Pakistan Cyber Force: Transporters blast USZ, NATO; supplies remain blocked on 3rd Day

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Transporters blast USZ, NATO; supplies remain blocked on 3rd Day

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Peshawar & Chaman - USZ and NATO forces supply to Afghanistan saw a complete halt on the third consecutive day. All Pakistan Oil Tankers Owners Association has announced that it will not supply a single truck to the terrorist invaders in Afghanistan anymore. All vehicles standing on the supply route including hundreds of oil tankers have been called back. Reports say that USZ-led and NATO terrorist invaders are facing severe difficulties due to overgrowing shortage of food and fuel.

It is important to note at this point in time that due to a severe cold wave in Russia and central Asian states, it is no more possible for the United States of Zionism and NATO terrorist invaders to utilize an alternative route and the American defence officials are facing a devastating crisis. Analysts say that if the supply remains closed for 2-3 more days, the fighting capability of American and NATO terrorist invaders will be degraded drastically and a severe shortage of food will be obvious for the terrorist invader troops. American cowardly terrorists from The Pentagon and White House have started exerting pressure on Pakistan for an immediate solution to this "problem" however due to a fierce pro-Pakistan and pro-Pakistan Army stand from All Pakistan Oil Tankers Owners Association, the problems seem to be worsening for the Israhelli slaves in Afghanistan.

According to All Pakistan Oil Tankers Owners Association, USZ and NATO deliberately attacked Pakistan and blood of all Pakistani martyrs will not be allowed to go in vain at any cost. Association said that all transporters are standing behind the Pakistan Army at all cost and will not compromise on Pakistan's sovereignty, dignity and territorial integrity.

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