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Monday, May 23, 2011

China to take control of Gwadar, transfer naval / air technology to Pakistan

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Pakistan's Prime Minister's just concluded visit to China has opened new vistas of cooperation between the two countries and effectively removed the impression that Pakistan stands alone when various countries are out to mount pressure on it on account of the Osama episode. New initiatives in the defence production would strengthen Pakistan defences against foreign aggression. The new understanding between the two states will also frustrate the designs of ‘hostile’ countries like USZ, UK, NATO, Israhell and India that are averse to Pakistan making progress in those areas that can help strengthen its defence and improve the lot of its people.

Gwadar, the rapidly developing port city of Pakistan
Pakistan’s offer to China to set up a naval base at Gwadar and the latter’s willingness to do the same and also take over operations of the Gwadar Port will further strengthen the defence capability of the Islamic republic. At present, Singapore Port Authority is in control of the port, but there are indications that the government will review the terms of agreement with a view to handing over the project to China at the earliest possible. Once the control goes to China, the situation in Balochistan is expected to witness a qualitative change. Enemies of Pakistan including United States of Zionism, UK, Israhell and India have been using all dirty methods to create differences between Pakistan and China. For this purpose, they used their stooges to kidnap and kill the Chinese engineers and experts working in the area. The purpose was to create an atmosphere that the Chinese left the area and other foreign investors did not dare go for any project in the province.

These countries have also been sponsoring separatist movements, although they have not succeeded in their designs. The enemies of Pakistan did not spare even the Saindak project, which also had a long chain of downstream industries. According to informed sources, China is willing to extend all possible cooperation in various fields, including technological, to enable Pakistan to stand on its own feet. For this purpose, it is also ready to transfer technology, something Pakistan cannot expect from other so-called allies. During the prime minister’s visit, Defence Minister Ahmad Mukhtar met with Chinese officials and exchanged views on a number of projects. “Pakistan requested for frigates of 4,400 tons on credit basis. We also requested the Chinese to train our personnel in running submarines”, the minister said in a statement.

Pakistani PM Yousuf Raza Gillani (left) ; Chinese PM Wen Jiabao (right)
It is said that while China had already given three frigate warships to Pakistan, it now wants it to make more frigates at home through Chinese technology and the fourth frigate warship is being built at the National Shipyard in Karachi. Similarly, China will give 50 more JF-17 Thunder aircraft to Pakistan, after which the country will be asked to produce more locally. According to Mukhtar, the prime minister also asked his counterpart, Wen Jiabao, to consider inducting the JF-17 Thunder aircraft into the PLA (Peoples Liberation Army) fleet as it would enable Pakistan to sell a large number of the planes to other countries. Experts say that once China built a naval base at Gwadar, Pakistan will be able to claim that it had a navy strong enough to take on its mighty rivals. They are also of the view that Pakistan has started considering all options that can lessen its dependence on the USZ. They say that President Zardari’s recent visit to Russia and offering access to warm waters should be seen in the same context. Sources say that Pakistan wants to diversify its defence sources as keeping all eggs in one basket, as done in the past, had proved a wrong decision at critical times.



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