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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Anti Pakistan elements blow up Gas pipeline in Dera Bugti

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A main pipeline, supplying gas to purification plant exploded in Dera Bugti district while an official of Civil Defence received injuries in a blast in Sibi on Friday reported The Nation.

According to reports reaching to the sources, unidentified persons had placed explosives beneath a 15-inch diameter gas pipeline in Pir Koh area of Dera Bugti which went off with a huge blast badly demanding the pipeline. Resultantly, gas supply to the purification plant was suspended from the damaged pipeline. However, no loss of life occurred in the blast. Law-enforcement agencies rushed to the site after the blast and cordoned off the area.

However, no group has claimed responsibility for blowing up the pipeline so far. In another incident, an official of Civil Defence identified as Ghulam Sarwar was wounded when explosives planted with a power pylon in Sibi exploded. The injured was immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment.Local administration started investigation into the incident after registering a case against unknown saboteurs.

It should be critically noted that how active the BRA, BLA and several other terrorist proxies which are funded, recruited and trained by the CIA, RAW and MI-6 have been in the area. The hostile foreign powers are drooling over the thousands billion worth Reko Diq mine and other dynamic resources worth billions, for which they are breeding the terrorist proxies in order to create more chaos and anarchy in the Pakistan's richest province.  

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Bangladesh lost Asia Cup due to “ISI elements”: PM Hasina Wajid

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DHAKA - In one of the most paranoid baloney ever, pro-India stooge PM of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajid could not let go of this golden chance to put a wedge between the Muslims of Pakistan and Bangladesh by using the cricket card and is still busy in mud throwing. In an interview with a local daily Amardesh, the pro-Indian Bangladeshi premier went on saying that her country could win the final of Asia Cup if lovers of ISI and Pakistan didn’t come to stadium to witness the match, hinting at opposition leader Khalida Zia. She said that traitors of the country could not feel pain of the defeat. The prime minister said that as to why and whose directives Khalida Zia went to stadium. She said that Bangladesh lost the match due to Khalida Zia.

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Supreme Court declares all Rental Power Projects Illegal; Orders Immediate shutdown, legal action against culprit ministers

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ISLAMABAD – The Supreme Court has once again come to aid of the helpless people by announcing a pro-public and historic decision about one the most pressing problems of this beleaguered nation – energy crisis brought about by worst kind of corruption in power sector.

Declaring all Rental Power Projects (RPPs) illegal, the apex court on Friday ordered their immediate shut down, besides directing for initiation of legal action against former federal ministers Liaqat Jatoi and Raja Pervez Asharaf, and all the others responsible for bringing the country’s effectively working sector to its knees.

A two-member bench, comprising Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and Justice Khilji Arif Hussain, also directed the government for taking effective steps to arrest corruption and pilferage in the power sector.

Announcing its verdict in RPPs case - which was held in reserve on December 14, 2011 - the bench said that rules and regulations were violated in these projects due to which the national exchequer witnessed losses of billions.

In the detailed judgment in the case, the court directed National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chairman to proceed against “ministers for water and power holding charge in 2006 and onward and from 2008 to onward, during whose tenure the RPPs were approved/set up and minister as well as secretary finance holding the charge when the down payment was increased from 7% to 14% and submit fortnightly progress report to Registrar for perusal in chambers.”

Liaqat Jatoi was water and power minister during the Musharraf regime and Raja Pervez Ashraf held this portfolio in 2008, while Shahid Rafi was secretary ministry of water and power in whose term the RPPs were approved.

In the 90-page judgment, authored by the chief justice, the court observed that “prior to the introduction of RPPs, the electricity generation system had sufficient potential to produce more electricity, but instead of taking curative steps… billions of rupees were spent on Bhikki and Sharaqpur RPPs, which proved complete failure because the object could not be achieved as the shortage of electricity persistently continued, and yet more RPPs were installed.”

The verdict further holds the finance ministry, Wapda, Pepco and Gencos responsible for “causing huge losses to the public exchequer”, which run into billions of rupees “by making 7% to 14% down payments” to RPPs and “purchasing electricity on higher rates” from them. The bench also declared the RPPs “incapable of meeting the demand of electricity on a short term basis”.

The judgement read: “The contracts of RPPs are ordered to be rescinded forthwith and all the persons responsible for the same are liable to be dealt with for civil and criminal action in accordance with law.” The verdict noticed that the production from the RPPs was far below the maximum capacity agreed between the parties as per the terms of the RSCs and the cost per unit kWh was also very high, and the contracts of all these RPPs were not transparent.

