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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Operation "Green Fog" Phase 2 Targets List & Instructions

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Operation "Green Fog" Phase 2

Main directions/instructions for Phase 2 are given in this video.

Here is a list of Pro-USZ and Pro-NATO Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts and other websites/personalities:

Mass Media Facebook Pages and Twitter Accounts:

Websites Feedback:

Miscellaneous links:

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Memo Scandal, NATO attack- two sides of the same coin

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It is interesting to see that the NATO(North Atlantic Terrorist organization) attacked the check posts up there in Mohmand Agency in which 26 Pakistan Army personnels were martyred, when the media hype about the memogate scandal was at peak, and all of a sudden, the direction of interest of sold-out media has taken double orthogonal tilt.
The trechery of Hussain Huqqani was under critical consideration in the media as well as the establishment, about the consequences and aftermath of the Memo Fiasco that dragged the puppet government toward the wall with Pakistan Army holding it tightly with both arms! But within no time of this episode, the masters of Pakistani government came out on the screen for a heroic Rambo-styled rescue by the coward night time attack on Pakistan Army's posts just adjacent to the Durand Line, and the stooge government takes a sigh of relief as all the attention is diverted toward the NATO's terrorism issue.
The main objective of the memo was to remove Pakistan Army's leadership either with the help of zardari or by assasination. A tentative list of 382 Army officers was created at the Department of Defense of USZ with the assistance of traitor Hussain Haqqani, but all the motives of our enemies were given a death blow with courtesy of the memogate that was made public and Army swiftly taking necessary precautionary measures.This shameful failure was unbearable for USZ infernal administration and they now made a plan to avenge their own mistake. After the attack on Saturday's night the complete force of the fifth columnist media is now used to raise stupid questions about the leadership of ARMY and ISI,and get them removed from the scene to smoothen the road for USZ plans. Some factions of Pakistani public,on the other hand has started serving enemy's agenda by showing their fury and rage for the Army leadership in this critical stage when the Army is already fighting a multi-axes war.
The public must understand the sensitivity of the situation to survive as a nation. History bears witness that all those countries who opposed their own army when war was imposed on them are now vanished and thrown in the dustbin of history. The latest examples are those of Iraq and Libya. The atrocities and American-NATO war crimes that happened in these countries is a well known fact.
On the other hand, when Pakistan Army stopped the NATO supply lines in retaliatiation to the attacks, all of a sudden, riots broke out in Karachi killing innocent people. These riots have been initiated by the same separatist groups who were involved in the target killings a couple of months ago funded by their masters sitting in Pentagon and India. These riots are merely sparked to ignite a sunni-shia clash all over the country especially the areas where shia population is in majority e.g. Parachinar, Hangu, Karachi etc.
We formerly saw how fake profiles on facebook were involved in creating a religious chasm between different sects and now the advent of these new riots are the continuation of same zionist plan.
We expect that the rhetoric of deploying Army in Karachi to establish peace will again be started by some factions to stop the Army to take a decisive action against the NATO aggression on the durand line, and Army is trapped in tricky situation. Its the need of time that the nation support Army in this fourth generation warfare that has been imposed and not fall prey to all the propaganda of paid propagand machines in media. However, one thing is clear, NATO and USZ has got itself into hot water by openly challenging PAKISTAN ARMY and they will soon meet the fate of U.S.S.R i.e. burried in the graveyard of Empires as Operation Badr will reach its climax.

Written By: Faraan Khan
Pakistan Cyber Force

Pakistan informs China about non-participation in Bonn Conference over Afghan End Game

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Pakistan’s Ambassador to China, Masood Khan has conveyed the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs about his country’s decision of not participating in the Bonn Conference on Afghanistan. Pakistan took this decision Tuesday in response to the NATO/ISAF terrorist attacks on Pakistani check-posts last week in which 24 soldiers were martyred and 13 injured. The Ambassador also informed the friendly Chinese side about other important decisions and measures announced by the Cabinet.

Pakistan reviewed the evolving situation after the November 26 attack. Since the attack, Pakistan has been in touch with the international community, particularly with its best friend China, regarding the consequences of these attacks. The Ambassador underlined the Chinese Foreign Ministry that Pakistan attaches highest importance to stability and peace in Afghanistan and supports an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned reconciliation process. He conveyed Pakistan’s strong desire that the international community should reaffirm its support for peace and development in Afghanistan.

Pakistan and China always coordinate closely before major international conferences. Both countries aspire to have peace, stability, national reconciliation and economic reconstruction in Afghanistan. Earlier this week, China called for full respect for sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Pakistan, demanded thorough investigation of the November 26 attack, and its proper handling.

