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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Reko Diq: Supreme Court orders Balochistan to take decisions transparently

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The Supreme Court (SC) on Wednesday dismissed stay order on mineral exploration in Reko Dig and handed over the matter to the Balochistan government to decide about the leasing of mining of copper and gold reserves at Reko Diq. According to media reports, the parties accepted the court's suggestion during hearing of the Reko Dig case by a Supreme Court bench headed by the Chief Justice. The court directed the government of Balochistan to take decision over the bid of Tethyan Copper Company soon in a transparent manner. The court also said that the pleas would remain in pending till solution of the matter. The court directed the provincial government to settle the matter in view of the rules 2002.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan
A three-member bench was hearing constitutional petitions filed by Muhammad Tariq Asad, Barrister Zafarullah from Watan Party, Maulana Abdul Haque Baloch and others against the federal government through Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources secretary and government of Balochistan through secretary industries and others against leasing out of gold and copper mines in Balochistan to the foreign exploration and mining companies. The Reko Diq Gold and Copper project, located in Chaghai district of Balochistan, was being developed by TCCP who fraudulently sold mining rights to the Zionist Barrick Gold Corporation, Canada, and Antofagasta, Chile for just $100. The court adjourned the case for indefinite period.

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