“All the functionaries of Pepco, Gencos, PPIB and Nepra who derived financial benefits from the RPPs contracts are, prima facie, involved in corruption and corrupt practices, therefore, they are also liable both for the civil and criminal action.”

All the relevant government functionaries, including the ministers and secretaries, who served during the aforesaid period of time, “prima facie, violated the principle of transparency under Articles 9 and 24 of the constitution and section 7 of the Regulation of Generation, Transmission and Distribution of Power Act, 1997, therefore, their involvement in getting financial benefits out of RPPs by indulging in corruption and corrupt practices cannot be overruled. Consequently, they are liable to be dealt with under the NAB Act-1999 by the accountability bureau.

The court lauded the role of Faisal Saleh Hayat and Khawaja Asif for highlighting the corruption and corrupt practices in RPPs contracts. Faisal Saleh Hayat through a press statement published in daily The Nation on 8-9-2009 had urged the court to take action in respect of RPPs. On December 15, 2011, chief justice took the suo motu notice on applications of then Housing Minister Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat and Khwaja Asif.

The verdict said the federal government, Wapda, Pepco, Gencos had failed to control pilferage of electricity from the system because of bad governance and failure of the relevant authorities to enforce the writ of the government. It directed the government “to improve the existing system of generation and transmission of electricity, by taking all necessary steps, including clearing of circular debt, so that electricity can be generated to the maximum capacity.”

“The RPPs mode of generation of electricity has proved a total failure and incapable of meeting the demand of electricity on a short-term basis. The cost of electricity produced by RPPs is very high and is not commensurate with the provisions of section 7 of the Act, 1997.”

“It is the constitutional requirement that every action of governmental authorities should be aimed at socio-economic development of the country… In terms of the constitution and the Act, the Nepra is mandated to safeguard the interests of the consumers, but the concerned officials of Nepra failed to perform their duties diligently.”

The Economic Coordination Committee decision dated September 10, 2008 has been violated blatantly, the court noted, saying that as per latest report, Karkey and Gulf are producing only 31 to 81MW and 51 to 61MW at an average cost per unit kWh of Rs35 to Rs52 and Rs18 to Rs19 rupees respectively. Thus, it is clear violation of the rights guaranteed to the citizens in terms of Articles 9 and 24 of constitution and the Power Act, 1997.

“The contracts of all the RPPs - solicited and unsolicited, signed off or operational, right from Bhikki and Sharaqpur upto Piranghaib, Naudero-I and Naudero-II - were entered into in contravention of law/PPRA Rules, which, besides suffering from other irregularities, violated the principle of transparency and fair and open competition, therefore, the same are declared to be non-transparent, illegal and void ab initio.”

The court observed that on accepting the ADB’s report, 9 out of 19 RPPs were allowed to operate. But 6 out of 9 RPPs were discontinued either having been signed off or having failed to achieve the target COD whereas remaining RPPs, Karkey, Naudero-I and Gulf are functioning, but they are producing electricity much less than their generation capacity, except Gulf which is producing electricity close to the agreed capacity. PPR (Piranghaib, Multan) has not generated electricity at all, although down payment was made to it, which has not been returned.

As far as Reshma is concerned, though it achieved partial COD, but the same was not accepted by Nepra. Bhikki and Sharaqpur were paid exorbitant rentals in billions of rupees, but generation of electricity was much below the agreed capacity.

The court directed the authorities concerned to take steps for “recovery of the amounts with mark up outstanding against the RPPs whose contracts have been signed off or who had failed to achieve COD within the stipulated time in terms of the performance guarantees”.

Agencies add: Minister for Water and Power Syed Naveed Qamar on Friday said that the National Transmission Dispatch Company (NTDC) would release notices of termination of contracts to all Rental Power Projects (RPPs) the same day in line with the Supreme Court’s order.

He said this while talking to reporters here after attending the concluding ceremony of an energy conference held at COMSTECH building titled ‘Pakistan’s Energy Options’
(The Nation)
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بے وفاؤں کے یار - اوریا مقبول جان

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Italy:Two men set themselves ablaze over economic hardships

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Italians demonstrate outside the parliament building during a protest against tough austerity plans by the new government in Rome
Two men have set themselves on fire in Italy over economic hardship and financial desperation, police officials say.

A 27-year-old Moroccan construction worker who had not been paid for months doused himself in gasoline and set himself on fire on Thursday in front of the city hall in the northern Italian city of Verona.

Police said the man is recovering in a Verona hospital and his condition is not life threatening.