Pakistan Cyber Force

Operation "Green Fog" Phase 2 directions - Get ready for tonight

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USZ vacating Shamsi Airbase - Kerry “seriously concerned”

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Shamsi Airbase(up), USZ Senator John Kerry(down)
The United States of Zionism is preparing to accede to Pakistani demands that it vacate a remote air base in Pakistan used for drone flights. Pakistan, in a Cabinet Defence committee meeting had decided to ask USZ to leave Shamsi Air Base within 15 days and blocked ground supply routes through Pakistan to USZ forces in Afghanistan. Three sources, who declined to be identified because of the issue’s sensitivity, said USZ planning was under way to leave the base.

The cross-border blatant and arrogant terrorist attack by the so called ISAF, NATO and USZ led "security" forces escalated tensions between the two countries and the USZ military is unveiling a new charade trying to deceive the masses with its so called investigation. The moves by the Pakistanis to block ground supply routes and the air base are expected to bring USZ operations in Afghanistan to a screeching halt as their alternate supply routes through Russia are about to be closed courtesy extreme cold weather in the region.

Senator John Kerry, who is known as the Zionist Puppet President of United States of Zionism, Barack Obama's trouble shooter on Pakistan, believes that the situation in the country is very serious and the USZ-Pak relationship is now facing a major challenge. "It's very serious. It's very complicated", Kerry told Indian reporters on the sidelines of a reception for the new Indian Ambassador to the USZ, Nirupama Rao, when asked about the developments in Pakistan in the wake of the killing of 24 Pakistani soldiers by NATO forces in a cross-border fire over the weekend, PTI reported on Wednesday. "I think it's a serious challenge. (We) have a lot of concerns", Kerry said when asked about the reaction from Pakistan especially boycott of the Bonn conference.

Written by Enticing Fury
Pakistan Cyber Force

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

282 Terrorist Invaders, 183 puppets killed; 37 tanks wrecked, bases bombed; Drones seized by Mujahideen - Afghan Operation Badar (26 - 29 Nov, 2011)

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Operation Badar reports (Afghanistan)
(26 - 29 November, 2011)

These reports have been received from Mullah Mohammad Omar's official spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, spokesman of Islamic Emirate Qari Yousuf Ahmadi as well as some other on-ground sources in Afghanistan which include several cowardly puppet regime sources.

