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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

CIA attacks military check post in Quetta

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According to reports, at least five people were killed and some others wounded Tuesday when 3 CIA backed TTP suicide bombers targeted a check post in the outskirts of Quetta. A bomber detonated and killed himself and two others, while another two female bombers were shot dead by the security forces. Along with the suicide attacks, some CIA-TTP militants also fired at the check post of the paramilitary Frontier Corps and exchange of fire was heard between the security forces and the militants. It is important to note at this point that out of dozens of Muslim groups waging war against terrorist invaders of USZ, UK, NATO and their allies, CIA backed TTP is the only fake group in disguise of Muslims that targets nobody except Pakistani civilians, Pakistan Army and Pakistani religious holy places. According to earlier reports collected by sources including Pakistan's leading defence Analyst and former volunteer Jihadi soldier against Soviet Union in Afghan war, Zaid Hamid, TTP is a fake Taliban outfit backed, recruited and supported by Indian RAW and American CIA who have joined hands against their common ideological enemy which is Pakistan.



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