Pakistan Cyber Force: No Osama Bin Laden hideout found in Haripur

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Monday, May 9, 2011

No Osama Bin Laden hideout found in Haripur

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HARIPUR - Local and foreign journalists again visited the nearby Chak Shah Muhammad for a second day on Sunday to get a clue of the place where Osama bin Laden lived along with his family before moving to Abbottabad, as claimed by one of his arrested wives. They went form place to place and talked to the locals, but found no such place which Osama possibly would have used. One of the widows of Osama had reportedly told investigators that the family lived in the small village for more than two years. The local residents are of the view that instead of disturbing the people, it would be better to ask the woman to come here and identify the house the family had been living in. Many think that the peaceful village is unnecessarily being brought into media spotlight.



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