  • November 26: At least 7 USZ terrorist invaders were killed and 4 more horribly wounded in Babaji’s Raheen Khel area, Lashkargah during a 3 hour clash which broke out earlier today. Meanwhile USZ terrorist invaders suffered deadly casualties during another firefight with Mujahideen which took place at 07:00 am this morning in the Baizo area.
  • November 27: Reports from Doaab area of Musa Kala district say that heavy fighting took place late yesterday afternoon time during which some 11 terrorist invaders were killed and several wounded, officials said adding that Mujahideen also seized a small unmanned aircraft from the enemy in the battle.
  • At 07:00 am this morning, an IED attack on USZ terrorist invaders foot patrol killed 3 terrorist invaders and wounded 2 others near Babaji’s Haji Abdul Aziz village, Lashkargah.
An American Military vehicle is burning after hitting an IED
  • A USZ terrorist invaders tank was blown apart this morning at 06:00 am in Geirshk’s Kamprak area, meanwhile similar blasts in Hayderabad’s Kanjak area blew apart 2 more tanks yesterday afternoon as the enemy convoy was passing through the district. All 15 terrorist invaders onboard the tanks were killed in the deadly attacks. In a separate incident in the later hours of yesterday afternoon time, 2 more USZ terrorist invaders were killed and 2 others wounded when 2 IED’s detonated on the enemy foot patrol in Hayderabad area. Another report from the district adds that a deadly firefight in Tarmai Manda area caused USZ terrorist invaders additional casualties however no figures could be confirmed immediately.
  • A Mujahideen ambush on a USZ patrol earlier today triggered heavy fighting which is still ongoing on the main road between Sangin districts Pazki area and Kajaki district. More details will be updated later.
  • A USZ terrorist invaders' tank was blown apart on Friday night in Landi Nawa area of Musa Kala district. All 6 terrorist invaders onboard were killed and the wreckage of the tank is still lying at the scene till today.
  • Reports arriving from Sangin district say that a USZ tank was blown apart by an IED last night at 11:00 pm in Ghati Karargah area while another tank was blown apart in Charkhakyano Manda area this morning at around 11:00 am. All 11 terrorist invaders onboard the tanks were killed.
  • In Babaji’s Washirano village, Lashkargah, at least 3 USZ terrorist invaders were killed and 3 others wounded when Mujahideen initially detonated an IED and then carried out an armed attack on the enemy foot patrol at 02:30 pm this afternoon.
  • A USZ terrorist invaders tank was blown apart by an IED at 03:00 pm today, killing all 5 cowardly terrorist invaders onboard in Kakarhano village of Nawa district.
  • 2 NATO logistical vehicles were destroyed at around 01:00 pm today when Mujahideen attacked the enemy convoy in Kanjak area of Gerishk district, according to officials who further added that a USZ tank was blown up by an IED a few moments later when the enemy forces arrived for reinforcement. All 18 terrorist invaders onboard their vehicles were killed in the deadly flurry of Mujahideen attacks.
  • November 28: At least 3 cowardly puppet policemen and an ISAF terrorist invader were killed with several others wounded in Shahjoe’s Aienki area during a 2 hour firefight which broke out after Mujahideen ambushed the joint enemy foot patrol. It is said that 2 Mujahideen were also martyred in the exchange of fire (may Allah accept them) whereas the enemy arrested 4 innocent civilians in connection to the incident.
  • Mujahideen from Nawzad district say that 7 USZ tanks were blown apart by landmines in a span of 4 hours yesterday afternoon in Garma Karez and Angrak areas. The blasts struck the enemy military convoy which was traveling from Shurab airbase to Musa Kala district. All 38 terrorist invaders onboard the tanks were killed in the attacks. In a separate mine blast in the district’s Wali Muhammad Khan Karez area, an ANA vehicle was obliterated at 08:00 am yesterday morning, killing all 7 cowardly puppets onboard.
  • A USZ terrorist invaders tank was blown apart by a landmines, killing all 5 terrorist invaders onboard in the later hours of Sunday afternoon in Zard Raige area of Sangin district. Meanwhile 1 USZ terrorist invader was shot dead by a Mujahid sniper in the mentioned area yesterday afternoon.
  • Police forces suffered deadly casualties last night when Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate carried out an armed attack on their check post located in Ainak’s Nomro area, Nawa.
  • Officials from Sangin district say that a second USZ tank was blown apart in Chini Manda area yesterday at around dusk time, killing all 5 terrorist invaders onboard.
  • At least 2 USZ terrorist invaders were killed and 2 others wounded this morning at around 10:00 am when Mujahideen in Nahr Siraj’s Payen village ambushed their foot patrol. Officials add that a similar firefight also took place in Balochano village this morning at 09:00 am however the extent of damage inflicted on the enemy could not be estimated immediately.
  • A landmine planted by Mujahideen in Diwalak Karez area of Nawzad district blew apart a USZ tank, killing all 5 terrorist invaders onboard at 11:00 am today. This is the eighth enemy tank getting destroyed in the mentioned district since Sunday, November 27.
  • An American armored tank was targeted and destroyed with an IED in Nad Ali district’s Si Waik Gharbi area this afternoon at 03:00 pm, killing all 5 terrorist invaders onboard, meanwhile a Mujahid sniper shot dead a terrorist invader at 02:00 pm while standing guard in front of his outpost in Bolad Kyano village.
  • November 29: A landmine planted by Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate in Kajaki’s Kishtiwan area took out a USZ tank yesterday at around dusk time. All 5  terrorist invaders onboard the tank were killed, the wreckage of which is still lying at the blast scene.
  • Heavy fight broke out this morning in Babaji’s Awpashak area this morning when Mujahideen attacked those USZ terrorist invaders who tried to carry out an operation in the area. The fight is still ongoing, more details about which will be updated later.
  • An ISAF terrorist invaders' tank was torn apart by a roadside bomb, killing all 6 terrorist invaders onboard in Gulistan district at 11:00 am today.
  • A bomb blast in Nari Manda area of Nad Ali district blew apart a USZ tank at 02:00 pm today, killing all 5 terrorist invaders onboard.

