Lahore and later on, Uranium U235 was confiscated from him which he was about to provide to the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (The American Brand) to carry out a false flag nuclear attack somewhere inside the country to give the global perception that Pakistan's nuclear assets have drifted into the hands of the "terrorists" so the "free humanitarian scavengers" should come and wage a war on Pakistan to seize its nuclear assets. Raymond was freed on account of unprecedented meddling by the USZ president bending over backwards to prove that the arrested man was a diplomat and enjoyed "immunity".

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