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Monday, May 30, 2011

USZ-NATO choppers violate Pakistani Air Space

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USZ-NATO continue to violate Pakistani airspace as two helicopters again intruded into the Pakistani territory on Monday. Sources said that two USZ-NATO choppers entered the Pakistani airspace to hunt militants in border area of North Waziristan Agency (NWA). The USZ-NATO helicopters entered the border area, claiming that five members of Haqqani network have been arrested after the search operation. It is worth mentioning here that two NATO helicopters had violated Pakistan’s airspace at Admi Kot post in North Waziristan Agency last week and had fired at the army check post, injuring two security personnel.

Meanwhile, tribesmen and citizens have expressed their anguish over repeated violation of NATO at border areas. Criticizing the suspicious silence of country’s leadership over NATO violations, they said that sovereignty of the country has been ruined in the hands of politicians who have nothing to do except safeguarding personal interests and increasing bank balances and properties. They urged the armed forces to appropriately retaliate the violation by NATO forces so as to assure the countrymen that they were in safe hands.

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