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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Undercover agent Asma Jahangir attacks Pakistan's roots

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A well known undercover agent working under the disguise of "human activist" and a "Pakistani lawyer", Asma Jahangir was recently found spreading enemy's message against the Army with sheer nonsensical reasoning. She shamelessly accused the Pakistan Army and the establishment for every single upheaval that took place in the country. She said that she doesn't care if "America or Africa" attack us. She said that Pakistan Army and the ISI are the ones supporting and feeding the terrorism in the country by backing the terrorist militants (like TTP). "We beg them to go home", she shamelessly adding at this hour "accountability" of the Armed forces should be taken.

  • Asma Jahangir should get her dumb knowledge straight before whining against the Army before the entire media. She wants the soldiers to go to barracks, then who is engaged in a reactive war within the country at multiple fronts, encountering the TTP terrorist militants, the multiple insurgent groups like BLA, facing the NATO and the terrorist USZ soldiers at the borders of Pakistan? Is it Asma Jahangir's father, or she herself?
  • She pleads before the Armed forces to stop their "notanki", this is enough to define her origin. Enough proof whose language comes from her filthy mouth.
  • If fighting a reactive war against the "Khawarji" militants like TTP is supporting terrorism, then how would Asma Jahangir justify her "meetings" with India's top ranked terrorist organization Shiv Sena's chief Baal Thackeray?
  • At this crucial hour she calls for the accountability of the Armed forces, what about the accountability of the incompetent PPP regime in Islamabad who has made us stand on the verge of war? What about the accountability of the corrupt parliament looting the country with both hands? Traitors like Zardari, Satan Malik, Nawaz (far from) Shareef are busy filling their "swiss bank accounts" while the country is starving of deliberately manufactured food, energy & water crisis.
  • By pleading before the entire 5th columnist media and begging the Armed forces to leave and "go home", the shameless traitor actually wants Pakistan to be pushed in the battle field without the soldiers to fight. Is Asma herself going to get armor and get in the battle field, or will plead for "mercy" from the Shiv Sena terrorist gangster when being attacked in the absence of the Armed forces of Pakistan?

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