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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Traitor M(B)usharraf barking against ISI

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Pro Israhell Traitor Pervez M(B)usharraf
Former pro Israhell secularist president of Pakistan and a staunch traitor, Pervez M(B)usharraf has said that reason for not finding out Osama’s whereabouts is ISI’s incompetency (ISI was supposed to safeguard Osama's corpse just in case it was brought back to life again to be killed for the 8th time in the last 10 years). He was talking to the Baseless Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in a current affairs program. M(B)usharraf said that Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) had not been complicit, but incapable of finding out Bin Laden’s hideout. The shameless traitor went on and said that he was shocked after discovering that Osama had been living so close to the center of the Pakistan Army even during his tenure. He said that he admitted that it would be very difficult for Pakistan to cover its "incompetence". At the same time, M(B)usharraf didn't bother to explain the globally exposed OBL circus in its true sense and apparently denied his own statement that he had issued during his presidency time about OBL death in Tora Bora back in 2001.

As disgusting as it can get, M(B)usharraf is telling in a crystal clear way why United Kingdom has been continuously refusing to hand him over to Pakistan for his trial in all the criminal cases underway against him in the apex court of Pakistan. The secular traitor who pushed Pakistan into this so called war against terror and gave free hand to CIA in Pakistan's tribal areas to create Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan with RAW's support, now all of a sudden sounds like he had nothing to do with any of it and as if he's the biggest patriot however the reality is different. M(B)usharraf has practically ruined the Islamic world. The man who called Ariel Charon a great leader can definitely be dear to the global Zionist puppets which is why UK is giving full support to this traitor.

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