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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PML(N) following Yugoslavia Doctrine to balkanize Pakistan

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Nawaz Sharif the traitor
Former Prime Minister and Pakistan Muslim League-N Quaid Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif while advocating maximum provincial autonomy to the provinces has stated that PML-N fully believes in providing equal importance to all provinces of the country. He called for creation of new provinces and stressed that objectives of his party are the same which are being carried out by the nationalist (separatist) political parties of Sindh. He said this while talking to media men at the residence of the Chief of Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party Dr Qadir Magsi here on Tuesday. Nawaz Sharif who held meetings with the leaders of nationalist political parties including Dr. Qadir Magsi of Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party, Ayaz Latif Paleejo of Awami Tehreek and local PML-N leader Nawab Arshad Talpur.

When questioned for his party’s stance on creation of the new provinces, Nawaz proposed that an academic dialogue should be held on the matter. ‘I am not against new provinces as smaller administrations are able to perform better’, he added. He praised nationalist leaders for their struggle for the rights of the provinces and said all cultures should be proud of their languages and vibrant traditions. ‘Sindhis have maintained their tradition of Topi and Ajarak which is quite impressive’, he said. He considered the complaints of nationalist leaders about the census as justified and lamented ignoring the natives of the province in the process. Earlier, Dr Qadir Magsi expressed gratitude to Nawaz Sharif for acknowledging the problems of small provinces and assuring his support. MNA Khwaja Saad Rafique said the purpose of Nawaz Sharif’s visit was to make new alliances in the province. Senator Pervez Rashid, Ghous Ali Shah, Salim Zia, Mamnoon Hussain, Afzal Gujjar and other leaders of the party accompanied Nawaz Sharif during his visits.

The Yugoslavia Connection?

Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia who was
toppled by CIA
The current situation in Pakistan is of a forced anarchy and chaos slapped upon us by the CIA, MI6, RAW and Mossad nexus. Countless reports have been released regarding CIA, MI6 and RAW's involvement with Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, MQM in Karachi and Balochistan Liberation Army in Balochistan who claim to be a nationalist party but ironically enough their headquarter is in England. Let's compare our current situation to Yugoslavia. After Marshal Tito's regime was toppled by CIA (just like several headless states today in Middle East), a corrupt and incompetent government was placed at the center as we have today in Pakistan. Massive corruption, Law and order situation was created in the country like we have in Pakistan. Several terrorist and linguistic/ethnic militant groups were prepared and unleashed in various provinces of Yugoslavia just like we have today in Pakistan (JSQM, BLA, MQM, JSMM, ANP, and all other parties are the same, just better disguised). In this situation, Yugoslavia's economy was manipulated by IMF to an extent that:
  1. The country started drifting towards economic collapse and soon to be run over by hyper inflation shattering its economy
  2. Under the pretext of provincial autonomy, the friction between various provinces was increased to massive extent
  3. Military's funds were choked at a time when it was fighting insurgencies within its own territories
  4. Linguistic and ethnic groups were cut loose amid the battle for securing their own interests and those of their masters
  5. Finally, when the country's foundation was trembling, the country which used to be one of the world's largest military power, the international oil vultures with their humanitarian and security charade attacked the country and balkanized it into 6 countries.

How is this similar to Pakistan? Well:
  1. Our current budget details are set by IMF who have recently exempted every single consumer product from subsidy, electricity prices are soaring artificially and under the pretext of "load shedding", industry is being destroyed
  2. Under the same pretext of provincial autonomy, the friction between various provinces are being increased to a massive extent, supported by linguistic / ethnic parties who have multiple times threatened to declare separation from Pakistan and this is on record.
  3. Pakistan Army and paramilitary funds are gradually being choked by Pakistan government, especially in NWFP province where CIA-MI6-RAW-Mossad backed TTP have their strong hubs
  4. As a final step, the country's largest parties have now jumped into this linguistic/ethnic division game as per the title of this report. PPP plays Sindh card, MQM plays Muhajir card, ANP plays Pushtoon card and PML(N) has now played all cards by these statements from traitor Nawaz Sharif. It's not a coincident that the leaders of all these parties have been busted on-record serving the enemy's agenda.
[Altaf Hussain of MQM currently living in London under Scotland yard's surveillance network, has called making of Pakistan the biggest blunder of history, has been busted several times provoking linguistic facade in order to facilitate ethnic friction between Balochistan and Sindh to help separation of Balochistan through BLA, giving shelter to BlackWater and organizing target killing campaigns in Karachi; ANP's founder has his statements on record in which he said that "we were not involved in the sin of making Pakistan", PPP's head Zardari has been involved in heinous crimes e.g., choking finances of military, stealing billions from Pakistan and depositing in swiss bank accounts (more than $1.8 billion by now), involved in sabotaging Pakistan's submarine deal with Germany forcing Navy to buy French subs so that he could take his cut, imposing corrupt zombie ministers and envoys in USA who are agents of CIA, busted giving illegitimate visas to CIA terrorists covertly for Pakistan, allowing USZ to openly continue drone strikes killing thousands of women and children, and the list is not going to end before the day of judgement; and PML(N) chief Mr. Nawaz was not ready to carry out nuclear attacks until forced by nuclear scientists panel (busted by Dr. A.Q. Khan, video available on youtube), responsible for Kargil withdrawal, responsible for promoting M(B)usharraf's coupe by illegally bringing him up for the sake of serving CIA's post 9/11 agenda, and now this]

Do you see where it is all heading? It's about time that our courts and people in power step up and identify their enemies or else they're going to pay with their blood sooner or later, here or in the hereafter for sure.

Holy Prophet s.a.w said in Sahi Muslim, Volume 1, Book of Imarat(leadership), page 141:

Translation: "Fitnahs (mischief in the land) and facades are very near, and whoever wants to disintegrate Muslims in such a situation, kill him, no matter who he is (even if he claims to be a so called Muslim).

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  1. the sura Bilik from ali Bin abi thalib ra from Prophet Mohamad PBUH,he said "Ali you have a land among 2 seaeast to west,from Norh and south(Hadeeths Buchari and Muslim) but Fatimad ask "what you need and plan for the people":13 day before her sick(hadeeths Buchari and Muslim)
    and I ask what the truth plan among ISLAM country if,President Barack Obama only build his duty from President Truman and Ibn Saud 1950;and create build by President Carter after he have permit from King Feisal Arab 1980,and be plan General Brezinsky and doing job by General Wesley Clark MILITI NATO 2001-2006 5 years 7 country,now all 13 country and Africa and Midle east inside the revolution and reformation:and teh all activitate is first wave from colonialism era,not to far,be you care:you cure


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