In a similar incident on Wednesday, a 58 year-old businessman, angry over tax claims, tried to kill himself by setting himself alight outside a tax office in Bologna, 150 kilometers south of Verona. He is also being treated in hospital for severe burns.

The construction worker's self-immolation was a "symptom of the utter exasperation felt by the weakest employees," said Vincenzo Scudiere from Italy's General Confederation of Labor (CGIL) trade union.

Tough austerity measures, spending cuts and pension changes introduced by Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti’s government have stirred serious concerns for many people already grappling with the European country’s ailing economy.

Italians have been staging demonstrations to protest against high unemployment, economic adversity and the hardship triggered by the government-introduced labor reforms.

The government says the reforms are needed to create jobs, increase competition and cut costs in the third largest eurozone economy.

Meanwhile, the International Monetary Fund says it expects the Italian economy to contract 2.2 percent this year, while the government has forecast a decline of around 0.4 or 0.5 percent.
(Press tv)

    China, Russia Joint Naval War Games in April to "check USZ influence"

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    China says it will join Russia in naval war games starting next month in the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea. The official Xinhua News Agency quoted Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun as saying Thursday that the exercise will begin in late April and run into May. The specific locations were not disclosed.Yang says the joint exercise is aimed at improving cooperation and ensuring stability in the Asia-Pacific region. China and Russia have conducted several joint military exercises since 2005 within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The group also includes the Central Asian countries of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and aims to promote regional cooperation and check USZ influence.

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    Thursday, March 29, 2012

    America & Iran jointly Backstabbing Pakistan? The IP Gas Pipeline Mega Fraud Exposed

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    This is an insult to our intelligence. A double edged sword of Iran providing expensive gas despite Pakistan having much cheaper local gas and petrol available and USZ imposing sanctions as a result of it.

    RED ALERT : Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline fraud
    THE GAMES THEY PLAY : Looting our national resources

    This is the The fraud of the century. America is giving boiling statements over IP pipeline and Iran is creating a circus of "not being afraid of America" while in reality, both USZ and Iran want to hurt Pakistan by shoving the IP pipeline down Pakistanis' throat under the charade of "taking brave step against the will of USZ". In reality, Pakistan has much cheaper gas and petrol locally available which is being deliberately ignored, forcing Pakistan to become dependent on Iran for its energy needs. It's about time for Iran to realize the real enemy and stop joint ventures of annihilation with USZ against countries where Muslims of different sect are in majority, like it did in the past to Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

    Its like selling ice to an Eskimo. Pakistani government is deliberately pushing Pakistan into this unnecessary venture, making Pakistan an energy slave of Iran despite having enough resources for self sufficiency, shoving it down the minds of dumb pakistanis under the charade of "revolting against American will". Why is Iran offering Rs 24 billion for gas pipeline as perks?

    Iran wants to supply gas to Pakistan. Which Pakistan? Take a look.

    Worlds biggest hydrocarbon reservoirs of two thousand trillion cubic feet  gas are in Thar Pakistan which can run whole of Asia let alone Pakistan. Out of only 2% of this black gold, 20,000 mega watt electricity can be generated for 40 years! And 50,000 mega watt electricity which is sufficient for 2 Pakistans can be produced for 500 years. But currently Pakistan which has the biggest coal reserve in the world is producing only 9% electricity from coal whereas China 72%, India 56% and America 50% of their energy from coal. Need we say more???
    Iran selling gas to Pakistan is like selling ice to an Eskimo.

    Member of the Science and Technology Planning Commission Dr. Samar Mubarakmand has also said that Pakistan has enough coal reserves that can provide electricity to the country for more than 30 years. He has claimed that the Thar Coal project is well capable of producing 200MW electricity a day within two years if the government releases funds on time, reports SAMAA.

    The electricity, produced by means of Thar Coal, will cost Rs 0.04 per unit, the scientist claimed, adding that as per careful estimates, the Thar houses more than 75 billion tons of coal reserves, enough to produce electricity for as long as 700 years.
    He said that 40 per cent electricity in the world is generated through coal.

    Talking to a private news channel, he said that Thar coal power generation project has completed successfully and it would bring prosperity in the country. Dr Mubarak said that this project can generate 10,000 megawatts electricity for 30 years and can produce 100 million barrel diesel per year.

    The Thar coal project will become operational in December 2013, he said, adding that the project is to cost Rs 8.898 billion with a foreign exchange component of Rs 5.847 billion that was approved by the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council last year.

    With the completion of coal-fired power generation project, the nation would get cheap and sufficient power supply thus resolving the current pestering energy crisis, he added. IMF has played a cheap game with us by giving us the world's most expensive project for oil. Now Pakistan has got worlds biggest oil reserves as well, more than Saudi and all other arabs.

