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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Afghan Taliban refuse negotiations, USZ war strategy falling apart

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USZ has completely lost the war against Taliban in Afghanistan. Neither does USZ want to admit its defeat in Afghanistan nor does she want to tell the American nation and the West that its entire war strategy has failed tremendously. An extreme reaction has been found in America, Britain and various countries of Europe against the heavy expenditures of NATO and USZ forces. Authentic western diplomatic sources have been indicating that ever since the OBL death stunt, tensions have been increasing between the USZ military and the political forces.

On the other hand, a plan to divide Afghanistan on three axes has been prepared on the diplomatic desk  in the Brussels headquarter of NATO. In the future, USZ plans to divide Afghanistan in three parts and keep its control enforced in one of the parts of Kabul so that even after the deficiency of NATO, a big CIA network remains active in the region. Simultaneously India and Russia are being given control in the region. Indian military wings have been operating in different regions of Afghanistan which are breeding and preparing  terrorist elements in Pakistan, particularly in the region of Baluchistan. Authentic sources have also revealed that despite severe endeavours, USZ has failed to negotiate with the real, effective Taliban groups because these real and effective Taliban groups don't want to indulge in any kind of negotiations with the USZ.

In such circumstances, USZ is to face several difficulties in the Afghan region. The campaign of distributing a large amount of American dollars among the Taliban groups has died itself. The American diplomacy has failed to deliver to establish the expected Taliban connection in Germany with the help of few diplomatic representatives with the USZ administration. The Talibans remain staunch on their lawful demand of getting rid of American invaders from the Afghan region.



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