  • November 27: Saleem, a puppet border police commander was killed while 5 of his puppet guards were wounded yesterday at 05:00 pm when a roadside bomb ripped through their vehicle in Boldak district.
  • Some 5 puppet troops were killed and several wounded in Maiwand’s Sheikhabad area after clashing with Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate on Saturday afternoon.
  • USZ terrorist invaders suffered deadly casualties in Maiwand’s Sfozo area after a clash with Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate yesterday afternoon. Reports add that some 14 terrorist invaders lost their lives in the battle whereas the remaining fled after taking on deadly casualties, as per their trademark cowardice.
  • A Mujahid sniper of Islamic Emirate shot dead 2 USZ terrorist invaders near Zhiri district center as the enemy personnel were walking to the district center at 02:00 pm this afternoon.
  • November 28: Reports from Miyan Nasheen district of Kandahar province say that a huge USZ military convoy containing tens of tanks and other vehicles moved to the northern districts to carry out an operation. Reports add that the enemy convoy has come to a standstill for 3 days now in Tanawochi area after Mujahideen littered the area with landmines. Officials say that the enemy forces are surrounded by IEDs from all sides however no confirmed reports have been received about enemy losses so far.
  • A missile fired by Mujahideen this morning at 07:00 am slammed into Kandahar airbase however the extent of damage and casualties caused is not known.
  • Some 4 puppet troops were killed near Daman district center when Mujahideen targeted a NATO logistical convoy with an IED late yesterday afternoon, taking out 1 vehicle.
  • At around 05:00 pm yesterday, 2 American terrorists standing guard in front of their outpost in Zhiri’s Pashmool area were shot dead by a sniper.
  • A USZ outpost located in Maiwand’s Kala Shamir area came under Mujahideen heavy arms fire this afternoon during which 2 missiles slammed inside the enemy base, causing a fire to break out however the enemy casualties caused is not known.
  • Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate destroyed an ANA vehicle in Kandahar city’s Mashwar Pul area using a remote-controlled IED, killing all 4 ANA puppets onboard in the later afternoon time.
  • November 29: All 6 terrorist invaders onboard their tank were killed when an IED ripped through it yesterday afternoon in Zangawat’s Kakarhano village, Panjwaee. Meanwhile a deadly 1 hour clash also took place in the same village on later Monday afternoon time however the extent of enemy casualties caused is not known.
  • Reports arriving from Maiwand district of Kandahar province indicate that 2 innocent 10 year old children were arrested by American cowards during an illegal raid on civilian homes in Bebank area last night. Witnesses from the area say that both the kids who have been taken by the invaders to their bases are the children of a local and the barbaric inhumane terrorist invaders are now going to use them as human shields.
A USZ-led terrorist HUMVEE has been torn apart in an IED attack in Afghanistan

  • November 28: Dagarwal Atiq, a colonel of the cowardly puppets got taken out Monday by Mujahideen in a guerrilla attack in the heart of Kabul city.

  • November 29: A report said on Monday that 2 French terrorist invaders were killed, while a number of them got badly injured in bomb attack detonated remotely by Mujahideen today in Kapisa province’s Tagab district.

  • November 27: A dozen of the cowardly puppets were reported dead on Sunday morning as their army checkpoint came under Mujahideen attack in the capital of Kunar province.
  • Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate attacked the convoy of the terrorist invaders in Dangam district of the province on Saturday, setting 3 supply trucks on fire besides killing two PRT employees.
  • On Sunday morning, a clash that killed a number of the cowardly puppets unfolded in Shigal district of the province and lasted about half an hour after Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate waylaid foot patrol of the cowardly puppets, the report said but gave no exact figures on the death and injury.
  • A dozen of the cowardly puppets were reported dead on Sunday afternoon in a clash with Mujahideen that occurred in Asmar district of the province. Later on Wednesday, Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate attacked the cowardly puppets’ army outpost in Watapur district of the province killing some 2 dozen cowardly puppets based in the post and horribly wounding many others.
  • November 28: Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate attacked the cowardly puppets’ check post today in Asmar district of the province but there are no reports of casualties so far.
  • A dozen of the cowardly puppets were killed in a clash with Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate in Manugi district of the province on Monday.
  • November 29: A Mujahideen official said on Tuesday that a dozen of the USZ-led cowardly terrorist invaders were killed in a gun battle with Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate that unfolded in Watapur district of the province following a surprise attack aimed at the enemy’s combat patrol. The official further said that the fight went on for half an hour causing Mujahideen no harm, with help of Allah Almighty.

  • November 26: 4 ANA cowardly puppet perished at 09:00 am local time in an IED attack which targeted their foot patrol in Terenkot’s Darwaishan area.
  • Mujahideen using a remote-controlled IED blew apart an ISAF terrorist invaders tank, killing all 5 terrorist invaders onboard in Darwaishan area at 08:00 am this morning.
  • November 28: A police officer who had ventured out of his check post last night in Koz Darwaishan area located near Terenkot city was shot dead before his rifle and equipment got seized.
  • 2 IED’s targeted a patrol of hireling forces at 10:00 am local time in Gadi area of Charchino district, leaving 2 enemy motorbikes wrecked as well as claiming 8 cowardly puppets lives.

  • November 26: Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate killed some 6 ISAF terrorist invaders and wounded several others during a firefight which was triggered when Mujahideen ambushed the enemy foot patrol in Gulistan’s Shahkoshi area.
  • Officials reporting from Bakwa district of Farah province say that and IED at 09:00 am near Haji Habibullah Petrol Pump blew apart a vehicle of puppet forces, killing all 6 cowardly puppets onboard whereas a similar blast near Jumma Bazaar area of the district destroyed another ANA vehicle, killing all 7 puppets onboard at around 04:00 pm.
  • November 27: A mine explosion in Karwangah area of Farah Rod district left 2 puppet policemen dead yesterday at dusk time.
  • November 28: Some 4 cowardly puppet policemen onboard their vehicle were killed this afternoon at 03:00 pm when Mujahideen detonated a remote-controlled mine on them in Janjali area of Farah Rod district.