    Pakistan's Thar coal oil reserves are valued at more than Saudi Arabia and Iran's combined oil reserves as told by Imran Khan. This is Pakistans incredible potential.
    Is it true that Allah didn’t give resources to the world's sixth largest population? Baloney! We have more than enough natural resources to change the destiny of Pakistan. Hydel energy can generate enough electricity to cater for 2 Pakistans. Solar energy panels can be used to harness sunlight and convert it into electricity.

    Pakistan has the world's biggest canal link system with the most fertile land. Our agricultural produce makes our place in the top ten countries of the world. Watch this as Dr Abu Waqas reveals all.

    Worth of gold and copper

    Pakistan has the potential to become the WORLD'S RICHEST COUNTRY. According to TCC in Reko Diq Chaghi we have worth $1000b  deposits of Gold. Chinese engineers working in Sindh have told that they are discovering oil in every other district of Pakistan and they will be able to give an estimate of exact number of reservoirs in 2 years time.

    The notorious Kerry Luger bill was going to be used to loot our resources. These wars are being imposed on us partly because of Pakistan's treasures hidden in its soil. If we were not an atomic power, the enemies would have destroyed us and plundered our treasures long ago. Mubashar Luqman said on national TV that worlds biggest oil reserve is in Karachi (check references at the end). So USZ is planning to capture Karachi via MQM.

    The artificially created energy crisis
    India's fight in Kashmir is partly to take full control over our water resources. India has diverted three of our rivers to make Indira Gandhi canals to irrigate Rajhastan. Due to this in Punjab approx 7 lakh tube wells are being used to irrigate their lands. A lot of our oil and electricity is being used for tube wells. Gawadar is at the gateway of Persian gulf which is the mother of energy resources. The enemies are drooling over the oil reserves of Central Asia. The Jackals want Gawadar port to rid us further of our energy resources.

    Pakistan’s energy sector is in a state of crisis and over the past few years has negatively impacted the social and economic development of the country. The government-controlled power sector in Pakistan, one of the largest consumers of primary energy, is facing growing problems due to an unrealistic power tariff, high inefficiencies, low payment recovery and the deliberate inability of the American stooge government to manage its subsidies mechanism.

    This has led to a serious “circular debt” issue which is becoming a barrier for future energy sector investments. We don’t have a comprehensive energy policy. Our energy mix is faulty and like that of an oil producing country. APTMA is a flag bearer body of Pakistan that provides jobs to 7 ½ lakh people directly or indirectly and a revenue generation of 10 billion dollars.

    Now 200 textile units have been closed down and 2 ½ lakh people have turned jobless and 4 ½ lakh workers' salaries cut down to half. People who had invested in this sector are on the verge of destruction just because of this severe architectured energy crisis to cripple Pakistan systematically.

    Pakistan has enough reservoirs of natural gas to last us for 35 years and our local companies have openly challenged the government that if they are given the opportunity  to provide gas on their agreed prices of $3.89 they will fullfil the demand of the country within one year time span on the condition that they are not harassed, forced into giving bribes or paying commissions.

    When American secretary of state Hillary Clinton wanted to invest in Pakistan and set up a wind energy power plant worth a couple of hundred million dollars with the help of a consortium of American industrialists then even Hillary Clinton was buggered off from here because of some other bureaucratic  partys vested interests, said a representative of American Democratic  party Shahid Ahmed Khan.

    Bottomline is that coal, hydel, renewable domestic resources instead of imported energy to fullfil the energy shortfall. Water accord of 1992/93 is still not being used. Hydel energy is much cheaper, environment friendly and will help in irrigation more than thermal energy. Very rightly pointed out by experts.

    What's the justification of our American puppet government to buy 18 dollar per annum dpu (Distribution per unit) LPG  from Qatar or $12 from Iran when our local producers are offering it at $3.89? Its all a hogwash/eye wash. Local gas companies are being undermined and burden out of pocket expense of the country. There is some hidden agenda. Its the same mafia that is hellbent on selling the sovereignity of this country. "No energy means No sovereignty", says Barrister Sardar Imam Qaisarani, consultant Oil and Gas exploration companies.

    On the record official statement by Mr Qaisarani says that 35 years reservoirs are present in Pakistan and local players and companies such as Dewan petroleum, OMV etc are giving the commitment to provide gas at $3.89, however the offer was refused by the stooge ministry of petroleum. In 2012 they must complete 2100 km pipeline otherwise per day loss of 2 ½ million dollars will have to be paid to Iran. Out of this 800 km in Irans territory is completed.

