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Sunday, May 22, 2011

CIA-RAW backed TTP attack Mehran Naval Airbase

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CIA-RAW backed TTP terrorists attacked Pakistan Navy’s aviation base in the port city on Sunday night, killing several people and destroying a P-3 Orion surveillance aircraft, security officials said, in what appears to be a desperate USZ effort to weaken Pakistan Naval defence and surveillance system before their Aircraft carriers arrive for a possible invasion of Pakistan. Another aircraft was reported damaged in a late-night blast at the facility. 4 naval officers embraced martyrdom while fighting the terrorists. Intelligence officials said between 15 and 20 attackers were inside the PNS Mehran base. They launched a joint attack from three sides on the hangars housing aircraft. Rockets were fired. Witnesses said they heard sounds of gunshots and could see smoke rising from the buildings. “We have four dead and at least 10 wounded but the number could rise”, a security official, who declined to be identified, said. A separate unconfirmed report said foreigners were among the injured.

Mehran Naval Airbase, Karachi
Six of the attackers were killed by the commandos and security men while four of the terrorists were taken into custody alive, one of them injured, it was learnt. After the terror attack, army and paramilitary forces arrived at the scene swiftly. Battalions of the Rangers were allowed to enter the base. Later the lights were switched off and fire shots were heard. The mobile and landline telecommunication systems to the PNS-Mehran base were also jammed during the operation. Police and other high ranking officials were also waiting outside the base as they were barred from entering the base. “It’s a terrorist attack. They are inside. They have attacked a navy air station”, said provincial home ministry official Sharfuddin Memon. “One of the four aircraft inside the premises has been damaged”, he added. Later scores of soldiers and navy commandos entered the base as reinforcements, where flames and smoke could be seen rising into the night sky.

Seven blasts and periodic bursts of gunfire were heard. Commander Salman Ali, spokesman for the Pakistan Navy, told AFP that members of the security forces were fighting against gunmen. “An exchange of fire with terrorists is continuing. Their firing is fading away and we have launched a search operation”, he said. TV footage showed fire and a cloud of smoke. A four-engine naval aircraft was shown on fire. CIA-RAW backed (Al-CIAda) Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan militants, who are the only group of so called fighters who have vowed to avenge the killing of Osama bin Laden that took place 10 years ago, have carried out several attacks since his assassination circus on May 2. On April 28, CIA-RAW militants detonated a roadside bomb in Karachi, killing four members of the Navy, the third attack on the Navy in a week. The attack came two days after two bombs hit buses carrying Navy personnel, killing four people and wounding 56. CIA-RAW sponsored, backed and recruited TTP insurgents took responsibility for the twin attacks.


  1. Nice article. Most likely this was a CIA-orchestrated attack; if not, it will certainly be used to justify future intervention in Pakistan's nuclear affairs. See you if agree with this article

  2. Agree a 100 percent............


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