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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Love for the Foes, hatred for the Guardian. WHY?

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Ever since the staged OBL pathetically lame American circus occured, there's an antagonizing rhetoric increasingly prevailing in the atmosphere against the Pak Army. Either it is in the name of "freedom of expression" & "constructive criticism" by our "enlightened and moderated" class or it is from ignorant citizens simply reproducing the poisonous disinformation fed to them by the mainstream media against the Army in sheer hatred. At the very crucial hour, firstly we need to comprehend that Pakistan IS in a state of war. This is the decentralized Urban warfare where the enemy penetrates so much into the roots of the victim and damage it internally enough, that the victim eventually falls down on its knees with a single final blow required to topple everything upside down. The war is being waged at multiple axes by the militants of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan who are funded, recruited, trained and equipped by CIA and RAW. The MI6-RAW backed BLA creating chaos in the name of "provincial autonomy" in Baluchistan, the MI6's right hand in Pakistan, MQM, creating a havoc by carrying target killings in Karachi on a heavy scale and gradually expanding to Punjab. Besides anyone who has even a little know-how of the current Geo-political scenario knows very well the covert operations being carried inside Pakistan by the USZ and India on a large scale, and the idea is to denuclearize Pakistan. JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command), Black water (Xe) are operating on our soil day and night causing lethal consequences.

7000 illegal visas were approved by the already alleged CIA agent Satan Malik very covertly without the Intel's consent. And when the consequences of the incompetence of the stooge sold out government came in the face of "Raymond Davis", people started allegedly blaming the establishment and the Army. Had the Army and the establishment been incompetent and traitor like the stooge government, Davis would have been freed within a day and the uranium apprehended from him by the ISI (despite pressure) would have caused vital damage to our nuclear assets by giving him an opportunity to supply it to TTP proxies to carry out a false flag nuclear attack of which the "international vulture community" could take advantage of for facilitating denuclearization of Pakistan.

Besides the physical insurgencies, the CIA executes psychological operations (PSYOP) through the agency’s Special Activities Division (SAD) which in turn is a part of the National Clandestine Service. The USZ Army also conducts PSYOPs through the 4th Psychological Operations Group (Airborne) which is a dedicated PSYOP unit. It is on record and already documented that how enormously CIA carried the PSYOPs during the WW1 and WW2. It has also executed extensive PSYOPs in Korea, Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua, Sweden and during the two Gulf Wars. The CIA's current target is the ISI. The CIA’s Tactical PSYOP is targeting to deplete ISI’s solidarity by severely dismantling ISI’s internal cohesion. CIA is bent upon three things:
  1. reducing morale
  2. promoting controversies
  3. inducing defection

The idea of demonizing the ISI and the Pak Army is to make both the security institutions lose the support of their people. This would go in the greater interest of the enemy to denuclearize Pakistan since ISI and the Pak Army are the only two obstacles in their path preventing them from dismantling the nuclear assets of Pakistan. Simultaneously, CIA’s Strategic PSYOP is targeting the Pakistani population at large. Here it aims at rupturing ISI's reputation within the Pakistani population along with maligning the Pakistan Army consequently creating confusion and misconception between the armed forces and the nation. Once the Army loses the support of it's people, the enemy is half won.

Ironically the weapon used for the psychological operation (PSYOP) is the media of Pakistan. Pakistan media has been playing a vital role in demonizing the Pak Army and the ISI. Such questions are raised by the sold out media that induce sheer confusion in the minds of masses consequently ending up the masses abusing and blaming the Army and the establishment. Before highlighting the treacherous attitude of the media, Don't forget that USZ has recently invested 150 million dollars in the Pakistan media. Following questions are heavily induced in the minds of the people:
  1. Why don't our Armed forces stop the drone attacks? (Why doesn't the media highlight traitor Satan Malik's statement that Pakistan is NOT capable to shoot down the drones while simultaneously PAF said that it CAN shoot down the drones "if permission granted"?)
  2. On each and every suicide bombing by the CIA manufactured TTP, media puts a question mark whether our Armed forces were in slumber? (Why doesn't the media highlight that the Army has been engaged in a reactive war at multiple fronts within the country itself?)
  3. Recently media and the population have been whining to cut the defense budget when the defenders have been engaged at multiple fronts. (Why is the appropriate amount of money causing so much pain to the media whereas there is no account for the looting and infinite corruption by the traitor government, the parliament and the filthy politicians?)
While highlighting the Abbotabad failure and repeatedly targeting the Army why didn't the media also highlight that the most corrupt man on the planet Earth; President Asif Ali Zardari was the supreme commander of the armed forces and the Army was not fully authorized to take decisions regarding defense of the country?? Are we this selfish to forget the endless sacrifices made by our Jawans at the time of 65, 71, Kargil, Operation Raah-e-Nijat, Buner operation, Operation Raah-e-Rast, Operation Labbaik so forth and so on up to today? Do we not remember the severe teeth shattering cold that often dip to −50 °C where the sons of this land are left alone to face in order to provide us warm cozy sleep?

Pak Army at the freezing cold spot of Siachen
By emphasizing on cutting the defense budget of the Armed forces you mean to say you are in NO more need of the Armed forces to safeguard this land. Let me ask the media brainwashed masses that why are the Armed forces only called upon whenever any upheaval or casualties occur? Whether it be the attack on Lal Masjid, Whether it be the attack of militants in Sawat, whether it be the insurgencies in North Wazirsitan, whether it be the attack on naval base, so forth and so on? Who's there always to protect your life on the jeopardy of his life? Who's there to safeguard this land against various odds?  Who's laying his unspent life to buy a peaceful tomorrow for us? Who's there to bear the abuses of not only CIA, RAW and the TTP but also you and yet they don't stop their duties? Is it the incompetent government or is it the corrupt parliament or is it some sold out politician contributing from his swiss bank accounts? It's ONLY the PAK ARMY! Just take out the Pak Army from this land for a single day, and see what stops the foreign terrorist invaders breaking into your houses and looting your sisters? Haven't you witnessed the demise of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now Sudan? or haven't you learnt any lesson from it?

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