    Existing production of local companies has been forcibly stopped only to  justify IP gas pipeline. They are taking heavy commissions and kickbacks from Iran that’s why they are giving the contract to Iran. $64 billion import bill of Iran in 2 years how will they pay it? UN, USZ and European Union will impose sanctions on us if we openly trade with Iran So it's like a double edged sword. Can we bear to take this hit?

    Pakistan has an estimated tight gas reserves of 33 trillion cubic feet (tcf) which are more than the existing estimated natural gas reserves of 27 tcf in the country, said the Deputy Managing Director (operations) of Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) Syed Hassan Nawab. Referring to a report of Pakistan Petroleum Exploration and Production Companies Association (PPEPCA), Hassan Nawab said the country will have sufficient natural gas if tight gas is explored with the help of advanced technology.

    Hassan Nawab said that Pakistan can also produce gas from Thar coal with the help of underground coal gasification (UCG) technology. There is a potential to produce 35 tcf of coalbed methane from Thar coal, he noted.

    Thar Coal fields as a Game changer for Pakistan

    THAR coal deposit is a gift of God to the Pakistani Nation. It has to be handled very carefully. There may be investment coming in with a hidden political interest to spoil the deposit in order to deprive Pakistan of the required energy. We need to BE CAREFUL. This is like giving away your resources to foreigners so that the vested interests can get kick backs. Do not allow foreign investment in Thar Coal. For Heaven's sake, develop this resource indigenously so that it is only Pakistanis that get the full benefit of this resource.

    Please reject policies of the East India Company. Please stop being slaves. We are free people. If this natural resource is given to foreigners, then there will be a revolution for sure. A real revolution. Let this be a warning to the corrupt people who are fantasizing about making money out of this.

    • Coal mining at Thar will be highly capital intensive and will require very special incentives to attract the investment for this giant-scale project
    • Thar coal will require to be utilized at the “mine-mouth” which will entail significant infrastructure development at Thar
    • A “Thar Coal Development Master-plan” be formulated with international support, setting out the long-term road-map for the use of Thar coal 
    • The Government to urgently allocate funds for key infrastructure development for the Thar coal-fields
    • The Government to initiate a strategic dialogue for development of Thar Coal reserves with potential but trustworthy international investors
    Dynamic Exploration & Production (E&P)

    • Gas price incentives for the E&P sector in Pakistan are not attractive enough for major new investments to be undertaken 
    • Security issues & uncertainty in continuity of E&P policies by successive governments are barriers for major E&P investments
    • E&P sector be progressively de-regulated and, as a first step, be allowed to sell new natural gas discoveries at market-based pricing 
    • E&P sector be able to sell natural gas directly to consumers via open access to the gas transmission & distribution grids

    Propaganda : USZ dirty tricks

    This is what the werewolves of IMF, World Bank and Iran-Pakistan are feeding us. The media is spreading these kind of news to show that Pakistan is taking a brave step by not following USZ dictations on who to trade with. This is just propaganda and height of yellow journalism.

    This is what will happen

    Pakistan is like a “Giant Green Dragon”. The dragon was in deep slumber but is now opening its eyes. The day it is fully awake, it will become the Zionists' worst nightmare. Pakistan will be one of the world's richest countries and perhaps the most powerful in the near future Insha Allah. In the words of Sufi Barkat Ali: “That day is not far when United Nations' decisions will depend on Pakistan's  Yes or No” ….. Quote from his book “Muhib-e-Pakistan’’. Open your eyes Pakistanis!


    Written by Shabnoor
    ( Edited by Enticing Fury )
    Pakistan Cyber Force

    جب مہلت زیادہ مل جائے - اوریا مقبول جان

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    Foods that contain highest amount of Pesticides

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    Much of the produce that is sold today in supermarkets is supplied from farmers who practice conventional farming methods. In other words, the produce has been grown using chemical fertilizers as well as pesticides and herbicides. Many scientific studies suggest that the effects of synthetic pesticides can be detrimental to our health; one study suggests that the consumption of pesticides may lead to ADHD in children; in some other cases, exposure can lead to many forms of cancers, infertility problems and birth defects.

    Along with the many other poor ‘food like’ products we are eating, there is an array of foreign substances that are entering our bodies. As we expose ourselves to these synthetic substances over the years, our bodies become overloaded, and our ‘cleaning’ mechanisms fail to work. As a result, many of us develop sickness and disease because our bodies cannot efficiently remove these toxins anymore. In order to help give your body a break from this chemical onslaught, we have suggested what foods should be eaten organically. 

