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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Afghan(non-CIA) Taliban blast America's negotiation charade

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If empty words and hypes were ever to yield results as Washington and Kabul are trying to prove, then by now, the Islamic Emirate and the occupation forces would have reached a tangible outcome. However, when actions are opposite to words, then it becomes merely a deception game. The same is the case concerning negotiation the White House has been harping on so much. Instead of following a pragmatic and sincere approach to solution of issues, the United States of Zionism sets the highest example of hypocrisy of modern times by terrorizing nations under the name of eliminating terrorism, and occupying them in the name of emancipation.

Nowadays, we hear two hot topics: the negotiation between the Islamic Emirate and USZ and the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan. But unfortunately, America wants to pave way for elimination of the current armed Jihad and resistance under the name of negotiation and further ensconce themselves in Afghanistan under the pretext of drawdown. These ploys can be read on the faces of the top brass of Pentagon, the rulers of the White House and their caressed surrogate Karzai. Contradiction of words and intention are clear from the tone of their rhetoric.

In the first place, one could question the presence of tens of thousands of foreign troops and sophisticated weapons in Afghanistan. Is it not irrational, that you invade my country, then you kill me and accuse me of being a terrorist, then impose your conditions on me, that if I want to live in my land, I have to surrender to you and accept all your conditions. Still more to presume that I am free and live an honorable life as any free man. It is the same scenario in Afghanistan. The bully does not intend to leave but puts forward gestures of reconciliation with an aim to further loot the country and enslave you. This is the meaning of “a Just War” in the NeoCon dictionary.

If the United States of Zionism is really serious in negotiation, it should adopt diplomatic solution of the Afghan issue as a policy not as a hype or a ploy. But first of all, there should be confidence-building measures before any negotiation. How is it possible, that on the one hand, American Special Forces kill innocent Afghans during night raids on wrong reports, thousands of best sons of the Afghans have been festering in the open and secret jails of America and, on the other hand, they put forward peace overtures. All partners of the coalition invading forces under the leadership of America, must initially accept, the current Afghan resistance as a genuine resistance force against the foreign occupation.

Furthermore, the Afghans should have all the rights the UN Charter bestows on free people, including formation of a regime according to their will and aspirations and having an independent and sovereign country. Lets be pragmatic. Biased and emotional approaches have landed America in quagmire of trillions of dollars of debt and hasty invasions. America has committed the most horrendous violations of human rights while it was supposed to protect them and be a standard-bearer of justice and fair play in the world. But the human rights violations committed by American troops in Abu Gharib, Guntanaomo and Bagram jails are some of the gruesome crimes that even Genghis of the yore has not perpetrated. If American wants to regain its image, it should reverse all its approaches that has put the world on fire.

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