  • November 27: Some 14 USZ terrorist invaders were killed and dozens more fatally wounded in a deadly armed attack on their army base in Laghman's capital, last night. Witnesses say that terrorist medical helicopters were seen airlifting their dead and wounded from the base after the battle. Reports add that the base was badly damaged too, due to sustaining heavy arms fire from Mujahideen.

  • November 27: Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate obliterated a vehicle of hireling forces using a remote-controlled mine near Shahr-e-Safa district center, killing all 6 cowardly puppets onboard at 09:30 am local time.
  • A roadside bomb in Qalat’s Abdulhaq Sarak area ripped through a puppet police vehicle at 01:00 pm today, killing all 8 cowardly puppets onboard.
  • Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate reporting from Qalat city say that they shot dead a notorious police commander (Hazarat Umar) in the district bazaar at around 11:00 am this morning. The commander had previously been responsible for the security check posts on the road to Mizana district and was currently an active member in provincial puppet spy agency (KHAD).
  • November 29: At around 07:00 am local time, Mujahideen seized the pistol of a puppet police officer after shooting him dead in Qalat’s Kharwaryano area.

  • November 27: On Saturday evening, two missiles fired by Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate hit the USZ terrorist invaders military base in Nangarhar province’s Ghani Khel district but it is unclear how many have been killed.
  • November 28: Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate today shot a police vehicle of the cowardly puppets in Shiwa district of the province leaving 4 cowardly puppets dead.
  • At least 6 NATO terrorist invaders were killed on Monday in a landmine blast that detonated at their tank in Khogaini district of the province.
  • November 29: A powerful landmine blast instantly killed 5 NATO terrorist invaders when it detonated under their armored tank in Nangarhar's district of Khogaini today, a Mujahideen official said on Tuesday.
  • With the growing night raids by the USZ-NATO terrorist invaders and their cowardly puppets, the masses across the country have had the record losses, turning the whole country into a nightmare that have not harmed Mujahideen though. However, it is the helpless and noncombat Afghan civilians that have to suffer. The terrorist invaders, as always, in nighttime raids on the homes of civilians in Surkh Rowd district of the province, abducted two civilians back to their base, who according to locals, did not even have slightest connections with Mujahideen but were ordinary peasants. 

  • November 27: In the province’s Charkh district, at least 5 USZ-led terrorist invaders were killed as Mujahideen got the enemy’s tank detonated using IED last night.
  • November 28: A roadside bomb in Logar province’s capital ripped through one of the terrorist invaders’ armored tanks, blowing it to pieces and killing 5 USZ-led terrorist invaders and wounding 3 more last night, reports indicated on Monday.

  • November 27: At least 4 security puppets were killed and 3 more horribly wounded as the terrorist invaders' supply convoy got attacked in Syedabad district of the province on Saturday in which 4 vehicles got eliminated.
  • Mujahideen carried out a powerlful IED attack on the terrorist invaders' armored tank, blowing it apart and killing as many as 7 USZ-led terrorist invaders and wounding many others last night in Chak district of the province, a Mujahideen official said on Sunday.
  • At least 5 USZ terrorist invaders were killed and 4 more got fatally wounded today when Mujahideen got their tank blown apart using improvised explosives in Syedabad district, Wardag province, a Mujahideen official said on Sunday. Separately Mujahideen IED took out 7 USZ terrorist invaders, tearing their tank apart in the district of Chak last night.
  • November 28: Azizullah, a member of the council of the cowardly puppets in Chaghto got killed in a guerrilla attack on Monday.
American RG31 vehicle has been devastated by a powerful IED attack by Mujahideen

  • November 29: A NATO logistical fuel tanker got burnt down in Rabat-e-Sangi district after catching fire during a Mujahideen laid ambush on their convoy this morning at around 11:00 am.

  • November 29: At least 5 puppet policemen were killed and a further two got horribly wounded in Kunduz city, the capital of the province of the same name on Tuesday when their vehicle got hit and destroyed by a powerful IED blast.

  • November 28: At least 5 terrorist invaders were killed on Monday morning in a roadside bomb attack on their tank in Khost province. The blast occurred at predawn in Sabro district of the province in which the enemy’s tank got blown apart while the terrorist invaders were on raid mission.

  • November 28: At least 6 cowardly puppets were killed in Andar district of the province today as their armored tank got blown up in Mujahideen IED in the province’s Andar district.
  • As many as 16 cowardly puppets of ANA have been killed in a series of Mujahideen bomb attacks in Andar district of the province through much of the day, a Mujahideen official said on Monday. The first blast occurred at about 1:00 p.m. local time killing some 5 cowardly puppets on the spot as Mujahideen got their armored tank detonated using IED. About an hour later, another blast elsewhere in the same district of Ghazni province hit a puppet vehicle leaving 3 cowardly puppets dead. A third blast took place in the early evening hours of the day in the same district of the province that blew apart another puppet vehicle, killing as many as 8 cowardly puppets onboard. This brought the total number of cowardly puppets killed in Andar district to 16 today.

