Pakistan Cyber Force: "ISI will abandon War on Terror": ISI Chief General Pasha blasts CIA station chief

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

"ISI will abandon War on Terror": ISI Chief General Pasha blasts CIA station chief

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ISI Director General Lt-Gen Ahmad Shuja Pasha held a meeting with CIA station chief Mark Carlton in Islamabad today, according to media reports. According to sources, the ISI DG in meeting with the CIA station chief strongly protested over not taking Pakistan into confidence on May 2 raid in Abbottabad and warned of severing the ties between the two intelligence agencies.
Lt. Col Zaheerul Hassan (R) wrote on Kashmir Watch:

According to the credible sources, ISI chief Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha personally delivers threat to CIA Islamabad station Chief Mark Carlton: "We will declare we are out of your war on terror and ask you to move all your assets out of from Pakistan, CIA is penetrating Pakistan government".

The intelligence officials have given a clear message to Washington that the United States of Zionism will be responsible for consequences in case of repeat of such operation within Pakistani territory, sources added. It is critical to note that this reaction has come from ISI's powerful chief after the Zionist mainstream American / British media has started unloading its typical comic fictitious propaganda against ISI declaring it as a supporter of the so called "terrorists" when in reality CIA is backing TTP Terrorists and MI6 is backing BLA and MQM in Pakistan.



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