Pakistan Cyber Force: Israhell, Egypt attack Gaza bound Malaysian Aid Ship "Spirit of Rachel Corrie"

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Israhell, Egypt attack Gaza bound Malaysian Aid Ship "Spirit of Rachel Corrie"

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According to incoming reports from Global Research and international news agencies early today, the Israhelli military has fired on the Spirit of Rachel Corrie, a Malaysian ship carrying a humanitarian aid cargo to Gaza. Perdana Global Peace Foundation, which sponsored the aid, said in a statement that the ship was shot at on Monday when it entered the Palestinian security zone. Global Research reports the ship was attacked in international waters. The ship departed the Port of Piraeus, Greece, last Wednesday carrying 7.5 kilometers of UPVC sewage pipes to help restore the devastated sewer system in Gaza. The crew reported that the Spirit of Rachel Corrie was intercepted by an Israhelli ship and a Egyptian ship in international waters. “They circled our ship twice and fired across our ship. Machine guns. No one was injured”, a timeline posted on the Global Research website reports. “The Israhelli ship was coming from one end and the Egyptian ship was coming from another end. Firing. We are just stalled now. Everybody is okay. No one is injured.”

“In a subsequent communication from the boat, it would appear that Israhell sought the active collaboration of Egypt in the interception of the humanitarian mission to Gaza, involving prior coordination between the Israhellis and the Egyptian navy”, writes Michel Chossudovsky. On Sunday, the Israhelli military shot and killed at least 20 Palestinian protesters in Nakba rallies around the region. Ten were killed on the Lebanese side of the border after protesters approached a fence separating Israhell from Lebanon. In Gaza, demonstrators were shelled while in an additional ten were killed on the Syrian border. Nakba Day, or Yawm an-Nakbah, is an annual day of commemoration for the Palestinian people of the displacement that accompanied the creation of Israhell in 1948. In March, the Israhelli Knesset passed a law making observation of Nakba Day illegal.

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