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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ya Khuda by Qudrat-Ullah-Shahab (r.a)

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Among the humble Fuqra and Darwaish (saints), we had a great personality; Qudratullah Shahab (r.a). Apparently Q.U Shahab Sahab was an eminent Urdu writer and civil servant from Pakistan. He has also written some very popular and fascinating books which have a wide readership in Pakistan and across the globe. His writings reveal the  great man and the hidden saint in him which he never revealed before anyone.

Ya- Khuda is one his popular books. The book is about the situation of the people who migrated from India to Pakistan at the time of partition. One can know what exactly had happened to migrant people that time. Ya Khuda is an eye opener mostly because the author abstains from any form of snobbery. This is Shahab Sahb at his best, constructing a narrative based on reality. A reality that as a nation we have always hid from and have never really come to terms with. This story is a painful journey through the masses of decrepit humanity, sick by the nausea of nationalism, hate, lust and barbarity. The most painful thing the reader is reminded of is the fact that all this was true. As recounted by the millions who had gone through the morass of Muhajir camps. This is essentially the altitude of Q.U Shahab Sahb's literary career. Never before had a story teller described as vividly the horrors of our history.

I would recommend this story to all who can shake away from their natural slumber to wake and come to terms with our past. Maybe through these ghosts we will find the Pakistan that we never understood. Understand the pains of those women and children and men who fell and were never recounted. Of those women who sell their bodies to the blazes of lust and the paying beasts to feed their hungry children. In short this is an important book. Important because it will let us realise the pains of the creation of the country, if only to stand back from our discouraged outlook on the state of this country.

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