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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PCF sensored by Google (CIA)

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This is for the 3rd time in a week that Pakistan Cyber Force has been attacked by Facebook as well as Google's service Blogger.

On the other hand, Google has now openly started hindering in our work and the self proclaimed champions of freedom of speech deleted these articles from Pakistan Cyber Force blog:

  1. Patriots show support for Pak-Army & ISI in Islamabad Rally
  2. Pak Terror Havoc wrecked by CIA's Fake Taliban
  3. Zardari's political activities banned by Lahore High Court
  4. Traitor Nawaz Sharif shows his true face
  5. High alert in Punjab after CIA attack on FC Cadets
  6. CIA terror plan foiled in Nowshehra

When they were put back on the blog, within a couple of days the blog posts were turned into "non-published" drafts. It is obvious that Facebook and Google can't stand the truth, but this also shows that they are scared to death from the fact that truth is getting out to masses and they're trying whatever they can to stop it, but truth shall prevail always inshAllah. On the other hand, we request our followers / fans to take part in this cyber war and help in spreading the word by copying / reproducing on your facebook profiles / pages / blogs so that we can get the truth out to the world. That is PCF's only objective and we shall remain steadfast inshAllah.



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