    The foods listed below are some of the most toxic to our bodies if eaten from conventional sources. Based on the Environment Working Group (EWG), they contain the most pesticides, both on and within them, compared to other foods; so, if you are considering switching to organic, we would suggest taking account of the foods below as a first propriety in your transition.

    Top 12 Foods You Should Eat Organically (From lowest to highest amount of pesticides)

    1. Apples: They contain 42 known pesticide residues found by the USDA Pesticide Data Program. Out of the 42 pesticide residues, there are 7 known carcinogens, 19 suspected hormone disruptors, 10 neurotoxins, 6 developmental or reproductive toxins, and 17 honeybee toxins.

    2. Cherries: They contain 42 known pesticide residues found by the USDA Pesticide Data Program. Out of the 42 pesticide residues, 7 known or probable carcinogens, 22 suspected hormone disruptors, 7 neurotoxins, 8 development or reproductive toxins, and 18 honeybee toxins.

    3. Green Beans:  They contain 44 known pesticide residues found by the USDA Pesticide Data Program. Out of the 44 pesticide residues, there are 8 known carcinogens, 22 suspected hormone disruptors, 11 neurotoxins, 8 developmental or reproductive toxins, and 18 honeybee toxins.

    4. Collard Greens:  They contain 46 known pesticide residues found by the USDA Pesticide Data Program. Out of the 46 pesticide residues, there are 9 known carcinogens, 25 suspected hormone disruptors, 10 neurotoxins, 8 developmental or reproductive toxins, and 25 honeybee toxins.

    5. Spinach:  It contains 48 known pesticide residues found by the USDA Pesticide Data Program. Out of the 48 pesticide residues, there are 8 known carcinogens, 25 suspected hormone disruptors, 8 neurotoxins, 6 developmental or reproductive toxins, and 23 honeybee toxins.

    6. Sweet Bell Peppers:  They contain 49 known pesticide residues found by the USDA Pesticide Data Program. Out of the 49 pesticide residues, there are 11 known carcinogens, 26 suspected hormone disruptors, 13 neurotoxins, 10 developmental or reproductive toxins, and 19 honeybee toxins.

    7. Lettuce:  It contains 51 known pesticide residues found by the USDA Pesticide Data Program. Out of the 51 pesticide residues, there are 12 known carcinogens, 29 suspected hormone disruptors, 9 neurotoxins, 10 developmental or reproductive toxins, and 21 honeybee toxins.

    8. Blueberries:  They contain 52 known pesticide residues found by the USDA Pesticide Data Program. Out of the 52 pesticide residues, there are 8 known carcinogens, 24 suspected hormone disruptors, 14 neurotoxins, 7 developmental or reproductive toxins, and 21 honeybee toxins.

    9. Strawberries:  They contain 54 known pesticide residues found by the USDA Pesticide Data Program. Out of the 54 pesticide residues, there are 9 known carcinogens, 24 suspected hormone disruptors,11 neurotoxins, 12 developmental or reproductive toxins, and 19 honeybee toxins.

    10. Kale:  It contains 55 known pesticide residues found by the USDA Pesticide Data Program. Out of the 55 pesticide residues, there are 9 known carcinogens, 27 suspected hormone disruptors, 10 neurotoxins, 10 developmental or reproductive toxins, and 23 honeybee toxins.

    11. Peaches:  They contain 62 known pesticide residues found by the USDA Pesticide Data Program. Out of the 62 pesticide residues, there are 10 known carcinogens, 29 suspected hormone disruptors, 12 neurotoxins, 11 developmental or reproductive toxins, and 25 honeybee toxins.

    12. Celery:  It contains the most at 64 known pesticide residues found by the USDA Pesticide Data Program. Out of the 64 pesticide residues, there are 13 known carcinogens, 31 suspected hormone disruptors, 12 neurotoxins, 14 developmental or reproductive toxins, and 20 honeybee toxins.

    Honourable Mentions

    - Broccoli: It contains 33 known pesticide residues found by the USDA Pesticide Data Program.

    - Cucumbers: They contain 35 known pesticide residues found by the USDA Pesticide Data Program.

    - Grapes: They contain 34 known pesticide residues found by the USDA Pesticide Data Program.

    - Potatoes: They contain 37 known pesticide residues found by the USDA Pesticide Data Program.

    - Tomatoes: They contain 35 known pesticide residues found by the USDA Pesticide Data Program.

