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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pakistan stops issuing Visas to USZ officials / USZ Military soldiers

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According to media reports (online + N.N.I), an American newspaper has claimed that after American led OBL circus, Pakistan has stopped issuing visas to American intelligence personnel as well as American soldiers. Neither the American government officials are being issued any more visas nor the American Special Forces soldiers are being given any more visas who had been training FC security forces. The newspaper continued to write that since 2001 till today, USZ has not given the promised amount of aid to Pakistan and despite Pakistan's tremendous sufferings in the so called "war on terror", only $15 billion have been given to Pakistan so far and under Kerry Lugar bill, only $300 million have been given to Pakistan. High military officials told BBC that despite high promises of America, they have only given $10 billion to Pakistan in exchange of bills worth $11 billion. Military officials added that out of this amount, only $1.6 billion were received by Pakistan Military whereas all the remaining amount was deposited in the federal government's treasury.



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