  • November 27: Reports from the northern province of Saripul say that the puppet police chief of Sancharak district was fatally wounded along with 3 of his gunmen while 2 of his guards were killed late yesterday afternoon when a roadside bomb planted by Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate ripped through the enemy vehicle in Togzar area of Sancharak district.

  • November 29: 5 terrorist invaders of foreign forces were killed, and two more wounded in a blast striking their armored tank in Markazi Baghlan district of the province on Tuesday.

  • November 28: On Monday, Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate attacked the base of cowardly terrorist invaders located in Noorgram district of the province, leaving 6 of their cowardly puppets dead.

  • November 27: At least 2 missiles shot by Mujahideen stormed into the largest base of the USZ terrorist invaders and its allies in the country. However, no losses of life and injury have been reported so far.

  • November 27: Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate, using heavy weapons carried out a 1 hour attack on a USZ military patrol at 03:00 pm today in Pusht Hassan area of Khashrod district during which 1 enemy tank was shot and destroyed as well. A total of 9 terrorist invaders were killed in the operation whereas Mujahideen managed to move over to the next operation unhurt.
  • November 29: At least 2 ISAF terrorist invaders and 9 of their cowardly puppets were killed late yesterday afternoon when 2 mines initially detonated on the foot patrol and then 2 missiles fired by Mujahideen slammed into their barracks in Pusht Hassan area of Khaskrod district.

  • November 27: 6 cowardly puppets were killed and some others wounded in a blast targeting their tank in Zazi Aryub district of the province today, a Mujahideen official said on Sunday.

  • November 28: Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate in Qushtifa district of northern Juzjan province attacked the enemy outpost last night, after a firefight of about an hour that damaged the enemy’s military post killing a dozen of the cowardly puppets, a Mujahideen official said on Monday.

  • November 28: Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate seized the weapons and equipment of 2 cowardly puppet policemen after shooting them dead in Marghab village yesterday afternoon.

Pakistan Cyber Force

Army Rejects NATO's joint probe offer into raid - slams NATO's hypocrisy

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Director General Military Operations Major General Ashfaq Nadeem slammed NATO for its hypocrisy and rejected NATO’s offers of carrying out joint investigation into the Nato raid on Pakistan’s military checkposts in Mohmand Agency. During a media briefing on Tuesday, he said that there was no outcome of such joint probe into the past attacks. He reiterated that the Nato deliberately attacked Pakistani checkposts and continued targeting them for hours. “It was an open aggression and unprovoked attack”, he added. The DG MO said it would be premature to say anything about motives behind the attack.

Enticing Fury
Pakistan Cyber Force

Transporters blast USZ, NATO; supplies remain blocked on 3rd Day

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Peshawar & Chaman - USZ and NATO forces supply to Afghanistan saw a complete halt on the third consecutive day. All Pakistan Oil Tankers Owners Association has announced that it will not supply a single truck to the terrorist invaders in Afghanistan anymore. All vehicles standing on the supply route including hundreds of oil tankers have been called back. Reports say that USZ-led and NATO terrorist invaders are facing severe difficulties due to overgrowing shortage of food and fuel.

It is important to note at this point in time that due to a severe cold wave in Russia and central Asian states, it is no more possible for the United States of Zionism and NATO terrorist invaders to utilize an alternative route and the American defence officials are facing a devastating crisis. Analysts say that if the supply remains closed for 2-3 more days, the fighting capability of American and NATO terrorist invaders will be degraded drastically and a severe shortage of food will be obvious for the terrorist invader troops. American cowardly terrorists from The Pentagon and White House have started exerting pressure on Pakistan for an immediate solution to this "problem" however due to a fierce pro-Pakistan and pro-Pakistan Army stand from All Pakistan Oil Tankers Owners Association, the problems seem to be worsening for the Israhelli slaves in Afghanistan.

According to All Pakistan Oil Tankers Owners Association, USZ and NATO deliberately attacked Pakistan and blood of all Pakistani martyrs will not be allowed to go in vain at any cost. Association said that all transporters are standing behind the Pakistan Army at all cost and will not compromise on Pakistan's sovereignty, dignity and territorial integrity.

Written by Enticing Fury
Pakistan Cyber Force

Monday, November 28, 2011

Operation "Green Fog" launched against USZ, NATO

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Pakistan Cyber Force and its syndicated network has unleashed a fierce cyber operation against NATO terrorist invaders and United States of Zionism for their crooked terrorist activities throughout the world in the name of serving humanity. Let us all join hands in this cyber tsunami against NATO's official bullying on the internet. Operation Green Fog consists of three major goals which we the green army have to accomplish inflicting as much damage to the online repute of terrorist invaders as possible.
  1. Identifying official NATO forums online including their pages on social media and internet.
  2. Joining these platforms in hundreds and thousands.
  3. Blasting the terrorist invaders slamming them with powerful messages which show public anger against NATO's terrorist activities across the globe and against Muslims, in particular.
  4. Spreading these comments not only to the terrorist invaders' main pages but also to the related posts in the Zionist Mainstream Lying Machine (Free Media) inside comments.
Let's teach these illegitimate children of Satan a lesson they will not forget till their soon approaching demise.

