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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Army blasts outrageous notion of supporting Taliban groups

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ISPR spokesman has strongly rejected the outrageous notion that any particular whatsoever group of Taliban, was being supported by Army. The official TV channel has reported quoting the spokesman ISPR, Maj. Gen Athar Abbas Khan has said that Pakistan Army leads in most effective action against Al-CIA-Da elements, while effective action against remnants was being carried our successfully. He also informed that the issue of (USZ-NATO backed) across-border terrorists from Afghanistan had also been raised with Afghanistan government, and berated global media concerns for their irrelevant and unwanted criticism of Pakistan Army.

He also rejected the yet another wrongly spread notion about a wide gulf between masses and army, and praised the institution for carrying out bulk of developmental projects in FATA and tribal areas, despite ongoing insurgency there. He informed that 40% of Tank-Angoor Adda road was completed, while employment opportunities for tribals were also being created.

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