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Friday, May 13, 2011

Pak Terror Havoc wrecked by CIA's Fake Taliban

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Much of the information-gathering network of Pakistan’s supreme security service was curtailed in the tribal areas in General Pervez Musharraf’s era, consequently giving the edge to America’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), it is reliably learnt. The entire territory of North and South Waziristan was given in the direct access of the CIA which has since developed its stronghold in the belt. The CIA’s operations suspended in Balochistan, Punjab, Islamabad and other areas of the country after the Raymond Allen Davis (RAD) incident and the mysterious episode of Osama bin Laden have also been restored, sources said. To a query, sources said the CIA operatives have infiltrated the Taliban and Al-Qaeda networks and have created their own Tehrik-e-Taliban (Pakistan) force, which has been recruited, trained and equipped by these CIA operatives to target the Pakistan Army personnel, armed forces’ installations, markets, hospitals, schools and public places to destabilise Pakistan.

They claimed, the Soviet Intelligence Agency SVR had already disclosed that RAD and his network have provided Al-Qaeda operatives with chemical, nuclear and biological weapons so that installations in the USZ may be targeted and Pakistan be blamed and pressed to do more of the USZ’ dirty work such as conducting operations in North Waziristan.

“After the civil government justified the CIA operation in Abbottabad all of them have again indulged in their original nefarious activities”, sources added.

In the words of two American journalists Julian E Barnes and Adam Entous:

“Following wishes of President Barack Hussain Obama, the number of CIA personnel in Pakistan has grown substantially in recent years. The exact number is highly classified. The push for more forces reflects, in part, the increased need for intelligence to support the CIA drone program that has killed hundreds of militants with missile strikes.”

A former ISI Punjab regional commander Brigadier (r) Ghazanfar said the CIA has established its parallel intelligence network. He said the CIA always establishes its network according to their needs and demands, which has been established in Pakistan not only in tribal but in urban areas also and the RAD incident is enough to quote here.

“Days after the mystery of 9/11, the CIA operatives landed in Pakistan in order to train Pakistani troops and authorities concerned for counter terrorism but with the passage of time, their demands increased and now the CIA network has a strong grip,” he added.

Appreciating the role of the supreme security agency, the former commander said the ISI carried out successful operations in various parts of the country and apprehended Al-Qaeda operatives including Al-Faraaj, Khalid Mohammad Sheikh, Khalid Bin Atta, Al-Libbi and Mullah Bradaar.

“We must have a check on the Interior Ministry and the CIA activities in national interest before the situation has virtually become out of control”, he remarked. Similarly, ex- ISI Punjab regional commander Brigadier (r) Aslam Ghuman said, “During my visit to the USZ, I learnt Israeli spy agency Mossad, in connivance with Indian agency RAW, under the direct supervision of CIA, planned to destabilise Pakistan at any cost”. The commander further said Pakistan has the best army, the best intelligence network and the best public, but unfortunately not the best rulers. “Obama needs votes in the coming elections and all of this drama was staged to defame Pakistan across the world”, he added.

Former Punjab Military Intelligence (MI) chief Brigadier (r) Mohammad Yousuf said over 7,000 CIA operatives have been conducting a warfare within Pakistan. Reportedly, these operatives arrived in Pakistan by special permission granted by Hussain Haqqani, the Interior Ministry and the president’s blue-eyed ambassador, without proper clearance of their visas by the supreme security service of Pakistan. The ex-MI chief said the government must revisit its policies and frame a long-term strategy in national interest. Brigadier (r) Yousuf warned that the country’s leadership should keep in mind that after her vested interested are served, the USZ would leave Pakistan in the doldrums as it did after the USSR’s defeat in Afghanistan. According to classified information, out of 7000 CIA operatives, about 1237 highly skilled Marines, intelligence, security and guerrilla warfare experts have been placed in its embassies and consulates under the grab of diplomats.

About 1100 Marines have been placed in the federal capital, 26 in Lahore, 50 in Karachi and 61 in Peshawar, while over 200 bulletproof vehicles that landed at the Karachi port have also been registered and later provided to 250 CIA operatives who arrived in the port city last year.



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