  • Phase 1 under progress. During this phase, listing down of all the links / web forums meeting above criteria will be completed. Including this, all of you are urged to make as many fake profiles everywhere on the internet as possible because we are going to need them in order to overcome the continuous banning campaign of the cowardly enemies, who can't stand truth and ban the person who posts it.
  • Phase 2 will be launched soon in which we shall invade the enemy territory and give it a dose of truth with our messages. Truth is our best weapon against Falsehood! Stay tuned for more updates.
Send feedback at

Allah o Akbar!

Pakistan Cyber Force

Army blasts NATO apology, allegations; vows to take appropriate Action

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ISLAMABAD: While international lying machines reported that the Nato attack on Pakistani troops in Mohmand Agency was provoked by firing from the Pakistani side, they did not report that NATO had boots on-ground by 1.5 Km inside the Pakistani territory and clearly violated Pakistan's territorial integrity. The Pakistani military slammed the allegations that NATO troops were fired upon inside Afghanistan and was critical of Nato’s apology.

Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Major General Abbas said on Monday that Nato and Isaf are “trying to wriggle out of the situation” by claiming that the Pakistani troops fired at them first. Referring to the apology issued by Nato Chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen on Sunday, he told Express 24/7:
“This (apology) is not good enough. We strongly condemn the attacks and reserve the right to take action.”
Abbas said that the attack on Pakistani troops was “indiscriminate, highly callous and irresponsible”. Pakistani side did not fire towards the Afghan border, and said media reports that suggested otherwise are “untrue” as usual.

“There is no reason for the fire to be initiated from our area,” he said, adding that Mohmand Agency has been cleared of militancy and that the army has regained control of the area.
“We have cleared the area and lost 70 officers in the operation already. Now we have to face the brunt of Nato from the other side?”
He stressed that the issue needs to be investigated, and the cause and use of weapons will be thoroughly explored. In an interview on Sunday with British newspaper the Guardian, Abbas said he did not believe Isaf or Afghan forces received fire from the Pakistani side.
“I cannot rule out the possibility that this was a deliberate attack by Isaf”, said Abbas. “If Isaf was receiving fire, then they must tell us what their losses were.”
Pakistani army officials said the posts that were attacked were about some 1.5 Km into Pakistani territory. Isaf terrorists, however, continue making lame excuses and maintain that the border in that area is disputed. Abbas  told the Guardian that the firing lasted for over an hour, and that Isaf made “no attempt” to contact the Pakistani side.
“This was a visible, well-made post, on top of ridges, made of concrete. Militants don’t operate from mountaintops, from concrete structures.”
The United States of Zionism has been told by Pakistan’s military leadership to evacuate a logistically key airbase it operates in Balochistan – Shamsi Airbase – within 15 days. In addition, Pakistan’s fury was driven home with an official statement that it will shut down Nato supply routes operating through its territory – something that has happened for the first time, though supply routes have previously been temporarily blocked unofficially following similar attacks.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

How should youth use a computer?

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Conventionally, there's a poor concept built around us about a laptop in the hands of a youth. And that's even not wrong.. What happens is, when a youngster able enough to read and write well, gets a laptop in his hands in addition to internet in his free time, he is merely left with a few limited bogus activities starting up with Facebook and ending up in chatting with many useless activities like uploading pictures, watching obscinate movies and useless stuff alike.

Ever imagine what's the purpose of a computer in the present era? Why always be one of the sheeple and waste your entire life having fun? There's something far more serious in this world than 'fun' which implies some serious responsibilities on your shoulders too as an individual of a nation, and especially when you are a learned, brainy and energetic young individual full of passion and zeal!
کھول آنکھ، زمیں دیکھ، فلک دیکھ، فضا دیکھ
مشرق سے ابھرتے ہوے سورج کو زرا دیکھ

All the inventions till today hold an extremely vital position in building or destroying today's world. Though it be, a television, a computer, a laptop, an IPhone or any other latest technology! In the light of the present era, the media, the internet (including all forums of social networking) link to a newly created blunt platform called as Information warfare (IW). Its actually a vast terminology, inculding all types of cyber warfare, Electronic warfare, Propaganda warfare, Psychological warfare, Psychological operations (PSYOP) etc. Now the question is what difference is it making to our lives? The answer is very simple.. WAR is something which has to affect you sooner or later, and note that all the above mentioned phenomenons are a part of war!  Information warfare, is a separate technique of waging war. Most of the world use the much broader term of "Information Operations" which, although making use of technology, focuses on the more human-related aspects of information use, including (amongst many others) social network analysis, decision analysis and the human aspects of Command and Control.

