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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CIA terror plan foiled in Nowshehra

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Police foiled a terror plan after defusing a roadside planted bomb on G.T. Road here in Nowshehra on Wednesday. According to details, Nowshehra police came to know about a bomb kept in a shopping bag at Hakimabad U-turn on G.T. Road. Police along with the bomb disposal squad rushed to the site and defused the bomb before blast. After the incident, the police launched an immediate search operation in the area and arrested 30 suspects.

Sources said that CIA's TTP is the most likely to be involved in this kind of activities against innocent civilians keeping track of all the terror attacks carried out by them in the vicinity. And this makes perfect sense as this type of attacks could be very helpful for the CIA to spark a public aggression against Pakistan Army which could then be very easily hijacked after a few more pin-point targeted drone strikes on innocent civilian homes and vehicles. Thus, pressurizing Pakistan Army to start an operation in North Waziristan anyway.

Prior to this terror plan, the terrorists tried to blow a school van with planted bomb in the same area but police succeeded to defuse that as well before the blast.

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