    5 Foods that Contain the Lowest Pesticide Residues

    Bananas: They contain 12 known pesticide residues found by the USDA Pesticide Data Program. Out of the 12 pesticide residues, there are 4 known carcinogens, 7 suspected hormone disruptors, 2 neurotoxins, 5 developmental or reproductive toxins, and 2 honeybee toxins.

    Grapefruit: It contains 11 known pesticide residues found by the USDA Pesticide Data Program. Out of the 11 pesticide residues, there are 4 known carcinogens, 4 suspected hormone disruptors, 4 neurotoxins, 4 developmental or reproductive toxins, and 2 honeybee toxins.

    Almonds: They contain 9 known pesticide residues found by the USDA Pesticide Data Program. Out of the 9 pesticide residues, there are 1 known carcinogens, 4 suspected hormone disruptors, 3 neurotoxins, 0 developmental or reproductive toxins, and 4 honeybee toxins.

    Asparagus: It contains 9 known pesticide residues found by the USDA Pesticide Data Program. Out of the 9 pesticide residues, there are 1 known carcinogens, 7 suspected hormone disruptors, 4 neurotoxins, 3 developmental or reproductive toxins, and 5 honeybee toxins.

    Onion: It contains 1 known pesticide residues found by the USDA Pesticide Data Program. Out of the 9 pesticide residues, there are 0 known carcinogens, 0 suspected hormone disruptors, 0 neurotoxins, 0 developmental or reproductive toxins, and 0 honeybee toxins.

    When buying produce always consider buying organic. Better yet, to ensure freshness, buy local as much as you can. When you can buy both local and organic, you can guarantee that the product is both free of pesticides, and full of nutrients. Further to this, you will also avoid any potential foods that may have been genetically modified. To check out pesticide residues on other sources of food, you may visit: By substituting the top 12 pesticide laden foods with organic, you can eliminate up to 80% of pesticides from your diet.

    (Pak Alert Press)

    Pakistan Cyber Force

    Ratings of American Mainstream Media Crash

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    Wednesday, March 28, 2012

    America Collapsing amid Hollow Economic Recovery Claims

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    While the United States of Zionism remains mired in the deepest slump since the Great Depression, President Barack Obama is touting a modest improvement in employment over the past several months to boost his electoral prospects in November. The three-month period from December through February has, according to the Labor Department, seen a net gain of 744,000 jobs, the largest for any three-month stretch since 2006. The official jobless rate has fallen from 9.1 percent in September to 8.3 percent in February. It is necessary to place these gains within the context of the catastrophic collapse in employment that followed the Wall Street crash of 2008, which has left the USZ economy with 5 million fewer jobs than at the official start of the recession in December 2007. At the height of the crash, USZ businesses were cutting more than 744,000 jobs every month.

    While the USZ economy added 335,000 net new manufacturing jobs in 2010 and 2011 combined, it lost 1.6 million manufacturing jobs between January 2008 and March 2009, a reduction of 10 percent. The current level of 12 million manufacturing jobs is down 7.5 million from its peak in 1979. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, speaking Monday at a business conference in Washington DC, was notably cautious about the recent upturn in employment figures. He suggested that the improvement in the labor market could not be sustained at the current rate of economic growth.
    “A significant portion of the improvement in the labor market has reflected a decline in layoffs rather than an increase in hiring,” he said, adding, “Conditions remain far from normal, as shown, for example, by the high level of long-term unemployment and the fact that jobs and hours remain well below pre-crisis peaks, even without adjusting for growth in the labor force.”
    What Obama and his supporters in the trade union apparatus conceal is the basis for the modest growth in jobs in general, and manufacturing jobs in particular. The president hinted at the question when he spoke last month at the Master Lock factory in Milwaukee. “Our job as a nation,” he declared, “is to do everything we can to make the decision to insource more attractive for more companies.” What Obama has been doing is spearheading an intensified assault on the working class. He has escalated the attack on working class living standards that has been underway for more than three decades, focusing on a drastic and permanent reduction in wages and benefits. There have been several stages in this process.

    In the months immediately following the financial meltdown in September 2008, USZ corporations carried out massive layoffs, using unemployment as a weapon to bludgeon the working class into accepting unprecedented concessions. Big business employed new technology (automation, computerization) as well as speedup to cut costs and rapidly return to record profits on the basis of a smaller work force, despite lagging sales and revenues. Obama’s forced restructuring of General Motors and Chrysler in 2009 ushered in a wave of wage- and benefit-cutting throughout the private sector. The bailout of the auto giants was predicated on the agreement of the United Auto Workers union to impose a 50 percent wage cut and the gutting of pensions and benefits for all newly hired workers. This set a new benchmark of $12-$15 an hour for USZ auto workers, previously among the highest paid manufacturing workers in the world, reducing wages to near-poverty levels.