According to an Internet security company McAfee, Around 120 countries have been developing ways to use internet MORE as a weapon and target financial markets, government computer systems and utilities. The USZ was the 1st country in the world to introduce the concept of cyberwar; it has introduced and developed a new kind of Army, a cyber army, and even set up a hacker brigade. The USZ intelligence have developed technical ways to monitor, follow and remove online information harmful to the Neo-con Zionists' interests.
"US(Z) defense, intel and homeland security officials are constructing a parallel world, on a computer, which the agencies will use to test propaganda messages and military strategies." (Mark Baard)
 The USZ Air Force has had Information Warfare Squadrons since the 1980s. In fact, the official mission of the USZ Air Force is now "To fly, fight and crush the innocent masses... in air, space and cyberspace", with the latter referring to its Information Warfare role. A major from USZ Army was quoted as saying on
As an information medium and vehicle of influence, the Internet is a powerful tool, in both open societies as well as in those whose only glimpse of the outside world is increasingly viewed and shaped through webpages, E-mail, and electronic chat rooms. Moreover, the sword cuts both ways, as unconstrained (legally, socially, politically) adversaries find the Internet an effective vehicle for influencing popular support for their cause or inciting the opposite against the US(Z) or its interests. Consequently, the realm of military psychological operations (PSYOP) must be expanded to include the Internet. Just as obvious is the need for action to remove or update current policy and legal constraints on the use of the Internet by military PSYOP forces, allowing them to embrace the full range of media, so that the US(Z) will not be placed at a disadvantage..
So it's obvious how desperately they're using the latest technologies as a weapon against the rival countries rather than entertainment. 

USZ Cyber Command Center
Lethality of cyber warfare becomes evident by the fact that till April 2009, Pentagon had spent more than 100 million dollars in just 6 months to fight against cyber attacks on its different systems. In October 2010, USZ army created its first ever full fleshed USZ Army cyber command headed by a 3 star General. So its no hidden reality now that what's actually the purpose of such advanced technologies and why the world has been so much advancing; apparently being a global village for the mainstream masses. Believe me it's not because of watching vulgar dances, or gross movies but because of something you will have to ponder over now! The vitality of the internet in today's era as a weapon is well established by now I believe.

From Pakistan's perspective, she has not prepared yet to combat the cyber warfare at the official level due to the incompetence/corruption of the leadership.  Whereas India has huge resources to use this weapon against Pakistan and more recently Israel has added to the Indian propaganda followed with the American support. How desperate the Indians are to penetrate in the cyberwar affairs, is palpable from the below statement of Indian Naval Chief Admiral Sureesh Mehta to Start Post:
“The Indian Armed Forces are increasingly investing in networked operations, both singly and in a joint fashion. We cannot, therefore, afford to be vulnerable to cyber attacks. Information technology is our country's known strength and it would be in our interest to leverage this strength in developing a formidable 'offensive' and 'defensive' cyber warfare capablity. Harnessing the gene pool available in academia, private industry and the younger generation of talented individuals in imperative.”
Here a serious question arises; then what's your duty at such crucial time when your country has been attacked from all four sides and the only true defenders are engaged on multiple fronts within the country itself fighting a decentralized urban war; combating the Indian RAW/TTP terrorism, NATO/CIA/MI6 terrorism simultaneously? Our heroic Jawans are giving their duty, giving numerous martyrs' every single day only to safeguard this Pak Sarzameen! But What are we doing?! Are we even playing a bit of our role in helping them? They can't abandon their ground duties now only to take care of the cyber front too. Wake up! It's your duty. Play your part!

The only need is to realize the responsibilites and capablities that lie within your ownself! Realise the potentials that are hidden in yourself and you can carve out a wonderful defender of this Pak Land within yourself!
کافر ہے تو شمشیر پر کرتا ہے بھروسا
مومن ہے تو بے تیغ بھی لڑتا ہے سپاہی!

You have a laptop, you have the internet. What else you want?! You are learned, brainy and able enough to combat the enemy propaganda at least on the cyber level. Gear up! your knowledge is a weapon itself to bash the enemy and protect your honor and dignity! You must be a powerful source  of knowledge within yourself to carry the responsiblity of being a Muslim youth! You are the inheritors of the glorious Qasim, Tariq, Tipu and Fateh! Time keeps changing and you can not always fight your enemy back with a sword, you have to mould your self as per time but not waste the wonderful youth that lies within you! 
عقابی روح جب بےدار ہوتی ہے جوانوں میں
نظر آتی ہے اُن کو اپنی منزل آسمانوں میں

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