    Beginning in 2010, the wage-cutting attack was extended to public-sector workers, who were hit with massive layoffs and cuts in wages, pensions and health care by state and local governments, with the support of the White House. The results of this government-corporate offensive are reflected in statistics on wages, labor costs and income. According to a census report released in September 2011, real median household income fell 2.3 percent in 2010, to a level 7.1 percent below that reached a decade before. USZ manufacturing labor costs per unit of output in 2010 were 13 percent lower than a decade earlier. If a portion of the manufacturing jobs that were previously moved to China and other low-wage havens are being brought back to the USZ, it is because the wages they pay have plummeted so far and the differential has so dramatically narrowed that the corporations can make higher profits by exploiting their “own” workers than by going overseas. As the CEO of GE Consumer & Industrial, James Campbell, told the New York Times last month, “making things in America is as viable as making things any place” because domestic labor costs are now “significantly less, with the competitive wages” now accepted by American workers.

    The overall result of the Obama recovery, besides the impoverishment of ever wider layers of the working class, is a further staggering growth of social inequality. One stark metric of the decline in the social position of the American working class is the fact that in the third quarter of 2011, the share of the USZ gross domestic product going to corporate profits was at its highest (10.3 percent) since the 1960s, and the share going to wages was at its lowest (45.3 percent) on record. In officially announcing the AFL-CIO’s support for Obama’s reelection earlier this month, the union federation president, Richard Trumka, denounced the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, Mitt Romney, declaring, “Everything he’s done helps the 1 percent.” A Reuters article published March 15 provides statistical proof that when it comes to helping the top 1 percent at the expense of everyone else, Obama takes a back seat to no one. The article notes that the movement of USZ incomes during the Obama “recovery” contrasts sharply with that which occurred in 1934, during the Great Depression.

    The 1934 rebound saw strong income gains for the bottom 90 percent of earners and a decline for the super-rich (the top 0.01 percent). The year 2010, saw the opposite. The income of the super-rich ($23.8 million on average) rose by 21.5 percent over the previous year, while that of the bottom 90 percent fell by 0.4 percent. National income rose overall in 2010, but all of the gains went to the top 10 percent. Just 15,600 super-rich households pocketed an astonishing 37 percent of the entire national gain. The article further reports that the top 1 percent’s share of real income growth has increased with each economic expansion, regardless of whether a Democrat or Republican was in the White House. The top 1 percent captured 45 percent of Clinton-era income growth, 65 percent of Bush-era growth, and 93 percent of Obama-era growth, through 2010. These facts demonstrate the existence in the USZ of a plutocracy that controls the Democrats and Republicans and the entire political system. Its deadly grip can be broken only by an independent political movement of the working class, fighting for workers’ power and socialism.
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    "Pakistan's Sovereignty was Attacked": Gen. Kayani blasts American Generals on Investigation Circus

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    Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kayani Kayani(top),
    Gen. James Mattis(left), Gen. John
    American Centcom chief General James Mattis and ISAF chief in Afghanistan General John Allen had a long meeting with Pakistan's Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani and Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee General Khalid Shameem Wain. Highly informed sources told the media that the meeting started in GHQ at around 7:30 pm and continued till 10:30 pm at night. Sources say that the American generals tried to declare the Salalah Massacre as an "accident" and said that this heinous terrorist attack was "not part of a bigger plan". However General Kayani blasted the blatant liars and told them that this terrorist attack was an attack on Pakistan's sovereignty.

    Sources add that General Kayani rejected the American investigation circus and its findings on Salalah attack. He also rejected the American offer of drone attacks with "increased coordination". Both the American generals, during the meeting, condoled the martyrs of Salalah massacre and apologized to the Pakistan Army leadership. On the matter of NATO supply route reopening, the Pakistani military leadership told the American generals to show patience and wait for the parliamentary decision on this matter. The American generals stressed that Pakistan and United States of Zionism should quickly resume their coordination on the border in order to "sabotage terrorists who are taking advantage of this rift". The American generals appreciated the sacrifices made by Pakistan during the war and agreed that Pakistan had suffered heavily after 9/11 inside job.

    APA also reported quoting its sources that General Kayani rejected the outrageous American investigation circus report as well as the American offer of drone attacks with increased coordination. According to ISPR's statement, matter of enhancing border coordination was also discussed in the meeting in the wake of Salalah terrorist attack. General John Allen and General James Mattis said that Pakistan had a key role regional security.

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    Pakistan Cyber Force

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